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June, 2011

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    Microsoft Dynamics Customer Reference Self Help Toolkit Updated


    Are your prospects wavering on moving forward with selecting Microsoft Dynamics as their new ERP or CRM solution? Are they seeking advice or additional information from customers operating in the same industry or under the same business circumstances?

    The Microsoft Dynamics Customer Reference Self Help Toolkit has been refreshed (5/20/2011) to provide partners will guidance to the available resources and scenarios for requesting and fulfilling requests for information and access to Microsoft Dynamics Customer References in North America. Visit PartnerSource to download the guide.

    Also, review the variety of customer reference tools, including how to nominate a new customer reference or case study, on the Customer Reference PartnerSource page.


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    Top Five Reasons to Attend the 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference


    Our Microsoft Dynamics WPC Events Team shares these reasons for you to attend WPC 2011 in Los Angeles, CA from July 10-14, 2011. Register today!

    Invest in your success.

    The 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is a key Microsoft investment in your success and the perfect place to get inside information about the Microsoft corporate vision, strategy, products, and technologies. Put that investment to work for you and take advantage of this opportunity to foster new business, strengthen current relationships, and achieve greater success in the coming year.

    Drive new revenue opportunities.

    Jump on the latest products and business solutions that Microsoft has planned for the upcoming year and learn new ways to leverage the entire Microsoft stack. The broad Microsoft portfolio offers exciting opportunities to drive new revenue, including countless possibilities to extend your solution offerings.

    Move your business to the cloud—for greater profitability.

    Discover the competitive advantage and enhanced profitability you can achieve by moving your Microsoft Dynamics business to the cloud. Learn about the future of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions in the cloud, including the roadmap for product updates on the Windows Azure software platform.

    Imagine—and learn—about the future.

    Attend keynotes from the top Microsoft Dynamics executives, Kirill Tatarinov, Michael Park, and Doug Kennedy to hear them discuss the future of Microsoft Dynamics. Go to informative breakout, interactive, and panel sessions designed just for partners to help you go vertical, embrace the cloud, and expand your business opportunities.

    Network face to face with people.

    WPC is the largest annual networking event for Microsoft partners. Network with the right people, build new business relationships, and strengthen existing ones with WPC Connect and the WPC Connect wall.


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    How to Participate in the US Launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


    Many of you are aware of the multiple partner training opportunities we have associated with preparing your organization for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. We now have an update for your marketing staff to help assist them with their launch activities courtesy of the US launch team.

    Later this month we will launch our campaign landing environment which will serve as our platform for the September 13, 2011 September 8, 2011 Global Virtual Event. With this event you can participate in the following ways. Microsoft will provide the banners, template and other marketing materials to help with your launch efforts.

    • You can promote the this event on your website with web banners
    • You can email your existing customers and prospects
    • You can syndicate the event on your website, creating your own call to actions and using it as your own event
    • You can hold a launch event on September 13 for your existing customers and prospects

    In addition we would like for you to let us know about the activities you are planning after September 26, 2011 so that we can promote them on our campaign page. These activities can either be in-person events, web seminars, or trade shows that you are participating in. By following our simple guidelines, we will work to get them listed. Together we can work to make this the best launch ever!

    Visit PartnerSource for complete details.

    6/22/2011 Update from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Team

    Great news!!  For what may be a first, we are moving the Virtual Launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 forward. That is right we are moving the date to September 8, five days earlier. Moving this event to this date and closer to General Availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will allow us to create a bigger bang and maximize awareness in the market. It also helps us drive pipeline soon after GA and summer holidays worldwide.

    If you have scheduled viewing parties for September 13, you can move them to September 8 at 9:00 am Pacific or you can keep them on September 13. If your event is happening on the September 13, the virtual event can still be utilized on demand. The only difference will be the utilization of live online chat. Keep in mind that September 26 still remains the date for the listing of your activities on our launch site as discussed on the US Partner Launch Portal.


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    FY12 Microsoft Dynamics Partner Training Schedule


    Start your journey today to increase your knowledge and expertise with Microsoft Dynamics by registering to attend an upcoming partner training events. The US Partner Training Team has updated our training calendar to include courses for Microsoft Fiscal Year 2012.

    On PartnerSource, you will find a listing of courses broken down by:


    • Leadership
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Pre-Sales
    • Project Manager


    • SQL Server 2008
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • Microsoft Dynamics SL

    On the page you will also see corresponding exam information related to the training courses.


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    Microsoft Dynamics June 2011 News & Highlights


    Wondering what the hot topics are for the month of June? Worried you have to sift through volumes of articles on various websites? Don’t worry. We have answers. Take a time out and watch our Microsoft Dynamics June 2011 PartnerSource North America Highlights video. You’ll receive a quick update in 4 minutes!


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    4 Steps to a Smooth Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Upgrade - Existing Customer Web Seminar Series


    Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners should promote these upcoming web seminars to their existing customers to share the value of the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 release.

    Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 experts have put together four web seminars, each designed to help your customers through the many options and choices available during an upgrade. Inform your customers today!

    Click here to find complete registration details.


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    How Microsoft Partner, The TM Group, Uses Microsoft Dynamics ERP Offers to Increase Sales


    The clock is quickly ticking toward June 30th, and the end of Microsoft Fiscal Year 2011. This means several great prospective and existing customer offers will soon expire. Continuing our feature articles highlighting various Microsoft Dynamics partners demonstrating success by incorporating Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers into their marketing and sales efforts, today’s post focuses on a Microsoft partner based in Farmington Hills, MI.

    Microsoft partner, The TM Group, Inc., has embraced the social media wave to build connected end-to-end marketing campaigns while also incorporating mainstays like telemarketing and direct mail into the mix. They are also funneling and monitoring these activities through their in-house Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

    As Andree Dolan, Marketing Manager, explains:

    At The TM Group, a Microsoft partner holding dual Gold ERP and CRM competencies based in Michigan, we’ve had great success running comprehensive, integrated marketing campaigns. Our multi-touch marketing plan includes both traditional approaches like telemarketing and direct mail with new media tactics, such as e-marketing, blogs, and social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. At the heart of our integrated marketing campaigns is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which we use to track and proactively manage all our campaigns, our new lead development, nurture activities, opportunity pipelines and closed deals. As both a reseller and long-time user, we know first-hand how powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM is for accurate data management, automated workflow, consistent follow-up and intelligent reporting.

    Here are just some of the ways we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to integrate traditional and new media marketing campaigns:

    SalesFUSION for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which provides rich e-marketing automation for e-mail marketing, website activity, online forms, event registration and surveys

    Custom CRM Workflows for automatically creating Campaign Responses for any lead who "raises a hand" : including email alerts from ERP and CRM Software blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter or visitors to our website – with just a few clicks we can create a campaign response, send an e-mail and assign a sales follow up to the right person

    Custom iFrames for LinkedIn to see the LinkedIn information for leads and contacts: this helps our marketing team in their research for target companies, and target titles like CFO, Controller, VP of Sales/Marketing, or CIO

    Custom SharePoint integration for team collaboration and document management for leads, accounts, and contacts: we create a pre-sales and marketing project site for our marketing, sales & consulting team to upload and manage key documents related to the specific opportunity and client, automatic alerts can be set up so that the team is notified when important changes or activities take place

    Sales Success

    Here are two recent examples of new clients who had been carefully set up and tracked in our CRM leads database for nurture campaigns; they both responded to our call outs and e-marketing for Microsoft Dynamics ERP "Buy 1, Get 3" and took advantage of the opportunity to save thousands of dollars:

    A key distributor of home improvement products and remodeling services had been contemplating an upgrade from QuickBooks, which had been holding them back for years. After learning about Microsoft’s "Buy 1, Get 3" offer, they were compelled to make the move to Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials. We are now helping them implement the Dynamics GP Financial Suite and will be developing a custom integration to their industry-specific business application which they were not able to do with QuickBooks.

    A construction company had originally found us through a web search for construction software to replace their legacy Timberline system which was outdated and expensive to maintain. We engaged with them in a long, consultative sales cycle that started almost 2 years ago and recommended Microsoft Dynamics SL. The delayed their buying decision due to the downturn in the economy and its hard hit on the construction industry. After receiving our e-marketing about the Microsoft Dynamics ERP promotion for "Buy 1, Get 3," they called us and re-engaged in a sales process. Quickly, they made the decision to move forward and purchased Microsoft Dynamics SL Advanced Management for financials, project management, inventory control, and more.

    Learn More about Offers

    There a variety of promotions and offers available for a limited time between now and June 2011 for United States based existing customers and prospective customers. Visit PartnerSource to access the FY11 Offer Summary Sheets for complete details.

    For more information regarding the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Buy 1, Get 3 Offer navigate to the offer homepage on


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    New Enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009


    Last month, at Directions EMEA 2011 (May 11 to 13, 2011), Microsoft made a number of important announcements regarding enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 proposition. If you were not able to make it to Directions, we now have supporting content available for you to access on PartnerSource. We will continue to build out these pages, so take some time to review and add them to your Favorites.

    At Directions EMEA we announced:

    These announcements demonstrate our commitment to further enhancing the value proposition around Microsoft Dynamics NAV – for both new and existing customers. We’re excited about the opportunity they represent to tell an even more compelling story to prospects – to help them secure a quicker return on their investment.


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    Try, Buy, and Go Live with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Financial Offers Expire 6/30/2011


    If you missed hearing the news last week from your Microsoft sales representative, I wanted to let you know the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online "Cloud for Less (April/May Edition) Offer" has now been extended to end on June 30, 2011.

    Until June 30, 2011, Microsoft will send qualified organizations $200 for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Subscription license. For instance, customers could buy 30 seats and get $6,000, or buy 100 seats and get $20,000. Customers can use the money to accelerate their Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online implementation. Whatever they want to do, Microsoft will send customers money to help them get started fast.

    In addition, organizations can license Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for only $34/user/month- a special "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch Price" which also ends June 30, 2011. It’s a great way to get started with one of the best CRM solutions in the industry.

    For more information, including terms and conditions for United States based customers, visit PartnerSource.


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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Virtual Machine Now Available


    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Virtual Machine (VM) is now available for partner consumption. Accelerate Your CRM Demos with SharePoint, Portals, Scenarios and more!

    This VM is intended to address three main objectives:

    • Accelerate customer-facing demonstrations by providing baseline infrastructure, enhanced data, and rich scenarios.
    • Reach markets where the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service is not offered today and provide an effective alternative for demonstrations.
    • Enable development and testing of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 demos and solutions in an offline environments where an internet connection is not readily available.

    Access the VM on PartnerSource today!


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