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  • The Old New Thing

    Using fibers to simplify enumerators, part 4: Filtering

    Building a new enumerator by filtering an existing one....
  • Omar Shahine

    Enclosure support in dasBlog

    Well, thanks to some encouragement from Jeff Sandquist , I just recently added Enclosure support to dasBlog. It was a bit tricky because RSS 2.0 only allows for a single enclosure per item . I didn't want to get burned by the spec changing at some point...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Advice for Students in Computer Science

    Joel on Software has a nice write up with a lot of great information for students pursuing a degree in the computer science field. --Eric (Grand Valley State University)
  • Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT)'s WebLog

    Last high quality photo lab closed on the Eastside

    Overlake Photo that I have been using for quite some time is going out of business due to digital pressure. No more quality film development close to work :-(. Now I'll have to either use mail order (most probably) or drive all the way to Seattle Photobition...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Upgrading MCE...

    I had the pleasure of upgrading my media center pc over the holiday break... it took a lot of work - but the reward is great. First the ugly part - My big motivation for moving to MCE2005 was dual-tuner support. Wednesday is becoming ground-zero for me...
  • The Far Corner of the EEC

    A Busman's Holiday

    From the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary : busman's holiday: a holiday spent in following or observing the practice of one's usual occupation. I just returned from a week at my Dad and Kathy's home in Connecticut. The week was a relaxing one, Dad and...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    Volume Shadow Copy SDK

    The typical method of accessing Volume Shadow Copy functionality is to use the WMI classes (listed below) but if you are a hardware vendor or just like writing device drivers then you will want access to the direct Win32 calls and I just tracked down...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Customer Service - 1 for 1

    So the nifty audiovox smartphone broke down on New Years Day. Was out for walk around Greenlake with my wife and took the phone out of my pocket to see the time and discovered it was off. So I turned it on - got the Audiovox splashscreen followed by the...
  • Arpan Shah's Blog

    Tsunami Relief

    The Tsunami destruction here has been devastating. Over 140,000 people are reported dead in several countries with the toll still rising; over 95 quakes have been recorded in the last one week since the magnitude 9.0 earthquake. I encourage everyone to...
  • shawn's blog

    Happy New Year. Maybe Next Year.

    I’ve been through at least five hurricanes, including Hurricane Andrew. I’ve watched tornados tear lives apart. I always maintained control by focusing on the statistics – how fast the storms were tracking ,etc. Until this morning, I’ve...
  • Michał Cierniak

    Secure CRT

    One of the cool new things we are doing in the security push is the conversion of all uses of potentially unsafe CRT (C Runtime) functions to their new, safe counterparts. When we think of unsafe CRT functions, we usually think of string manipulation...
  • Michał Cierniak

    CLR Security Push

    I have been recently coordinating much of the efforts on the CLR dev team related to the security push. The security push is a period of a few weeks for all groups involved in Whidbey to let us focus on making Whidbey more secure. There was recently a...
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