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  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Not sure what to make of this...

    Go . Wait for it. then, perhaps go here and here . I really don't know what - if anything - this is. But whatever it is, it's interesting...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    JetBrains ReSharper 1.0 now available

    JetBrains (of IntelliJ fame) has shipped V1.0 of ReSharper
  • Point2Share

    The UK Collaboration Team is coming Part II....

    I told you they were coming, take a look at the imaginatively titled Mark Bower blog, by none other than Mark Bower: Mark Bower Random thoughts on Office, Smart Clients and Collaborative Apps
  • Chris Johnson


    • 0 Comments As Microsoft recently acquired this add-in to Outlook .. i thought i would give it a look and see it in action. What a GREAT tool! Searching in Outlook has never been a super fast thing to do ... but Lookout is great...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    New HP PDA's announced.

    HP has unveilled a new set of PDA's - H-P's new top-of-the-line iPAQ, the h6315, has a built-in cellular phone. It's the first handheld to offer three-way integrated wireless voice and data capabilities over GSM/GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth. I’ve been playing...
  • frankred's WebLog

    What is Managed Code?

    Brad Abrams, Lead Program Manager for the CLR Team, provides a great technical answer to this frequently asked question. What is Managed Code? Managed code is code that has its execution managed by the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime....
  • Chris Pratley's Office Labs and OneNote Blog

    Final bits of OneNote 2003 SP1 are now available

    Here's just a quick note to say that the final bits of OneNote 2003 SP1 (discussed in my last post) have now been released as a patch available here:
  • gilg's WebLog

    An Entourage related Exchange 2000 hotfix is now available

    If you are using Entourage 2004 to connect to Exchange 2000 and notice that some mail folders show up in other Exchange clients (OWA or Outlook), but aren't showing up in Entourage, then your Exchange server may need this recently released Exchange 2000...
  • adamga's WebLog

    Melting Down in Seattle

    Been a while since I've posted! Down in seattle at Meltdown . Speaking to a whole contingent from nVidia, and getting to meet a lot of hardcore gaming guys. Looking forward to seeing some stuff around XNA, and managedDX. Lots of cool stuff happening...
  • Point2Share

    We didn't plan it this way, honest....

    No sooner had my previous post on quickly building a debug-able/deployable web part hit the net than my SharePoint buddy Maurice Prather posted an article on debugging that picks up exactly where I left off.
  • Andrew Ma's WebLog

    Microsoft Office 2003 SP1 Available!

    Microsoft Office 2003 SP1 is now available! Link: There are two files, here's a description of the differences: Office2003SP1...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Questions I've Been Asked About Wine

    Since yesterday's post, I've gotten a bunch of questions about wine and why I bother tasting it. Here are some highlights. Q: Do you really know anything about wine? A: A little. Not as much as some of my coworkers and friends like Nick Abbott...
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