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  • Arpan Shah's Blog

    SharePoint Portal Server Extranet Whitepaper released

    Still on vacation (get back to work on Monday), but had to post some very important news: SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Document: Deploying on an Extranet by Using ISA Server 2000 and ISA Server 2004, as promised, was released recently. You can download...
  • This is my old blog

    Did you see ObfuscationAttribute ?

    Did you see what was added to .NET framework, I couldn't find any reference on how to make it work. [ AttributeUsage ( AttributeTargets . Delegate | ( AttributeTargets . Parameter | ( AttributeTargets . Interface | ( AttributeTargets . Event | ( AttributeTargets...
  • Ian's Software for Mere Mortals

    Just another speech regarding BizTalk Server at MSDN seminar in 15th, January 2005

    I’ve made several speeches about BizTalk Server already. During the presentation, I often felt that the attendees were interested in the product. But, after then, to be honest I got several feedbacks that it isn’t easy to start. I have to make a speeches...
  • A.J.Anto's WebLog

    Join me in the chat!

    Hi all, My team which is involved in the development of DHCP service is preparing for a upcoming chat session titled: Configuring and Deploying DHCP with Windows Server 2003, Part 3. Join us on January 20, 2005 to discuss tips, techniques and best practices...
  • deeptanshuv's WebLog

    App Week

    One bloggable event happening right now is that we in the C# PU are once again planning an App Week. For those who are not aware, an app week is where we get together, form teams, and develop customer scenario applications with our product to find bugs...
  • deeptanshuv's WebLog


    One of my goals for this year has been to post regular blogs. The problem I keep running into is thinking up topics to post that are not an insult to your intelligence - e.g. describing stuff that is already mentioned in MSDN, and that, if you have taken...
  • jamescon's WebLog

    Migrate COBOL code

    I had the opportunity to present to some folks from Microfocus yesterday about building manageable applications on the Windows Server platform. They have several products that are designed to help migrate COBOL code off the mainframe. The NetExpress for...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    Great post on VS 2005 design time data changes for B2

  • FreiK's WebLog

    Some more random junk

    Personal life & professional life all went crazy all at once - fun fun fun. I'm back, since my new house is mostly unpacked, and I've been getting my computer system(s) set back up. So, I finally got around to installing Win64 on my home system (Dual...

    Portable Media Center Impressions

    I got my Portable Media Center (PMC) last Friday and I wanted to play with it for a few days before I talked about it too much. I bought the Samsung YH-999 because that one seemed to be the smaller of the two availalble right now. So far, I'm really liking...
  • Roberdan

    Social Network Mapping

    EntopiaSocial Network Mapping enables the visualization of patterns of interaction amongthe people within an organization to optimize information flow, identify company-wideexperts, build successful teams and leverage existing relationships across the...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Passed my Karate Exam

    Just got back the results tonight from my 2nd Kyu exam. The only comments were about my back fist strike not having enough snap, but this is something I’ve been aware of. And there was a comment to make the motions of my kata a little bigger. The head...
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