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  • Santomania

    Is anyone else getting Blog-Spammed today?

    Update: Jesse recommends reporting this guy to his affiliates . I got multiple (~10 at last count but they are still coming) spam comments today containing URLs which redirect to a lowlife-type website <URL removed> . This spam is especially...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    The Antivirus Defense-in-Depth Guide Released to Web

    Finally got out of war, and saw this in my inbox... The Microsoft Solutions for Security (MSS) team has released The Antivirus Defense-in-Depth Guide on the Web ( =28734 ) I just had a look at it, and it's...
  • AllenD's WebLog

    Heading to San Diego

    I'm heading out tonight to OR, CA on Sat, and finally San Diego on Sun. If you're going to Tech Ed 2004, please drop by the VSIP booth in the pavillion and say hello.
  • LauraJ's Weblog

    Tablet PC in Bed

    I don't know why it's Tablet PC day, it just is. I just popped over to Channel9, and there, featured prominently in the front page, was the headline “ The Tablet PC has changed my life (in bed) ”. (See what I mean? Tablet PC day.) The intro...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Smart Paster for Visual Studio .NET

    Alex Papadimoulis has created a plug-in for Visual Studio .NET called Smart Paster . From his description: I don't know about you guys (and gals), but I often find myself pasting large string literals (SQL queries or dialogs) into code. It started...
  • Josh Heitzman's Blog

    How to use the SmartPhone "Icon Bar"...

    I got this question for a reader yesterday, and I admit to having no idea what the “icon bar” is. Turns out it's what they call the little bar at the top of the SmartPhone screen. The question was “how to use MS standard Plugin control...

    Antivirus Defense-in-Depth

    Yesterday, Microsoft Solutions for Security published a guide dealing with viruses and malware. This is good stuff. Check it out here: The Antivirus Defense-in-Depth Guide Microsoft Solutions for Security: The Antivirus Defense-in-Depth Guide provides...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Firefox & Netscape 7.1

    One of the support questions I got this week was around my favourite browser (and the latest Netscape one) and ASP.NET. ASP.NET 1.1 doesn't recognize Firefox by default. It therefore doesn't set the Browser[“css2“] property appropriately...
  • Irwin Dolobowsky's Blog

    New Article - Xml Support in Microsoft Sql Server 2005

    There's a great new article up on MSDN giving an overview of the XML Support in Sql Server 2005: XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 How do I know its great? Well, because I contributed of course! Just a little, I did the section on SqlXml...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Business Conduct Training Complaints

    Oh man, I’m gonna get in SO much trouble for this one. So I get an email this morning telling that I’ve got to watch web training video about Microsoft’s standards of business conduct. It’s a standard corporate training video –...
  • Michael Creasy's blog


    This is me blogging about Bruce Sterling blogging about him being here at Microsoft today . I just got back from seeing him talk, mostly about how to secure his parties but also anything else on his mind. I got a copy of his latest book The Zenith Angle...
  • Soaked in CIDER !

    Dot net client articles.

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