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  • sethgros's Developer Evangelist for Manufacturing blog

    Avalon Kicked Me in the Head

    Now, I think you'd have to be living under a rock to work at MSFT and not be aware of Longhorn, esp. Avalon. But, I just saw an Avalon demo I hadn't seen before (the Xbox game store). Oh my god, I'm totally bought in. (I mean, I was "bought in" before...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Hands on Labs - Hope to see you there!

    Special Notice Based on the feedback we are re-running the Hands on Labs: Building High End Solutions using InfoPath SP-1 again on November 15. This is a special event opportunity for those that did not get a chance to attend last time. This lab will...
  • Brad Abrams

    How to find if the logged user is a admin or not?

    Just saw a mail over an internal alias showing off how to find out if the currently logged on user is an admin… we make this reasonably easy in Whidbey. using System; using System.Security.Principal; class Test { public static void Main () { if ( new...
  • Mitch Walker

    Halo 2 is Done!

    Read about it here: See you at the Redmond Town Center EBX at midnight 11/08!
  • Hirlpoo West

  • Mai-lan's Visio Blog

    Applying Formatting to Multiple Visio Shapes At One Time

    I’ve got a nasty cold right now. That first few weeks after school starts is one big sick-fest with kids happily swapping bugs and then bringing them home. So this will be a short blog. I promise to spend more time on developer topics next week, I know...
  • JIMWU's WebLog

    Intro to Microsoft SQL 2005 native web service support

    I'm finally back, well more like I finally found some time to blog. As promised, I will add a little introduction to how Microsoft SQL 2005 native web service support works. Native web service support is new to Microsoft SQL 2005. In SQL 2000, web service...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Visas and degrees

    I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about visas and university degrees. Is a university degree a requirement for a US visa? Most non-US citizens who reside outside the US and accept full-time roles with a company like Microsoft will need a H-1B visa...
  • Tim Sneath

    Esoteric .NET Language Challenge

    It's Friday afternoon, I'm bored with "conventional languages" such as C# and VB, so let's play a game! I've got four different code snippets from somewhat esoteric languages. They've only one thing in common - they can all be compiled with a .NET compiler...
  • Harsh Shah's eBlog

    How to configure Firewall in XPE SP2?

    Hi All: Windows XP Embedded SP2 is coming and one of the major feature that has changed is windows firewall. Firewall is enabled by default in SP2 and you will need to open ports used by your applications. Here is how you can configure Windows Firewall...
  • frankred's WebLog

    Coming soon to the .NET Framework Developer Center: 64-bit .NET Framework

    I’ve been working with the 64-bit CLR team and several other folks at Microsoft to add a new 64-bit .NET Framework section to the .NET Framework Developer Center . The new 64-bit .NET Framework section will include overview material, hands on labs, and...
  • frankred's WebLog

    Win-Dev Conference October 25-29 in Boston, MA

    I’ve been working with Teresa over at Boston University to help coordinate Microsoft’s involvement in this year’s Win-Dev conference . I’ve always enjoyed Win-Dev as a both a speaker and an attendee b/c of the breadth and depth of the technical content...
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