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  • The ShiSh List

    Working with Calendars

    I found a pretty interesting tool called DateLens that is an excellent user interface for Outlook calendars. Its great for working with monthly, weekly or yearly calendars. The joint research between the university of Maryland and Microsoft Research can...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    VBCommenter for XML Comment Generation in VS .Net 2003

    A personal entry for me. Today I reached the end of my intended roadmap and released version 1.2 of the VBCommenter addin . The VBCommenter is an addin for VS 2003 that gives you the ability to automatically generate XML comment headers in the VB .NET...
  • Jesper snackar dynga då och då. Här är beviset.

    Vad är skillnaden mellan teknik och teknologi?

    Här är nåt som Magnus stör sig ofantligt på - när ordet technology översätts till teknologi. För att undvika att irritera Magnus i onödan, kom ihåg att technology är teknik; teknologi är läran om teknik. Skillnaden mellan en teknolog och en tekniker borde...
  • Live Search

    Listening to our users

    First of all, thanks for your valuable feedback via the website and around the blogosphere. I read the feedback coming in from the site as a part of my job. Thankfully we’re past the performance hiccup of day 1 – the initial beta instability made for...
  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    On product code names...

    Whitehorse and Yukon are product code names for the graphical designer in Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 . Today I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Whitehorse, Yukon is a real city . Stephen Downes posted some great photos from a recent...
  • Paul Fallon's WebLog

    IIS6 and Windows 2003 (Part 3)

    In my opinion 2 of the more important parts of the new architecture in IIS 6.0 are: the addition of a HTTP endpoint that is separate and distinct from IIS, i.e. HTTP.SYS the new process model in IIS 6.0, which is called Worker Process Isolation Mode ...
  • Paul Fallon's WebLog

    IIS6 and Windows 2003 (Part 4)

    If you want to configure HTTP.SYS, you need a tool call HttpCfg.exe. By default this tool is not installed on either Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP (with SP2 installed). So for Windows Server 2003 you need to go to the "\SUPPORT\TOOLS" folders on the...
  • jfo's coding

    It's not orange this time....

    Top 3 reasons I've moved my blog ... Ragha was tired of answering comments for me. I was tired of getting subtle hints about the color orange. Maybe Jeff will feel that I am worthy to link to now. (Eh, who am I kidding.) ...I guess introductions are in...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    因为工作的缘故,经常会被指派面试别人的任务。说实话,遇到这种任务,还是有些心里没有底的。因为不仅要找到一名优秀的可能同事,还要避免招进来不符合需求的人员。同时,我是代表着公司去面试别人,还有自己的形象。 我的简单原则是:找与我们大家一类的人,而且比我们平均水平更高的人员。 这里有一篇文章,大家也可以参考一下: 轻松面试找到理想员工-非官方的面试技术指南 这个问题也可以回头再好好讨论一下...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    Best Software Essays of 2004

    Joel On Software is compiling the top essays on the subject of software for the year 2004. The nominations are up now at . Go give them a read.
  • Patrice Manac'h Web Log

    Mon premier post :)

    Bonjour, rien de bien essentiel dans ce premier post : juste le plaisir de commencer. Pour me présenter un peu, je dirais que je travaille dans la division Conseil de Microsoft. Mes domaines d'intervention sont principalement le développement (.Net, Biztalk...
  • Off to the Side

    Recently published columns on MSDN...

    Michael Howard has a new Code Secure column titled Browsing the Web and Reading E-mail Safely as an Administrator , which discusses how you can run as an administrator and access Internet data safely by dropping unnecessary administrative privileges when...
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