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July, 2010

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    MPN Competency Exam Packs - Save up to 30%


    As previously announced, there are several changes coming to the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) as we head toward October 2010. Many of these changes impact your certifications. To assist you with your potential re-certification efforts we've launched the MPN Competency Exam Pack offer.

    This offer is exclusively available for Microsoft Partners and is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to meet competency requirements and showcase your organization's skills.

    MPN Competency Exam Packs allow you to save up to 30% and come with free Second Shot exam retakes on all exams! By purchasing these exam packs, you can hand out exam vouchers to any individuals within your organization that need to take an exam. These packs will be available until December 31, 2010 and allow you to take your exams until June 30, 2011.

    Choose the MPN Competency Exam Pack that works for you:

    • 3-Pack – Save 20% plus free retakes
    • 5-Pack – Save 25% plus free retakes
    • 8-Pack – Save 30% plus free retakes

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Offer Dates: July 12, 2010 – December 31, 2010.
    • Details: You must purchase your packs, schedule and take all exams before June 30, 2011. Exams vouchers can be distributed within an organization to multiple individuals, or can all be taken by one individual. Exam retakes are limited to the same exam associated with the initial voucher and must be taken by the same person.
    • All exams must be taken by employees or consultants associated with the organization and cannot be re-sold.
    • Microsoft Learning Partners may only order up to 25 exams through these packs per Partner ID.
    • All exams must be purchased through Prometric, Microsoft's official Certification testing vendor.
    • Applicable exams: This offer applies to all commercial Microsoft IT professional, developer, project management, and Microsoft Dynamics exams. This offer does not include Academic exams.
    • Eligible countries and regions: This is a worldwide offer that is available at Prometric Testing Centers only.
    • Restrictions: Microsoft also does not guarantee that candidates will pass their exams.

    I hope this offer provides a great cost savings to your organization.


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    FY10 Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and President's Club Members


    A big congratulations to all of the FY10 Inner Circle and President's Club partners for a great year. Enjoy your reception and awards ceremony tomorrow night at Worldwide Partner Conferece!

    For a complete list of winners, visit PartnerSource.

    Good luck in FY11!!


    7/15/2010 Update - More information regarding the awards has been posted to the Microsoft News Center.

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    Fall through Winter US Partner Training Schedule


    We've updated the schedule of upcoming training opportunities, and located them within a nice, convenient location on PartnerSource for you to navigate through the entire list with a quick glance. Courses are broken down by role, dates, location, price, availability, and MPN requirement relationships. They include the following:

    Leadership Role

    • Microsoft Dynamics Business Management Workshop
    • Microsoft Dynamics Sales Leadership Workshop

    Marketing Role

    • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Workshop: Principles of Marketing

    Sales Role

    • Advanced Sales Workshop - Selling the Value of Microsoft Dynamics
    • Value2Win

    Pre-Sales Role

    • Demo2Win
    • Discovery2Win

    Project Manager Role

    • Managing Microsoft Dynamics Projects with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

    Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner Certification Training

    • Finance
    • Trade & Logistics
    • Installation & Configuration
    • Development I, II, and III

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Certification Training

    • Applications Professional
    • Installation & Deployment
    • Customization & Configuration

    Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Certification Training

    • Financials
    • Installation & Configuration

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner Certification Training

    • Financials
    • Installation & Configuration
    • Development I, II

    Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner Certification Training

    • Installation & Configuration
    • Financials

    Microsoft Dynamics Partner Velocity Program

    • Microsoft Dynamics Business Management Workshop
    • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Workshop: Principles of Marketing
    • Advanced Sales Workshop - Selling the Value of Microsoft Dynamics
    • Managing Microsoft Dynamics Projects with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology
    • Microsoft Dynamics Sales Leadership Workshop

    Good luck with your training and certification efforts!!!


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    Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Reseller Guide


    As you look at building out your Microsoft Dynamics practice, extending services to the cloud will be hot topic throughout FY11. Microsoft has identified a series of opportunities to dramatically amplify the value of software by extending it with specific online services.

    The Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Reseller Guide is designed to help Microsoft Dynamics partners navigate through the online services available to the end user customer in conjunction with a Microsoft Dynamics Service Plan.

    Each section starts with an overview of what you can expect to find in each section, with the body of the section introducing and defining key concepts/policies and concluding with key takeaways. Throughout the document you will find links to additional information explaining the various terms/acronyms. The overall document is structured to provide an initial overview of what is common across all services and then drills into each service using the following structure:

    • Description of Service
    • Service Availability
    • Marketing Material
    • Technical Documentation
    • Key Take Aways


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    Join the Growth Acceleration Program (GAP)


    Let's continue the great momentum from FY10 as we roll into FY11. I know many partners are excited after attending one of the biggest Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference events ever! Remember you can find a ton of content, including keynotes, on the Digital WPC website. This is also the time to get connected to some of our key initiatives.

    The Growth Acceleration Program (GAP) is a structured, co-invested program intended to increase the customer add productivity of our U.S. Microsoft Dynamics GP partners that focus on selling to customers in the Business in a Box (BIB) scenario.

    United States Microsoft Dynamics partners who participate in the GAP will focus on:

    • Optimizing the organizational structure for productivity
    • Creating volume oriented, ROI driven marketing activity
    • Increasing sales capacity with rapid time to value for new reps
    • Optimizing consulting utilization through consistent deployment methodologies and readiness

    GAP Leverages the three pillars of the FY11+ Microsoft Dynamics Partner Strategy, including engagement, marketing and readiness.

    If you are interested in learning more about the GAP opportunity—including the investment and eligibility criteria—please contact Tera Long ( Pam Johnson ( between July 15 and July 31. Space is limited to 15 Microsoft Dynamics partners in FY11.


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    How Can Resellers Get the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) Benefits?


    CfMD is not just for ISVs. Find out how resellers could increase their win rate, deal size, and profitability by offering repeatable, packaged, certified solutions. Learn how partners can get access to the CfMD benefits, including the logo and priority ranking in the Microsoft Dynamics Solution Finder by viewing this on demand recording.


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    The “Megamap” for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Materials


    Navigating PartnerSource and other Microsoft websites can sometimes be challenging when you are in pursuit of the proper resources to help you do business effeciently with Microsoft. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner checkout the new "Megamap" to assist you!

    To get a quick overview of all the readiness, sales and marketing materials that we have for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 download the "Megamap"-Excel sheet on PartnerSource.

    The document will give you a quick overview about what readiness material that could be relevant for you depending on your partner role as well as a quick overview of which materials are relevant to ready yourself on the RoleTailored user experience for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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    Fiscal Year 2010 Distinction in Marketing Awards Winners Announced


    Microsoft is pleased to announce the Fiscal Year 2010 Distinction in Marketing Award recipients. This honor is bestowed to companies who demonstrate a marketing campaign for Microsoft Dynamics products during Microsoft’s Fiscal Year 2010. Recipients were selected from nominations and the winners were chosen based upon their marketing objectives, plans, and results from the previous year.

    Partners Selected for a 2010 Distinction in Marketing Award:

    These five partners will receive two (2) Fiscal Year 2011 Convergence Passes that can be used for either customer or prospect attendees and a one year subscription to Access Hoovers.

    • Sunrise Technologies, Inc. – Best Overall Marketing Campaign
    • Tribridge – Best Lead Generation Campaign
    • The TM Group – Best Existing Customer Campaign
    • Enliven Software – Best ISV Marketing Campaign
    • Columbus IT – Best Industry Targeted Campaign

    2010 Honorable Mention:

    These two partners have been nominated for 2010 honorable mention.

    • Webfortis – for demonstrating P2P best practices
    • CAL Business Solutions – for their leverage of Social Media

    Watch PartnerSource and the US Sales and Marketing News Insights for an upcoming web seminar where our award winners will share insights to their campaign successes.


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    Partner Hosted Software as a Services Licensing Enhancements


    As you can expect, we'll have plenty of updates coming straight from Worldwide Partner Conference as the event officially wraps up.

    Take advantage of licensing enhancements to increase customer satisfaction and build your business. Start or expand your business by providing partner-hosted solutions and deliver greater customer value with the latest enhancements to the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA).

    Customers can take advantage of new features while you can leverage your success to get extra credit for the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

    With Partner-Hosted Software-as-a-Service for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can deliver cloud computing on your customer’s terms—now with more benefits for you and your customers.

    At WPC 2010 we announced these enhancements to our Partner Hosted Software as a Service for Dynamics ERP offering. This includes packaging, pricing and program improvements, to help you deliver more value to your customers and provide the potential to drive-up sales.

    Deliver customer value for less.

    Increase customer value and realize higher margins with up to 75 percent more functionality in the foundation packs—and take advantage of up to 33 percent reduction in Advanced Management per user pricing.

    More benefits.

    As a direct result of your feedback we have made a series of program and functionality improvements.

    Visit PartnerSource to find a Datasheet with an Microsoft Dynamics GP example on page 2. Please note that Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics NAV datasheets will be made available on PartnerSource soon.

    For more information on Software as a Service for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, visit the main content page on PartnerSource.


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    Special Offer: Earn Double the Microsoft Dynamics CRM CSA Fees


    Effective August 1, 2010, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Advisors can qualify to receive a fee of 40 percent—up from 18 percent previously—on new subscription sales of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This offer does not apply to Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise sales. Offer expires June 30, 2011. Read the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) for details.

    Also, the FAQ document makes reference to training opportunities from a global perspective. If you are a partner based in the United States, please visit PartnerSource for the latest US classroom training schedule including courses to prepare you for Microsoft Dynamics CRM certifications.

    I'll be on vacation next week, but I'll include a few posts will I'm out.


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