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  • BCL Team Blog

    Obsolete FAQ [Kit George]

    I recently published a faq with details about how the framework approaches the concept of deprecation, and making APIs obsolete: I'd love any feedback or questions you have related to...
  • BCL Team Blog

    Resources FAQ published [Kit George]

    Ahmed just published a resources FAQ with soe good reference and data points on managed resources: If you have some resources question you can't find...
  • Bug Babble

    Debugging as thrill sport

    Gregg is normally a pretty calm guy. However, he was jumping up in down in front of my office after figuring this out: Debugging into DCOM process creation . I like this statement that gets to the heart of how all problems are actually solved: “ Step...
  • This is my old blog

    Juval Lowe

    Juval is giving a great talk on .NET 2.0, we really need to bring him again.
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    New Community Experiment on MSDN Community Page

    So my MSDN pal Tina dragged me to a yoga class at 6 in the morning today. I have never done yoga in my life, and as a highly wound-up individual, I felt it was high time to embrace my inner peace. Of course, I'm not sure my inner peace was even awake...
  • .NET4Office

    Another VSTO 2.0 Webcast--second chance to see a live webcast on developing Word solutions

    There's another live webcast by Kathleen McGrath on VSTO 2.0 and Word this Wednesday. This is the same content as the one I blogged about earlier and that Chris Kunicki blogged about . If you didn't catch the first live webcast, check this one out...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Modifying InfoPath manifest.xsf file from script (1/5)

    In this five part series we’ll show the reader how to programmatically manipulate InfoPath form templates. Part 1 of 5: The story There are many scenarios where you might need to modify an InfoPath form template (.XSN) after it’s already in use. Let’s...
  • Hirlpoo West

    Drawing analogies between IT shops and the rise of the industrial nation

    I’ve always enjoyed Pat Helland’s explanations of architectural concepts. He recently put out a new article on MSDN likening the rise in IT technology to the rise of commerce in the 19 th and 20 th centuries. A great read to put things in...
  • Hirlpoo West

    Milwaukee highway monkey "business"

    Looks like I’ll have to be more careful driving in my new home. Link
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Don't you just love it when code works?

    Result of this afternoon was strangely satisfying: private void button2_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { RssClient c = new RssClient(); c.LoadOpmlFile(; this.textBox1.Text = c.GetRss(); } That took...
  • Vittorio Bertocci

    Devices, WS and spare time

    Ahh, the coincidences. Suburbs of the Gaussian bell. In barely two weeks I've bought a pocket pc (Ipaq 5550: niiice), I've got the smartphone (MPx200: cooool) and the MSDN web service section propose hot new material on using WS on devices. Time to experiment...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium


    My long-term readers know that I'm in training for a couple of bicycle rides later this summer (a century in June, and a two-day double century in August). The rest of you haven't had the joy of reading endless descriptions of my cycling exploits, but...
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