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  • Rob Caron

    New Team System Blog Posts - 2004-07-19

    Both the Microsoft WebBlogs and Weblogs @ ASP.NET feeds exceeded 50 items each when I logged-on this morning, which means I missed anything that posted to those feeds on Saturday. That said, here's Korby's post from today asking for some linguistic assistance...
  • The Visual Basic Team

    Connection and Transaction properties exposed as Friend on TableAdapters

    Connection Modifier Changes In the Beta 1 build of VS 2005 we expose the Connection as Friend. Friend ReadOnly Property Connection() As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection Based on user feedback and usability studies we've found that this has...
  • Hirlpoo West

    Repeater update

    Oh yeah, I’m taking the plunge on a repeater. I ordered a Digital Antenna DA4000SBR dual-band repeater from Concord Marine Electronics . Turns out these things are popular on yachts (get a directional antenna and point it at shore and extend coverage...
  • Brad Abrams

    New FxCop rules from the community

    Four or so years ago when we got serious about FxCop internally one of the main design points we had is that the community would not only find value in the rules we created, but would also add their own. I see today that at least one person has started...
  • Hirlpoo West

    Verizon i600 Update Available

    Via Smartphone thoughts , the WM2003 upgrade is now available for the SCH-i600 (get it from here – I’ve heard the site is pretty slow). Let me tell you first hand if you have this phone you need this upgrade. Truth be told, I’ve been...
  • Evan's Weblog of Tech and Life

    Tablet writing programs for kids?

    On an entirely different topic… my eldest daughter is entering in Kindergarten this year and while she’s definitely ready for it from a social perspective, she really doesn’t have a good grasp on writing letter forms. In looking at...
  • Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT)'s WebLog

    What do we do with your feedback

    We have been getting feedback from MSDN Web site for a fews weeks now. So what are we doing with it? Code defects and suggestions get automatically filed in our bug tracking database as bugs and suggestions respectively. We are looking at new issues as...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    Shelve and Shelveset: What do you think?

    In my most recent blog article, Selecting Great UI Text , I suggest that one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you've chosen a great UI text string is, “5. Solicit Feedback Ask your teammates. Ask your customers. The more...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    Selecting Great UI Text

    Have you ever wondered how Microsoft feature teams make their UI text decisions? Until I came to work at Microsoft, I certainly did. One of the most important word selections of all time was “Start”. Why didn't they choose “Go”...
  • Matt Powell

    Speaking at Win-Dev in October

    I'll be speaking at Win-Dev in Boston (Oct. 25 - 29th) on Reliability and Transactions with Web services. You can check out the whole Web Services Track here which has some great speakers lined up. Register Now . -Matt
  • Adarsh's blog

    SSL https requests with client certificates from ASP.NET

    Problem Applications making https request from .net web applications (.aspx pages) are not able to use client certificates. Cause Client certificates are linked to user accounts, ASPX is running under ASPNET account, this account can’t access...
  • Andrew Ma's WebLog

    Digital Music Subscription services

    Recently, I bought myself a Creative Muvo 2 digital music device. It's a 4 gig device which is way more than I need to store all my CDs at 128 kps. I can also use it as a device to move data around. It's a nice device for me to wait until the portable...
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