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  • Roberdan

    Office Developer Content for march 2005

    Microsoft Office System A Developer's Take on Smart Tags Bill Coan provides a straightforward introduction to smart tags. What are they? What do all the different terms mean? What do they do? Learn this and more.
  • Roberdan

    I nuovi WebCast!!

    Webcast: Aumentare la produttività degli utenti aziendali e contemporaneamente ridurre i costi di gestione: sfida impossibile? martedì 1° marzo 2005 Oggi che le aziende selezionano gli investimenti in base al loro ritorno finanziario oppure semplicemente...
  • Roberdan

    RFID in the Retail Industry

    Imagine a shopping cart equipped with a scanner and a touch-screen computer that acts as a virtual personal shopper. As you scan items and put them in your cart, the computer offers information about each product and suggests complementary items. The...
  • Roberdan

    Partner Sales Tool for Office System

    This free, easy-to-use sales tool is designed to help increase your business profitability by giving you instant access to the best Microsoft Office 2003 Editions product information and sales tips. With the Partner Sales Tool, you will be able to sell...
  • Rob's Speech Stuff

    TTS navigation

    Haha. Sushant, this is a fascinating problem. SAPI has some inherent TTS navigation capabilities, but it looks like you need a little bit more. The problem's certainly soluble (I have one approach in mind). I'll try to post my thoughts later in the week...
  • Harrys Blog

    Software Factories: MDD vs. MDA

    TheServerSide debate on Software Factories (MDD vs. MDA) ... you must read.
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Using Technorati and Tags 101 - Screencast

    I got some good feedback on the screencast introducing RSS to beginners . So, I've created a new screencast showing the various ways I use Technorati and Tags. I cover searching keywords and urls, searching for, creating & embedding Tags into blog...
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Gotdotnet, the uptimes and the downtimes - which is Feb 28th to be precise

    Hi all, I'm blogging this on the eve of our next Workspaces code drop: some performance fixes, a couple interface tweaks having to do with the FAQ, a subtle Gotdotnet home page change, and a majority of the bugs you've seen in Workspaces (knock on formica...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    More Content Available

    More short video content is now available on Testing for Speech or DTMF Advanced Weblog Demo VUI as a Presentation Layer TIP: Enabling Prompt all Functionality
  • Federated Infrastructure

    ADC Lessons Learned the Hard Way

    What happens when a federation, each with its own domain, separated by firewalls within a single forest, attempts to implement the Active Directory Connector in a federated fashion? The perception was that this deployment model would be more secure, because...
  • Mark Bower

    Word 2003 XML SDK Download available

    Title says it all really.
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    My first video blog (experiment)

    Here my first experiment with video blogging. (is a .wmv...can download here ) (Technorati Tags: video , blog , vlog )
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