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  • Somasegar's blog

    To customize or not to customize?

    Earlier this week I had the opportunity to talk at the Microsoft VBA Technical Partner Summit. We basically hosted about 100+ Visual Basic for Application ISV partners (some on-site and some online who participated through Microsoft Live Meeting). Some...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    How can Model Testing help test low level functions?

    It has taken me way to long to respond to this comment from Scott . re: For Testers: Nihit Kaul Talks Up Model Based Testing It appears that model based testing forces you to define the various actions your application can take (add, edit, delete...
  • Santomania

    Life imitating art : NASA working on lightsaber practice droid.

    This is what happens when you give true geeks an unlimited budget... The article (from Wired ) has some simply awesome quotes: ... "The PSA started with a simple idea: to hook up astronauts with some of the cooler gadgetry from classic '60s and...
  • GrantRi's WebLog [MS]

    I'm out of ideas

    Well in case you haven't noticed, I've run out of ideas for thigns to write about. This is you're queue to send me questions or suggestions. My best guess as to why I've run out of ideas is because of my recent change in jobs. I am no longer dealing...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    Re-positioning of original intent, purposes and scope of OO among SOA benefits

    Among SOA benefits there is a re-positioning of original intent, purposes and scope of object–oriented techniques. Consider the structure below, look at it as the internal structure of a service in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The scope of object...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Life Simplification

    A good friend of mine recently resurfaced after being out of touch for about 18 months. The last time I had lunch with him, he was having some marital issues and had just joined the ranks of the unemployed (he's a tech guy as well). In the 18 months...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Bill's back in Aust

    The news about Bill Gate's visit to Sydney continues to flow. Here's a good one on ZDNet , in which the author is calling for questions from his readers to ask bill. So, why not -- what would you ask Bill?? Bill's Back in Aust By Iain Ferguson...
  • Yves Dolce

    Secure CRT (hopefully fixed) code sample

    Sorry for the confusion in the previous post . I guess it just shows again I’m no longer a full-time dev… As I had already changed the sample code, I left it the way it is now: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h>...
  • David Fries' WebLog

    Hello, World

    Hello everyone! I don't really have a very well thought out plan for what exactly I plan to blog about, but here's my first crack at it. Software testing in general InfoPath 2003 (and SP1) The CLR (specifically the NGEN tool) Japan stuff...
  • FrontPoint

    Howto: Use a form web part to filter or show all values in a data view web part

    On a new page insert a few of the Announcements list Insert a Form Web Part Change the input type of the Form to be a drop-down field and add some values: All 1 2 Place the cursor into the Data View you created in Step 1 and click...
  • FrontPoint

    Using a form to filter a data view web part - or NOT

    This is a modified post. My original code sample was more complicated than it needed to be. This one is WAY simpler. I was just thinking that it should be a lot easier to use a Form Web Part and be able to either filter a data view based on that Form...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Picture Frame Video now LIVE on Channel 9...

    At Last... the MSDN Channel 9 Windows CE Picture Frame project is now live, go see the video here Here's how the Picture frame will look when you have the first step up and running... Enjoy... as always, comments and questions are welcome, either...
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