January, 2006

  • Don Syme's WebLog on F# and Related Topics

    F# meets LINQ, and great things happen (Part I)

    In case you haven't heard, LINQ (Language Integrated Queries) is one of Microsoft's project codename for adding a range of features to C# and Visual Basic to allow programmers to write "language-integrated query, set, and transform operations". .... The latest release of F# (v. contains everything you need to do some LINQ programming in conjunction with the C# LINQ "Tech Preview" release for VS 2005, including a translation of some of the 101 Samples (you can also use the command li...
  • Don Syme's WebLog on F# and Related Topics

    New: F# Library Documentation and HTML Doc generation

    I'm very pleased to announce that the F# library documentation has just made a quantum leap into the 21 st century of XMLDocs and HTML pages. A first cut of the pages starts at http://research.microsoft.com/fsharp/manual/namespaces.html Please...
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