Pen Attention - highlights your pen cursor for giving presentations

Pen Attention - highlights your pen cursor for giving presentations

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I wanted to pass on something I saw from Kenrick Mock which helps give presentations with the Tablet.  Here is a quick description:

I've been using my Tablet PC to deliver lectures for years, and I love having the ability to record lectures, mark-up PowerPoint, and write by hand using OneNote. However, it's always bothered me that the pen cursor is a tiny little dot. An example is shown below from OneNote:

In that image, the cursor is right below the number "2" but it's REALLY hard for my class to see on a projector since it's a teensie weensy dot. The problem is that I like to use the pen to "point" at things as I give the lecture, but it doesn't help if the class can't see it. To remedy this, I've been using the eraser mode of the pen while in hover mode to "point" at things I want to talk about. It works, but is a little klunky.

After lots of searching around for ways to change the pen cursor to no avail, I finally (after 5 years!) got the idea to make my own program to highlight the cursor. A few afternoons of hacking later, and the result is PenAttention v1.0. This program draws a circle highlight, pencil, or pointer at the location of the pen, when the pen is detected on the screen:

The class can easily see the location of the pen…

You can download the software from here: and read his blog where he updates everyone on new features:


I thought this would be useful for all of the teachers or other educators who are using a Tablet to present their material.
Thanks Kenrick!

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  • That's great!

    Thanks a lot for this SW. That will help for the training sessions that I give.

    Therefore, I must admit that my writing is poor with the pen. Don't you have something in your toolbox to change the style of the pen to something like a fountain pen under OneNote ? I've tested such a style within Paint and it's much nicer.



  • Congratulations on your excellent work. It's just a shame that MS has not provided this in the program (onenote). I wonder: are the guys at MS using their own programs? Or they also use OSx?

  • Thank you that you took the time to make this, its just great!

  • Exactly what I need right now.

    I can hardly see where it is.

    The situation is more serious when I use onenote in teaching.

  • Thanks so much!!  May make it possible to use OneNote now.  I'd given up because the "dot" cursor is almost impossible to see.

  • Thanks for this mate. Just what I needed.

  • Thanks for this.   I'm not a presenter, but this works great with OneNote to show the location of the cursor when you're using a Wacom tablet.  Otherwise in handwriting mode the cursor is a tiny tiny dot that I can never keep track of.

    As a feature request, would be nice to be able to enable it when certain applications are in focus and otherwise have it turned off.  



  • Thank you. Its easier to read pdf's while having a coloured pointer run through the text. Reading on PC just became a lot easier!

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  • thanks a lot, i have been looking for this for months.

  • You are a genius! Thank you, I needed this feature not only for OnteNote but for other programs while making video-lectures.

  • Does this work on Windows 8 for others?  I tried installing, but the pointer doesn't highlight.

  • Thank you! Perfect for lectures and online lectures! :-)

  • That little dot always annoyed me. The only way to find it was to draw a short line. This program is a wonderful solution. Thank you for sharing.

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