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  • Antimail

    Useful copy/paste trick in CMD.EXE

    Many people have trouble doing copy/paste in CMD.EXE. Indeed, there are no keyboard shortucts for this thing, and the selection of the text to copy can only be done through the mouse. You have to go to the system menu, select "Copy", then do your selection...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Deploying SQL CE for the Compact Framework

    Question: I am developing a Pocket PC application and want to use SQL Server CE for the storage of the data. I have SQL Server installed on my development environment and it works fine. How can I get it running on the Pocket PC? Answer: By default when...
  • Scott Holden's Blog

    Instrumentation in the .NET Compact Framework

    So my boss, Mike Zintel , has showed me up. He started his blog and wrote this great article on memory management in the .NET Compact Framework and Windows CE . Don’t miss this one! In any case, between reading the article and talking to Mike, I feel...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    WSCF 0.4 "Web services Contract-First, for real"

    We featured the WsContractFirst Add-In in an earlier post , but Christian let me know they have a much improved release of WSCF now. Check out the walkthrough for complete details . New Features in v0.4 (compared to v0.3): WSDL creation wizard Abstracts...
  • Shaykatc's WebLog

    How well do you think the C# team fares w.r.t community?

    I took a break last week. Along with late night sessions upto 3am playing Halo2 co-op on legendary with my younger brother (we finished about 6-7 levels), I also thought a ton about the C# teams community effort. Last year, Eric did an amazing job in...
  • James Newkirk's Blog

    Bookmark Collection: Current progress

    When I was thinking about the next test to write I had to go back and look at the test list again. If I can't keep the thing in my head how hard must it be for everyone else? The purpose of this entry is to identify what has been completed so far and...
  • CodeMouse

    Fun with DataGrids and SQL

    This is something I've seen questions about in the Usenet forums more than once. Either it's "How do I get data to show in a data grid" or "Why didn't my new entry show up in the database?" The following code is adapted from an application I wrote in...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    What Microsoft can learn from Linkin Park & Jay-Z

    At the end of every blog entry, I always mention the album that is playing on my Dell DJ when I sign off. This time, the album is also the subject of the blog. Last week, I picked up “Collision Course”, a compilation of songs that were “mashed” between...
  • Scott Holden's Blog

    Scott Holden...arriving on the scene

    Well, I know that it seems a little late arriving on the Blog scene. I tried to do this a little while ago on my personal blog , but I wasn’t successful keeping up with it. Perhaps it is partly because I have been busy at work and renovating a house....
  • James Newkirk's Blog

    Bookmark Collection: Retrieving a bookmark that is not in the collection

    Let's see where we were... Retrieve a Bookmark that is not in the collection, return null The test for this looks like this: [ Test ] public void RetrieveABookmarkNotInCollection() { Assert .IsNull(collection[exampleDotComLabel]); } When I run this I...
  • agazzeri's Blog


    This weblog expresses my personal thoughts ONLY. Nothing of what I say here is affiliated with my employer ( Microsoft Corporation ). Questo weblog esprime ESCLUSIVAMENTE il mio pensonale pensiero. Nulla di quanto dico qui va inteso come in quasivoglia...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    We Got Your Back: Measuring Success

    One reason that my team (Developer Division Customer Connection Team) exists is to ultimately raise developer satisfaction. Its our belief that we can effect satisfaction by improving the product group team connections with their customers. Its always...
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