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  • MSDN Online Media Blog, January 18 – February 11, 2005

    • 15 Comments - January 18 – February 11, 2005 So remember in September when I talked about Interop Month? Well it’s happening. We've invited SUN, IBM, BEA, and folks who have worked on various open source development projects to talk about...
  • chavakiran's WebLog

    Telugu in windows, few links

    • 1 Comments contains screen shots how to install telugu support. If you install this you will be able to see telugu file names, telugu in captions of windows, html page telugu titles. One good...
  • Aali's blog


    I have been experimenting recently with Wallop, a blogging tool made as a research project by Microsoft Research Social Computing Group . Wallop is a project for experimenting social networks and how people share information. The client they have built...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Sample app to print loaded modules.

    Here’s a simple C# sample tool that runs an app and prints the modules loaded. It’s effectively a highly simplified debugger and uses the ICorDebug debugging APIs as exposed by MDbg . Here’s the code. [ update : 1/26/05: updated code for final...
  • Aali's blog


    Oltiin tänään Ilijan kanssa Rovaniemellä, kiitos kaikille AMK:n ja Lapin yliopiston opiskelijoille kärsivällisestä kuuntelusta ;)
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    A nifty little command line tool

    One of the most frustrating errors for me personally is during installation. Unfortunately, they happen for any number of reasons. I was working with a customer the other day that was having one of those types of issues during the installation of Visual...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Programmatically add a watch expression to the debug watch window

    A user may want to add a particular variable or expression to the Visual Foxpro debug watch window Here’s some code to do it. The debugger can read/write a particular debug config file. The default is stored in the fox resource file. Or you can choose...
  • Blog :: CharlieO

    My Favorite New PhotoShop Feature: Web Photo Gallery

    One of the problems I have with my digital camera is I take way too many pictures (typical outing fills up two 512MB CF cards). It takes me a while to sort through the ones I really like, tweak them in PhotoShop and order prints. In the meantime, I keep...
  • Point2Share

    SharePoint MSDN and RSS

    Superb news folks, SharePoint on MSDN now has an RSS feed. Get Subscribed!
  • One Louder

    I'm a marketer...I'm a, I'm a girl with purple hair

    I think my hair is purple. Would you tell me the truth if I asked you? Ah, never mind. I think I already know the answer. A while back, I blogged about managing your own personal brand . The blog post was in reference to job searching but it crossed my...
  • WebTransports's WebLog

    HTTP.SYS + .Net Framework 2.0 + !IIS -> ASP.NET

    Aaron Skonnard has an MSDN Magazine article about running ASMX without IIS , but instead uses Http.sys through the new managed HttpListener APIs in the .NET Framework 2.0. He provides code demonstrating how to tie Http.sys directly to ASP.NET.
  • Live Search

    One week out and here's a roundup

    We launched the beta just over a week ago and there’s been a lot of discussion about what we’ve been doing. Reviews of the beta: WebProNews notes that the beta feedback has been mixed. Mike Hall loves the fact that we can help him with his algebra homework...
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