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Over the years, this blog has been about many different things related to software development with Microsoft technologies. Since my current role focuses on Dynamics CRM / XRM, that's what it's primarily about right now.

January, 2012

  • Gold Coast

    Merging CRM 2011 Solutions

    In the Organize Your Team To Develop Solutions section of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK , there is a section that talks about merging 2 or more unmanaged solutions by importing them into a master solution.  However, the SDK doesn’t exactly...
  • Gold Coast

    CRM 2011 Client Side VsDoc

    Short post, but wanted it on my blog for reference.  Patrick Verbeeten has a very useful vsdoc file for CRM developers to get intellisense for Xrm.Page and GetGlobalContext when writing javascript code.  I asked him to put it on NuGet so it...
  • Gold Coast

    RELEASE: devkeydetValidation for CRM 2011 (

    I’ve gone through and fixed the major bugs filed for My CRM 2011 Validation Framework .  I still have improvements to make, but wanted to focus on the bugs that were preventing people from using the framework “as-is” without tweaking the code themselves...
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