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May, 2011

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    Drive Revenue and Grow Your Business with Microsoft Partner Business Systems - Basic Version


    Microsoft Partner Business Systems is a professional services solution that gives Microsoft partners a competitive advantage by giving them the information they need to measure, manage, and improve their business. PBS uses the familiar Microsoft user experience, integrating with Microsoft products including Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Outlook. PBS lowers the cost of implementation and training and shows customers you're using a professional services solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, and differentiates your business in the Microsoft Partner Network.

    PBS Basic Version

    The PBS Basic version is downloadable, free of charge and includes the following:

    Microsoft Solution Selling Process (MSSP) integration to manage the entire sales process, from prospect to close. MSSP Training (North America partners, click here)

    Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step integration to ensure on-time, on-budget, on-spec implementations. Sure Step Training

    PBS Basic Key Benefits

    • Increased revenue and gross profit:
      • Increased insight in opportunities and sales pipeline resulting in higher win rates (lead to close)
    • Increased productivity and collaboration
      • Supports sales team with offerings and deliverables increasing productivity of the sales force
      • Use of standard and repeatable sales process (MSSP)
      • All information is shared by Sales and Service Delivery decreasing rework
    • Improved control
      • All relevant sales information is available in one system (from status of opportunities to status of wins)
      • Visibility of status of pipeline and forecast
    • Improved customer satisfaction
      • Use of Sure Step methodology increases confidence of customer
      • Uniform look and feel of documents
      • The use of a standard methodology by sales reduces improvisations

    Visit PartnerSource for more information.


    As you know, Partner Business Systems is owned, delivered and supported by QBT, a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner. For the last 24 months, Microsoft and QBT have worked to jointly develop and promote Partner Business Systems and to help deliver this solution to customers like you.

    What is changing?

    From August 1, 2012, QBT has assumed full ownership of development, promotion, implementation and support for Partner Business Systems. Additionally, Microsoft has retired PBS Basic and the MSSP Accelerator for Partner Business Systems which were previously available on PartnerSource. 

    Why are you changing?

    As the owner of Partner Business Systems, QBT is best placed to directly own the relationship with customers. By streamlining the promotional engines and ensuring all components of the solution are available via QBT, we will help to ensure high quality customer service.

    We are using PBS Basic. What should I do?

    PBS Basic will no longer be available from Microsoft. However, you can contact QBT via their website:

    How will I get Support?

    As an existing customer, you will continue to receive the same great service you have come to expect from Tony Banks and his team at QBT. You can contact the support team via the QBT website.


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    MPN Guidance for Microsoft Dynamics Partner Organizations of All Different Sizes


    Since announcing a variety of updates to the Microsoft Partner Network, we’ve had numerous strategic and casual conversations with partners of all different sizes – big, small, VAR, SI, ISV, etc. Through these conversations we completely understand each partner organization is unique is its own way. With these announcements come changes and we truly feel there are numerous opportunities ahead for all partners.

    Microsoft has announced a lot of changes to the Microsoft Partner Network that will continue to happen through January 2012 and beyond. Visit PartnerSource to understand how easy it is to keep your relationship and transact with us.

    If you are a small organization, we want you to understand there is still room for you at Microsoft. You can continue to transact with us without having achieved a competency. If your goal is to take care of customers and grow your business, you will need to take the following steps by October 1, 2011:

    • Need minimum of 2 individuals holding the technical certifications
    • Need Technical certifications on the current product version or N-1
    • Need Implementation Methodology exam
    • Need Sales accreditations (Microsoft Dynamics CRM only)

    If your Solution Provider Agreement (SPA) agreement expired in 2010 and you signed a new one, you will also need to make sure your organization has generated $20,000 in direct annual total revenue to Microsoft by the anniversary date of signing the SPA agreement.

    On PartnerSource you’ll find a step-by-step SPA Checklist to assist your efforts. We look forward to your continued partnership.


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