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February, 2010

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    Prepare Demo Hardware for Dynamics GP 2010 Technical Demo Toolkits/Virtual Machines


    This morning we kick off the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Sales Presales Readiness Roadshow in Chicago, IL. This one-day class will provide tips and tricks for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 customer conversations, and help you build the right marketing messages. This class is designed to help you better position and sell Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and provide customers and prospects details on the product strengths.

    The roadshow takes the rest of the week off then continues next week in 9 additional cities, and continues throughout the month of March.

    Also, the Microsoft Dynamics GP team has released some guidance around hardware requirements for demonstration resources:

    A new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta Technical Demonstration Toolkit\Virtual Machine\VPC will be provided in February for partners, including multiple virtual machines to accommodate the new technical requirements associated with the introduction of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 (which will be 64-Bit only.)

    This means you will want to make sure you and your partners are prepared to demonstrate the full feature list of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 for existing and prospective customers!

    With this exciting new release, there will be a NEED to upgrade your demonstration hardware (i.e. laptops - if you have not already done so) to 64-Bit hardware (NOTE: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 will only run on 64 - Bit hardware.)

    Visit PartnerSource, for complete hardware specifications.


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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Launch Activities - Plus Marketing Assistance for Partner Driven Events


    While in Seattle last week, I had the opportunity to chat with Rich Miller, U.S. Microsoft Dynamics GP Senior Marketing Manager, regarding the various launch activities taking place for Microsoft Dynamics 2010. There is a partner roadshow starting in February, and partners can drive their own customer/prospect events plus receive some great giveaways! Rich sums up all of the buzz below...

    Dear Valued Partner,

    We are very excited about the upcoming Launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 in May, 2010.

    In an effort to make sure that you are fully prepared for the largest Microsoft Dynamics GP launch ever, I would like to suggest a few key action items. By addressing these immediately you will be putting your firm in the best possible position to take advantage of all that Microsoft is doing to help our partners grow with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

    Partner Readiness – Through March, 2010, we are focused on making sure you are informed of what is coming in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and that you are in a position to begin conversations with existing customer and prospects. As such, here are a few key events to view on-line and/or attend in person.

    • Watch the webcast recording from the Licensing Webcast on 1/20/10. While there are a lot of opportunities in the new licensing around Suites and the Dynamics Client for Office, there are also risks for partners and Microsoft. Risks driven by confusion in the proposal process between our partners and their customers around the new licensing. Partner Licensing Web Seminar

    • Register for the February and March, 2010 Sales and Presales Readiness Roadshow taking place in 18 cities around the US. They are a "can’t miss" event for all Dynamics GP partners. See details on PartnerSource. Click Here. Web-based training for those partners not able to attend a live event will be ready in March, 2010.

    Partner Marketing – Get out in front of the official launch in May. Get ready to do prospect events after the official launch. For both, Microsoft is there for you to help your drive successful events.

    • Conduct a pre-launch "sneak peek" event around GP 2010 for prospects and existing customers. Simply have an event for at least 15 people and we will give you a Zune HD to give away. Do an event for more than 30 people, and we will give you a Convergence 2010 pass to give away. See details on PartnerSource on the Sales and Marketing homepage for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Sales and Marketing Home Page

    • Develop your own strategies for post general availability "Prospect Launch Events" (After May, 2010). For $299, you can get your prospect events posted on the GP 2010 launch portal. See details on PartnerSource on the Sales and Marketing homepage for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Sales and Marketing Home Page

    • Review the content on the just released Dynamics GP 2010 PartnerSource homepage. You will find links to sales and marketing material, technical readiness and demos, and pricing and licensing updates. Click Here

    That looks like a lot of great stuff happening over the next few months. Make sure you and your customers/prospects are participating!


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    The excitement is building for Convergence 2010 Atlanta!


    The Microsoft Dynamics Community team has done a great job to spread the Convergence messaging across various social media engines. Make sure you are including some of these resources in your marketing efforts! Also, don't forget about the early-bird registration deadline of March 3...

    Hosting your customers at Convergence is a great way to strengthen customer relationships, drive revenue opportunities, network with peers and Microsoft product experts—and to see the latest and greatest products and technologies. Register before March 3 and save $300 per person.

    Don’t let your customers miss out on the chance to enhance their business by learning how to get the most from their Microsoft Dynamics investment. This year’s action packed agenda is filled with informative sessions, interactive discussions, and activities including informal and formal networking sessions, technical assistance, hands-on labs and more. Check out the session catalogue on the Convergence Web site to learn more.

    Invite your customers to register now for the premier Microsoft Dynamics event and take advantage of early savings. Visit PartnerSource to download marketing templates and tools to help you generate excitement and customer attendance.

    Join the Convergence Conversation!


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    Order Central is Here – Are You Ready to Take Advantage of Online Ordering Convenience?


    Back in the late 1990's / early 2000's, when I worked on the Sales Operations and Customer Service team, we used a DOS based application to process orders from partners and customers for Microsoft Dynamics solutions (then Microsoft Business Solutions). So, I have to admit that it's pretty awesome to see after years of planning and development that we have a new solution for partners to place their orders.

    Order Central offers partners the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to place a Microsoft Dynamics Order. Get up to speed on our new ordering system with these recorded live meeting trainings now available on-demand for your convenience:

    In addition, Microsoft Dynamics Operations now offers a new, free online course that covers how to place orders with Order Central as well as how to use VOICE and PartnerSource as well as a Quick Reference Guide for Order Central for easy reference.


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    Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV BREP Policy Change for North America


    For partners selling and implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and/or Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the United States and Canada, we made an announcement on PartnerSource earlier this week that I wanted to make sure that you take some time to read, and understand how it impacts your business.

    The Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) is currently required for most Microsoft Dynamics products when customers make additional license purchases. This policy has not been in effect for Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers. Beginning June 1, 2010, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX (Module Based Licensing and Business Ready Licensing) customers will need to be enrolled in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan in order to make additional license purchases, such as additional modules and users. This policy change drives consistency across our customer base, and will help us provide additional value to our customers through innovative upgrades and updates.

    Visit PartnerSource for additional information including presentations and customer ready letters.

    To assist with the transition to the new BREP requirements, we have also announced a limited time Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Lapsed Reenrollment Offer.

    Now is the time to for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers re-enroll in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan.

    Customers who are lapsed from their Business Ready Enhancement plan have an excellent opportunity to get back on plan and Save on Reenrollment. If a customer re-enrolls in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) with a 3-year commitment, they will receive ½ off their back pay and will not be charged any re-enrollment fees.

    Additional terms and conditions are including on PartnerSource.


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    New ERP and CRM Competencies Offer Another Way to Stand Out


    Last week we held several Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) web seminars to explain the upcoming changes to MPN that impact Microsoft Dynamics. Doug Kennedy explains the basics, and provides content through the follow up announcement below...

    The new competencies for ERP and CRM add a powerful new tool to your sales portfolio and show prospects that you really know your business. This is just one of the topics we covered in today’s webcast and partner update. My thanks to all of you who attended—the number of participants was outstanding!

    As I said today, the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is a significant evolution of the Microsoft partner strategy that enables us to truly differentiate and promote those of you who have demonstrated investment and success with Microsoft Dynamics solutions. The ERP and CRM Competencies can help you build on your current skills and expertise delivering innovative solutions that win loyalty and drive revenue. They can help you stand out to customers and other partners. Microsoft Partner Network launches in October 2010, the same timeframe for you to meet the requirements for the ERP or CRM Competency.

    If you were unable to attend today’s session, view the 2-hour recorded version of the webcast to learn about the opportunities, benefits, and requirements for the Microsoft Partner Network. You can also download materials from today’s webcast, now available on PartnerSource. They will help you to understand how these changes—including the new competencies—will have a positive impact on our partnership. Thank you for your commitment to Microsoft Dynamics.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Doug Kennedy
    Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics Partners
    Microsoft Corporation



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    Invigoration Station Radio Show – Wednesday February 10th


    These monthly Invigoration Station broadcasts will address timely topics and share proven tips for marketing and selling Microsoft Dynamics effectively. There's no PowerPoint to watch or URLs to copy down. Attend the show, complete an evaluation and you will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 2 NEW HD 16GB Zunes!*

    Click here to register!

    Take a listen to your hosts,The UnRuly Ladies, as they explain the variety topics we’ll be covering on this month’s show.

    Subjects include:

    • The News Desk
    • New Customer Referral Program and Toolkit
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Partner Readiness
    • Convergence – Why you should attend!
    • Feature Focus
    • CRM Market Trends and Partner Opportunity
    • Increase Your Profitability with Wennsoft
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX Policy Changes
    • Management Reporter

    What are partner saying about the Invigoration Station?

    • I like being able to go to the web pages that further detail what is being talked about. This is nice.
    • I like the format as audio only so that I can work on other things during times when you discuss products we do not sell.
    • I like the fast pace – you get a lot of information in a short amount of time.
    • This is a great show – it saves me lots of time searching websites.

    NOTE: You must register in advance. You cannot join the the show after it begins if you have not already registered!

    *No purchase necessary. Trade promotion open only to residents of the 50 US + D.C. who are employees of a Microsoft Partner Program member. Sweepstakes ends February 10th, 2010 at 5:00 PM Pacific. For complete rules, send an email to


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    Microsoft Dynamics Partner Academies Are Now Live on PartnerSource


    As you heard in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) partner call last week, we are announcing the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Academy, a role-based academy designed to help you and your team excel in key business disciplines, enabling you to accelerate your growth, improve your operational excellence and improve your business results. The Microsoft Dynamics Partner Academy is linked programmatically to the Microsoft Partner Network by providing the curriculum to prepare you for the required accreditations and certifications.

    We identified the 7 key roles within a partner organization that are responsible for these disciplines. For each role we have analyzed the key competencies and created a portfolio of role-based academies. With the academy, Microsoft offers a diverse range of learning products - including instructor-led training, on-demand training, certification, sales accreditation, and skills assessments – to serve the needs of partners worldwide. Through world-class training we provide the tools to help you realize your potential.

    Learning Plans By Role include:

    • Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Presales
    • Project Manager
    • Developer
    • Consultant

    Also, this has been my blog post number 200! Pretty cool and exciting. :-) 


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    Nominate Your Solution for a Microsoft Dynamics WPC Award Starting February 22


    While the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference is just around the corner coming up in April, it's not to early to start thinking about the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). This year's conference hails from Washington, D.C. on July 11-15, 2010.

    Mark your calendars! The nomination submission period for 2010 Microsoft Dynamics WPC awards begins February 22, 2010. The Microsoft Dynamics WPC Partner Awards recognizes partners for each of the 6 Microsoft Dynamics products plus 6 specific strategic industries: Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, Professional Services, Public Sector and Retail. This is a unique opportunity for you to showcase your Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

    Award winners and finalists benefit from increased press coverage and market recognition that may drive new business opportunities. To qualify, Partners must profile their solution in solution profiler, have an active MBS competency and must nominate their organization and their solutions between February 22, 2010 and April 2, 2010.

    Start preparing your nomination now by reviewing and preparing responses to questions asked in the nomination process. To see these and other information on the WPC awards visit PartnerSource.

    On a side note, I definitely feel for the folks on the US East Region battling the massive amounts of snow! As of Wednesday, Baltimore had 72.3 inches so far this winter, the D.C. area had 54.9 inches, and Philly had 70.3 inches. As of Monday, my own backyard (Fargo, ND) had received only 44.9 inches of snow this winter. WOW!!!


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    Industry CRM VPCs and Scripts Now Available


    For those partners that are driving sales of Microsoft Dynamics CRM into specific verticals, I have some great news for you. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is pleased to announce the availability of four new industry VPC images for Microsoft Dynamics 4.0, and corresponding demo scripts.

    The new VPC images provide baseline demo capabilities for partners selling into the public sector, financial services, manufacturing and professional services industries. The images and scripts address very specific scenarios. Partners are strongly encouraged to use these resources as starting points in the creation of their demos.

    Detailed scripts provide relevant talking points for individuals with limited to no knowledge of the specific industry scenarios illustrated.

    A Quick Reference document for each demo provides a pithy overview of the key information required to log on, describes the featured Accelerators, calls out populated dashboards and reports, and includes comments on topics such as integration and degree of customization.

    The VPC images and scripts are new deliverables, and are not updates to the industry CRM VPCs and scripts that were developed on CRM version 3.0.

    For additional details and to access the downloads, visit PartnerSource.


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