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Over the years, this blog has been about many different things related to software development with Microsoft technologies. Since my current role focuses on Dynamics CRM / XRM, that's what it's primarily about right now.

May, 2011

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    Are you using Visual Studio PerfWatson?

    You can do your part to make future releases of Visual Studio faster by installing this extension: “Would you like your performance issues to be reported automatically? Well now you can, with PerfWatson extension! Install this extension and assist the...
  • Gold Coast

    SCREENCAST: Hybrid Solutions with Windows Azure Connect

    I’ve had many conversations lately with people about using Windows Azure to build “Hybrid Solutions.”  The typical response I get is “what’s that?”  When I explain that it is the concept of running part of your application in Windows Azure and...
  • Gold Coast

    PubSec Dev Dinner on External Data and Services with SharePoint 2010

    My old team is having a developer dinner tomorrow night titled Developing SharePoint 2010 Solutions Using External Data and Services.   See here for more details at . “… What you will learn SharePoint 2010 allows developers to...
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