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  • Under The Hood - Matt Pietrek

    Are your IDE drives slower than they used to be?

    This weekend during an unexpected burst of energy, I tackled the problem of my IDE drive which seemed to have gotten slower recently. A little detective work lead me to the difference between PIO and DMA mode. (Which I previously hadn't paid any attention...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    MSDN Webcast: Building Advanced Dynamic Solutions in InfoPath 2003

    Hello everyone, I hope you will join us for the next WebCast in the InfoPath series - Building Advanced Dynamic Solutions in InfoPath 2003. This talk will be presented by Jun Jin, a developer in the InfoPath group, tomorrow starting at 9am PST. If you...
  • .:blog.iainmcdonald

    other things

    the last post was called communication & chris hit on some some good points. Every screwed up project i have worked on had communication issues at the core. I remember after I moved onto Windows 2000 in the end of 1998, i found out that the team had...
  • .:blog.iainmcdonald


    Communication, both inside and outside the team, is obviously key. During a post-mortem people often say “there was a lack of communication.” It’s hard to know what that really means. Here are some clues. The “reality distortion field” A key communication...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    怎样去找SPS的Web Part?

    在网上要找到一个对自己有用的 Web Part ,说实话,还是挺难的。写得好的都想着卖钱,共享出来的都是比较简单的,而且一个公司往往也只有一两个 Web Part 作为产品。 大家可以试试看下面的一个网址: 不妨把它收在收藏夹中。这里不光有 MS 免费提供的午餐,还有很多第三方公司的解决方案。什么时候,希望也能看到国内公司的产品。
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Google Desktop On The Cheap, Part Zero

    Before I get started with my next series, two quick notes. First, at long last I had dinner with famed JOS poster (and east coast technical evangelist for my product, VSTO) Philo the other night, as he happened to be in Redmond. I'm pleased to report...
  • Visual Studio For Devices

    We hit our goals (or, why my hair is pink)

    I challeged my feature team a couple of weeks ago to hit their (agressive!) bug goal for 10/15. Much to my hair's chagrin, they made it. [Author: Neil Enns]
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Follow-up on IIS6 and Apache Security

    Man, I got a ton of email from all over the place about my last blog entry, and it seemed to fall into four groups: Perhaps the security work you guys are doing is paying off?! No way can this be true, you work for Microsoft, so how can you be unbiased...
  • Lisa Wollin

    FrontPage for Mac

    I've seen several people asking for a version of FrontPage for Mac, so I wanted to start this week with a post telling those who are interested in getting a Mac version of FrontPage, that as far as I am aware, Microsoft has no plans on releasing any more...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Article on Visual C# 2005 - Edit and Continue

    The good folks at MSDN have posted an article by 3Leaf that walks through Edit and Continue in Visual C# 2005 .
  • adamga's WebLog

    Building Connected Applications Deep Dive

    This is our initial post, check out the schedule for these MSDN Canada Deep Dive events at . You can also post any questions that you want to as comments to this post, and we'll look to answer them through this venue.
  • Somasegar's blog

    What do you want us to blog about?

    The Developer Division at Microsoft consists some of the smartest people I have known. It has been about 10 months since I joined this division and I am having a blast so far. A lot of the leaders in this division have decades of experience building development...
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