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March, 2011

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    2011 Sales and Presales Assessments for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Now Available


    Many partners are continuing to gear up on their Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) requirements – especially around training and certification. Stay connected to the latest resources today.

    The Microsoft Dynamics Partner Academy assessments for sales and presales roles have been updated to reflect the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as well as the launch of new Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM business scenarios. Take time today to review the recommended courses for exam preparation and build your training plan—note that the instructor-led courses have limited availability with no courses offered in May and June. You can also leverage the updated 2011 study guides as you prepare for and take the exams. Find more information on PartnerSource.

    Ask the Experts: MPN Study Hall Series

    Join us for sixty minute study hall sessions for Sure Step, 2win, and Solution Selling that have been created to align core curriculum that comprises the sales and presales exams, but is intended as a high-level review for individuals who have already completed the courses. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask the subject matter experts questions in areas that they may be struggling to apply concepts or areas of weakness on the exam.

    One study hall will be offered for each course and these will not be recorded nor repeated so sign up today!

    Click on the title to register or learn more.

    As always, good luck with your exams!


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    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 US Partner Readiness Resources


    The next release of Microsoft Dynamics AX is planned for the third quarter of 2011 and promises to deliver significant features and enhancements. We will continue to add content around learning opportunities on this exciting release as event and training opportunities roll out!

    You can jumpstart your product and technology learning and planning by attending three days of deep technical content delivered by Microsoft leaders and technology experts. This is your chance to learn, get inspired, and see how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you provide innovative solutions for your business.

    Visit the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 partner readiness page for United States partners on PartnerSource for complete details. The page includes:

    • Prepare for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
    • Getting Ready for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Technical Content Overview Guide
    • Readiness Training for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2011 Technical Conference
    • The Microsoft Dynamics AX Statement of Direction

    With the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 the primary readiness objective is to prepare you, the partner community, to successfully sell, implement, support and upgrade customers to this new release.


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    Microsoft Dynamics Partner Talent Strategy & Talent Acquisition Web Series


    A few years back I spent a considerable amount of time focused on designing and managing various partner resourcing programs and offers to assist partners with their ability to recruit, hire, train and retain talent. So, it makes me extremely excited to see the availability of a refreshed set of resources concentrated on talent management.

    Industry research and practical experience show that finding, hiring, and retaining top talent are keys to your company’s success. The cost of making a great hire may seem high, but the cost of making a poor hire or no hire at all is even higher.

    Leveraging best practices and applying practical tools can turn need-driven reaction into an effective talent acquisition process. And in turn, streamline the time, dollars, and resources it takes to turn the talent you acquire into tangible value for your company.

    Recognizing the real-time challenges you face in running a competitive consulting practice, Microsoft has created a suite of business-specific tools and resources to facilitate your talent acquisition process.

    Visit PartnerSource to navigate through the variety of resources built on these key stages to effective talent acquisition:

    • Planning
    • Sourcing
    • Attracting
    • Maintaining
    • Onboarding

    Microsoft Dynamics wants to help you make the most of this new talent acquisition framework and resources. Starting in March, you can take advantage of an interactive, six-part webinar series—available live and on-demand—which will give you a thorough introduction to the framework, direct access to subject matter experts to answer your unique questions, and hands-on experience with some key resources and tools.

    The series of trainings kick off on March 17, and conclude in late April. Topics include:

    • Riding the Shifting Tide: Using Current Market Trends to Your Hiring Advantage
    • Your People are Your Success: Meeting Business Goals with a Great People Strategy
    • One Size Does Not Fit All: Identifying the People You Want and the Right Tools to Find Them (part 1 of 2)
    • Driving in the Fast-lane: Using the Internet to Find the People You Want (part 2 of 2)
    • If You Brand It They Will Come: Being an Employer of Choice for Top Performer
    • Keeping 'Em Warm and In the Door: Ensuring Your Top Choices Choose to Work for Your Company--and Stay

    Navigate to PartnerSource to register for these upcoming events, and good luck in your pursuit of the best and brightest talent!


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    Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner Profitability Guide


    We spent a considerable amount of time in January during the Business Leadership Roadshow discussing Microsoft and the Cloud, and how to assess a transition to the cloud.

    Whether you have an existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP or Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice, or are investing in your first, now is the time to make strategic business decisions on your transition. You don’t have to do this alone; Microsoft has released the Dynamics Cloud Partner Profitability Guide.

    With over 1,000 hours of research, interviews and analysis and more than 200 partners testing the content. This is the most comprehensive cloud business guide to date.

    As Kim Smith, Director, Dynamics Cloud & CRM Partner Strategy, Microsoft Business Solutions explains, this guide will help Microsoft partners understand the key success factors for their transition to the cloud, in particular, when selling or delivering business application services and solutions. Every partner’s journey will be unique. While we cannot describe every possible issue and its solution; our goal is to provide some of the most relevant tools to develop a solid business plan.

    The Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner Profitability Guide will help partners to:

    • Understand the market perception for services
    • Establish an execution roadmap by business function
    • Optimize business processes and investments
    • Apply profitability models to create a financial plan

    Access the guide through either PartnerSource or the Microsoft Partner Network portal.


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    Microsoft Dynamics ERP License Model Transition (LMT) Promotion for Existing Customers


    The promotions and offers keep coming and coming to help you close more business in FY11 with your United States based existing customers.

    Microsoft is excited to announce the "License Model Transition ("LMT") Offer" - a Microsoft Dynamics (US) Existing Customer promotion for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Microsoft Dynamics SL customers who are currently licensed on Module Based Licensing ("MBL"). For a limited time, eligible Microsoft Dynamics customers can receive up to a 60% discount off of the cost of the LMT fee to transition to Business Ready Licensing.


    Effective Tuesday, March 1, 2011, and available until the end of the business day Friday, June 24, 2011, existing customers who have licensed Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Microsoft Dynamics SL through Module Based Licensing can transition to Business Ready Licensing and receive up to a 60% discount off of the cost of the LMT fee for the transition. Customers can receive either a 60% discount off of the minimum $10K LMT fee, or a 40% discount off of the $500 per user LMT fee with no limit on the number of users transitioned.

    Visit PartnerSource for complete details.

    According to our existing customer marketing team, some of the benefits of the offer include:

    • The offer is designed to appeal to customers in the 6 to 20 user bracket and the over 50 user area who may not have seen much benefit from our previous offers.
    • For customers with up to 20 users the cost of the minimum $10,000 LMT fee reduces to just $4000 when the 60% discount fee is applied.
    • For customers with a high number of users there is no limit to the number of users against which they can apply the 40% discount against the $500 per user fee.

    Upcoming FY11 Q4 Existing Customer Webcasts - Transitioning from Module Based Licesning to Business Ready Licensing

    License Model Transitions represent a great incremental sales and services opportunity for partners, so take some time to review your existing customer base to determine if they qualify for the LMT promotion.

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day and good LUCK with your sales!


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    Bigger BAM Sales Offer: Breadth for Advanced Management - Microsoft Dynamics ERP Promotion


    Two big offer announcements made earlier this week, one more to go!

    Microsoft is excited to announce the "BIGGER BAM OFFER" - a Microsoft Dynamics (US) promotion focused on US businesses that wish to take advantage of the rich functionality offered by the Advanced Management (AM) edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

    For every new customer that purchases twelve (12) or more AM user licenses under this promotion, you will receive a maximum of four (4) additional AM user licenses at no additional charge.

    Effective March 1, 2011, and available until June 24, 2011, all US partners are invited to take advantage of a special pricing promotion for customers who purchase licenses to the Advanced Management (AM) edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, or Microsoft Dynamics SL.

    Visit PartnerSource for offer notes, inclusions, and exclusions.


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    Buy 1, Get 3 Customer Offer for Microsoft Dynamics ERP


    Microsoft is on a mission to increase the profitability of our Microsoft Dynamics partner businesses while delivering value to end customers. Taking compelling offers to market is one way in which we can achieve this.

    Microsoft is excited to announce the "Buy 1, Get 3" offer: - a Microsoft Dynamics promotion valid March 1, 2011 through end of business June 24, 2011. This Microsoft Dynamics promotion is available in the United States.

    This promotion targets growing and medium-sized businesses that wish to take advantage of the rich functionality, low cost of ownership, and rapid deployment offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics SL. The promotion allows a customer purchasing either the Advanced Management (AM) or Business Essential (BE) Foundation Pack (which both includes 1 user as standard) to then get two (2) additional user licenses. This offer applies to new customers making their initial purchase of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics SL only.

    Partner Actions

    1. Review the offer page on PartnerSource for additional terms & conditions.
    2. Promote this offer by leveraging the through-Partner marketing materials available in PartnerSource by March 11 and through your social media channels!  Sample tweet:  Buy 1, Get 3 customer offer for Microsoft Dynamics ERP now available! #MSDYNERP #BUY1GET3
    3. Register for the Microsoft Dynamics Sales Professional Community Call: March into Savings with New Offers and Promotions web seminar happening on March 8, 2011 at 10:00 AM PST. Attend this sixty minute presentation to become more knowledgeable on FY11 Q4 offers and how you can leverage them to close the year strong.

    Also, stay tuned to this blog tomorrow and Thursday as we announce additional offers to support your new customer marketing and sales efforts!


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    Announcing the Microsoft Dynamics "Presales Profits"


    Our non-technical partner readiness team is back at it again. First the Sales Slugger program, then Marketing Monarchs, and now Presales Profits! The partner readiness team passes along this information to explain the benefits of participating.

    We all want reliable sales forecasts. Account Executives need the ability to clearly see the needs of customers and prospects. Everyone wants higher close rates, shorter sales cycles and predictable results.

    Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics Presales Profits – a unique community offering for Microsoft Dynamics partners in the United States. Led by Microsoft Dynamics presales and sales experts, Presales Profits provides valuable tips, tools and information to help partners sell more competitively.


    Through monthly web seminars, you will have the opportunity to hear from Microsoft presales experts on tips, tools and techniques that can help partners increase close ratios, improve credibility with prospects and assist with your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) sales and presale accreditation.


    Join Presales Profits via Linked In for real-time connection with your peers and the Microsoft PTA community as a resource for best practice sharing, strategic connections and real time coaching tips. You’ll have a chance to interact with other sales people in discussions, gather tips and tricks, as well as post some of your own challenges to the other members to learn how they addressed the issues you may be facing.


    Our goal is to provide resources you can immediately use regardless of presales background or level of sales expertise. The guidance and concepts shared in our Presales Profits sessions is based on the sales practices of successful partner organizations and deep presales knowledge of our Microsoft Presales Technical community.

    Visit PartnerSource to join the Microsoft Dynamics Presales Profits!


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    Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace - Get Listed & Give Your Business an Edge - Learning Opportunities


    The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is designed to help prospects and customers find and adopt the latest, most innovative solutions to extend the value, reach and functionality of their Microsoft Dynamics systems. In contrast to more traditional lead generation and marketing processes, the Marketplace gives you the option to engage with prospects in a relatively passive, "low touch" and cost-effective manner.

    Because the Marketplace helps enable partners to list solutions with a granular, ratings-based search, the Marketplace becomes a valuable catalyst for business growth. We are building off of great momentum from Microsoft Pinpoint (the Marketplace engine) which since September 2010 has had over 1.4M visitors, with over 355,000 opportunities generated for partner solutions. Many of which are visiting partner's solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

    Register today for a 1-hour webcast to learn more.

    Visit the new Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.


    3/30/2011 - Edited Microsoft Pinpoint web site traffic metrics.

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    Top 11 Reasons for Microsoft Dynamics Partners to Attend Convergence 2011


    Convergence 2011 is less than one month away, and there are many reasons why you should attend, so I’ve attempted to narrow the lists down to eleven. Eleven?! Yes, eleven. Everyone else is doing top ten lists, so I decided to be different. :-)

    If you still haven’t registered, click here for more information.

    Since the conference was in Atlanta last year and it is again this year, here’s reason #1 to attend – If you enjoyed the great hospitality in Atlanta last year, then you’ll enjoy it even more this year. Now, on to the other ten…

    1. A new Microsoft Dynamics ERP product offer was created for customers who attend Convergence. Check out more on PartnerSource and encourage your customers to attend!
    2. Convergence attendees generate 3.3 times more license revenue on average than non-attendees. Sixty percent make purchases within six months of attending. And overall, attendees have a higher level of satisfaction with the solutions they purchase. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this?
    3. You have the opportunity to hear Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell speak. You won’t want to miss this!
    4. Meet others in your field or connect with Microsoft experts through Convergence Connect.
    5. Customers can utilize the Continuing Professional Education tracking form to earn CPE credits - great for accountants!
    6. Microsoft Dynamics GP partners can network and connect with other partners, ISVs, and Microsoft executives at the GPUG Event PreGAME on Sunday, April 10 from 8:00am – 12:00pm.
    7. Likewise, Microsoft Dynamics AX partners can network and connect with other partners, ISVs, and Microsoft executives at the AXUG Partner Council PreGAME Event on Sunday, April 10 from 8:30am – 12:00pm.
    8. Meet hosting providers at a Convergence structured networking event for partners on Tuesday, April 12 from 5:00-8:00pm.
    9. Learn about many different solutions by chatting with over 200 top partners who are experts in Microsoft Dynamics products, services and solutions from around the world during the Expo.
    10. Last by not least, Microsoft is throwing an event just for you this year! The Partner Only Reception will be held on Saturday, April 9, from 6:00-9:00pm in the International Ballroom at the Omni Hotel. Who doesn’t love a great party?!

    Now that you know the Top 11 (yes, eleven) reasons to attend Convergence, make sure your customers are registered! We have made it easy for you to invite them by creating Demand Generation Materials that you can utilize on PartnerSource.


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