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April, 2010

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    Invigoration Station Radio Show – Wednesday April 7


    These monthly Invigoration Station broadcasts will address timely topics and share proven tips for marketing and selling Microsoft Dynamics effectively. There's no PowerPoint to watch or URLs to copy down. Attend the show, complete an evaluation and you will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 2 NEW HD 16GB Zunes!*

    Click here to register!

    Take a listen to one of the UnRuly Ladies, Erin McGrane-Curran, as she explains the variety of topics we’ll be covering on this month’s show.

    Subjects include:

    • The News Desk
    • 3 for a Buck Promotion
    • Virtual Partner Briefing
    • Feature Focus
    • Microsoft Dynamics Case Studies & References
    • Great Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Opportunities
    • And perhaps a jingle or two!

    NOTE: You must register in advance. You cannot join the show after it begins if you have not already registered.

    *Visit PartnerSource for complete rules.


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    Three Additional Marketing Services on RTG Site


    Bethany Foyt from The Partner Marketing Group passed along this great information about some new services that have been added to the Ready to Go Marketing Services site for partners...

    Three additional services that The Partner Marketing Group offers have been added to the "Ready to Go" site for partners. This is super exciting because it means partners can use Campaign Development Funds and the $1,000 rebate to help fuel additional marketing projects for which they may want our help.

    Marketing Plan/Strategy Development Services and Virtual Marketing Director Program have been on the RTG site for a while, click here.

    But, here are the 3 services that have been added to the program:

    Make sure to check out these services to help you build out your pipeline for 2010!


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    Updated Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics SL


    This week we released a new edition of the Statement of Direction (SOD) for Microsoft Dynamics SL. As you know, this is a key document containing important information about Microsoft’s investment plans and product development roadmap for the next three releases. Not only is the Statement of Direction a valuable tool for us and partners to help plan business activities and speak confidently with customers and prospects about the future of Microsoft Dynamics SL, it can help differentiate our offering from the competition. Industry analysts tell us time and time again that most of our competitors are reluctant to share long-term product strategy details with their customers. With the information in the Statement of Direction, Microsoft empowers partners and customers with knowledge to help them plan their business for tomorrow’s opportunities.

    One partner downloaded it already, and had this comment to share:

    "it is awesome. Clearly a huge amount of work went into it (by you and the whole team), and it surely will put to rest any questions about the future of SL to say nothing about informing all of us what's up....Thank you for all your continued hard work to keep SL plowing ahead!! We certainly appreciate it."

    The purpose of this document is to outline the broad strategy for Microsoft Dynamics SL, the specific product roadmap for the next major release Microsoft Dynamics SL "8," and the initiatives beyond that release with Microsoft Dynamics SL "9" and Microsoft Dynamics SL "10." This document is intended for companies considering purchasing Microsoft Dynamics SL, and for the value added reselling partners and certified consultants who sell, implement, and support the solution for our thousands of customers worldwide.

    Insight into our current and upcoming investments are intended to help make the most of your own business software investments, and to drive greater productivity as you plan, deploy, use, and maintain your business-management solution.

    You can use the document to prepare for your business as well to be able to speak with confidence to customers and prospect about the product future.

    The document must NOT be distributed broadly in any form or on your Web sites.

    Download the new SOD from PartnerSource.

    Also, don't forget to check out an interview with Jeff Suwyn discussing Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Project on YouTube!


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