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  • Santomania

    Seattle is a Bloggers Mecca

    Thanks to Walt Ritscher for letting me know about tonight's blogger meeting and giving me a ride there and back. The event itself was geeky beyond belief - when I got there two guys were sharing a OneNote document on their tablets over the wireless network...
  • frankgo's WebLog – taking it up a notch!

    I am an evangelist at heart and I say “this is cool” often but this really is cool. We all know what the Tablet PC can do in education they are simply phenomenal from note taking, to annotations, to managing tons of research material in an electronic...
  • Mark Fussell's WebLog

    System.Xml V2 Decisions

    Arpan has posted on some of the reasons for XmlDocument being the main XML store in System.Xml and the difficulty of supporting standards that are not yet at a recommendation status. Ironically I now find myself in the alternate universe to this where...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Tips for migrating a physical computer to a virtual machine (part 4)

    Well we are at the final post in my series on migrating a physical computer to a virtual machine. If all other steps have failed the last thing to check is the HAL that is being used by the operating system. The HAL is the 'Hardware Abstraction Layer...
  • Mark Fussell's WebLog

    Building my Christmas present.

    A couple of months ago my wife asked me whether she could listen to her favourite internet radio station on the HiFi stereo system that we have in our living room, rather than having to have the speakers on the PC in the office turned up to maximum volume...
  • frankgo's WebLog

    Context Awareness goes mainstream…

    Microsoft Office has shipped their context manifests for the Tablet PC Platform today, they are available at Contextual Awareness is a key...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Search: the size of the prize

    Technology Review has an excellent in depth analysis on the Search market, ' What's Next for Google ' . Wirtten by Charles Ferguson, who was the founding CEO of Vermeer Technologies (remember High Stakes, No Prisoners ?)includes a interesting table that...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Customer Service

    So I bought a new Audiovox Smartphones recently - and with it a plan from ATT Wireless (before the merger with Cingular) that included unlimited data for something like $25 a month. I've been really enjoying the unlimited data - especially because Windows...
  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    An informal survey on BPEL adoption

    Web Services Pipeline is conducting an informal poll on BPEL adoption, the results of which are a bit disturbing (50% asked “what is BPEL ?”). One wonders what percentage of that 50% crowd consists of developers, managers and marketers. How are you planning...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    The top 1,000 things to know

    Seth Godin has posted... "What are the one thousand teachable things that every third grader ought to start learning so she'll know them all before before she graduates from high school?" He has kicked off with 20 , that includes: 7. Evolution...14. Not...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    Out with the old, in with the new

    I've had the pleasure of spending a bit of time recently with Don Syme during a visit from Cambridge to MS. For those of you who don't know, he was instrumental in the specification and development of generics in the .net runtime and in C# as well, and...
  • load of tosh

    Scrollable Resizable Datagrid

    The Code Project has a project by Pedro Maia Costa based on an HTC we put out for a Web Team Talking article a couple years ago. NIce job, Pedro. For me one of the great benefits of writing on the web in a developer community like is that...
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