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  • One Louder

    Here's my radio interview on the Apprentice

    Last week, I did an Internet radio interview with Dawn Fotopulos of ("On-Demand Internet Radio - The Voice of Career Success"). This is my first radio interview and it was lots of fun. I'll be doing more with Dawn and Peter in the future. I...
  • Antimail

    Trick of the day: How to compress long URLs into very short ones

    Go to It's a wonderful idea - you get a simple, quick service that converts very long URLs into very short ones. For example, one of my permalinks got converted into a very short URL which looks like this: Update...
  • Michael Creasy's blog

    OT: Photo from this weekend

    I won't make a habit of this, but I wanted to share a picture I took this weekend at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I love how it's come out. Here's the techincal details: Canon 10D with a Canon 17-40mm L lens. Settings were ISO 400, lens was...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Internet: Still Early Days

    Seth Goldin reminds us that the Internet is still its infancy, and cites 10 reasons why he believes that there's about to be a significant flourishing of Net companies and business successes. Penetration. (read: population) Bandwidth. Tools. (read: ease...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Automation Testing versus Manual Testing Guidelines

    I met with my team’s automation experts a few weeks back to get their input on when to automate and when to manually test. The general rule of thumb has always been to use common sense. If you’re only going to run the test one or two times or the test...
  • Eric Jarvi

    StreamReader to end of file

    Here's some code for reading through a StreamReader one line at a time until EOF (where line is a string and sr is a StreamReader): while (( line = sr.ReadLine()) != null ) { //your code here }
  • Mark Bower

    Office 12 to include Workflow Capabilities

    After the first murmurings around Exchange 12 , a little more Office 12 info is starting to eek out. InfoWorld reports BillG's speech at the Office Dev Con last week in which he announced Office 12 is to include built-in workflow capabilities. Of course...
  • Ben Armstrong

    DR-DOS under Virtual PC

    DR-DOS is yet another DOS distribution, and one with a rather twisted history. To quote The DR-DOS/OpenDOS Enhancement Project ( ): "DR-DOS is a popular PC operating system that was originally created and developed up to version...
  • Developing Windows Applications by Mykola Dudar

    Shipping apps using SxS assemblies

    This came up one more time today, so I have decide to blog two links to well-done KB articles. 1) Applications that bypass globally serviced side-by-side assemblies may be vulnerable to issues that are fixed by a Microsoft software update - recommendation...
  • release_team's WebLog

    Starting Ask Mode!

    Check off another mini-milestone for Whidbey! Beta 2 Tell Mode is over, and we started "Ask Mode" today. Over the course of the last week, we finished up a round of what we called “aggressive” integrations of the source code branches and are currently...
  • Chris Castillo's WebLog

    Visio Connector for MBSA

    Visio 2003 continues to be an essential application in the IT professional’s toolbox. It allows you to create network diagrams, server rack diagrams, and Web site maps. Maintaining a secure network is also a top concern for IT professionals. With that...
  • dougturn's WebLog

    Some nice Biztalk Labs to try out

    • 1 Comments Has 14 Hands-On-Labs. Worth the sign-in, IMHO.
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