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  • The C# Team

    Leverage the C# Preprocessor

    Like other languages in the C-family, C# supports a set of 'preprocessor' directives , most notably #define , #if and #endif (technically, csc.exe does not literally have a preprocessor as these symbols are resolved at the lexical analysis phase, but...
  • manish godse's Application Insights and remoting blog


    RemotingServices.Marshal allows you to publish an existing instance remotely. Both for server activated (wellknown) and client activated objects remoting controls when the object is instantiated and initialized. Using Marshal allows you to initialize...
  • Reckless

    Are you here?

    Applied XML Developer’s Conference 5 October 20-21, 2004 Skamania Lodge, Stevenson , Washington (40 minutes from Portland Int'l Airport ) If not, you can follow the blog trail ... I will let you know who is blogging about it...
  • The C# Team

    Avoiding Type Name-Clashes using 'using'

    You are already aware that the C# using keyword allows you to supply hints to the compiler regarding the fully qualified name of the types within a given *.cs file. However, what you may not know is that the using keyword also allows you to build aliases...
  • The C# Team

    Build 'Consistent' .NET assemblies with FxCop

    The term 'best practices' sends chills up the spines of many people. Reason being, what is 'best' for one is 'horrible' for another. However, if you are interested in ensuring that your custom .NET assemblies are in-sync with the coding guidelines proposed...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Google Desktop On The Cheap Part One: Nope, That Doesn't Work

    So, how many files are we talking about here? I've got over thirty thousand source code files containing over seven million unique words. There are pretty much two kinds of words -- words that occur in one, two, a dozen files, and words that occur in...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CETK Test Fest - Tools and Managed Code.

    Today is turning out to be a busy day - the morning got started with a presentation on Application Verifier, creating custom CETK tests, device drivers, and Win32 applications - one of the questions that came out of the discussion was whether Application...
  • Stephen Toub

    Red vs Blue

    Go Sox !!!
  • The C# Team

    Simplified Interface Implementation a la VS .NET 2003

    Another helpful feature of VS .NET 2003 has to do with the implementation of interface types. As you know, when a class or structure agrees to implement a given interface, it must implement all of the members. Assume you wish to support an interface containing...
  • The C# Team

    Simplified Event Handling a la VS .NET 2003

    Working with events under the .NET platform requires you to be aware of a number of details. For example, if you know the name of the event you wish to handle, you must then know the name of the related delegate type. Once you know that much, you must...
  • The C# Team

    Integrate ildasm.exe into VS .NET 2002

    VS .NET allows you to add any number of external tools to the Tools menu. One very helpful technique is to configure ildasm.exe to automatically load up the current assembly being compiled. While VS .NET 2003 sets this up automatically, VS .NET 2002 may...
  • The C# Team

    Add Custom .NET Assemblies to the Add Reference Dialog

    As you most likely know by now, the Add References dialog of Visual Studio .NET does not list each and every assembly on your machine, does not directly map to the Global Assembly Cache and does not list your custom assemblies. Typically this limitation...
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