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February, 2012

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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online RFP Response Guide for Partners


    Our Microsoft Dynamics Product Marketing Team has recently created a great new partner resource to assist your during the sales process. The current version of the guide focuses on addressing service infrastructure and operations questions, and has been positioned as follows…

    Are you struggling with how to respond to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online RFPs? Partners may use this Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online RFP Response Guide for Partners to help you articulate compelling and accurate responses to commonly asked questions about the service.

    The document offers “cut and paste” starting point answers designed to help the partners more quickly and effectively address customer inquiries.

    Visit PartnerSource to download the guide.


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    Accelerated Demos for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Best Practices When Using Hyper V Web Seminars


    Earlier this month, our US Microsoft Dynamics Partner Technology Advisor team launched a series of new web seminars about accelerated demo scenarios specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and best practices when working with Hyper V. If you missed the Accelerated Demo Part I, it is now available on demand.

    Microsoft Dynamic GP – An Accelerated Demo (Part I)

    If you are seeking ways to shorten your sales cycles, attend the upcoming Presales Profits web seminar. This session will empower your presales professionals to demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 informs, prioritizes and facilitates communication and ultimately improves decision making. To support your efforts of building a REPEATABLE sales demo we’ve built a click-through DemoMate for you to model future demonstrations.

    Microsoft Dynamic GP – An Accelerated Demo (Part II)

    February 23, 2012 at 11:00AM PT

    Part II of our series will provide you with ideas on how to build and maintain a repeatable demo environment using Dynamics GP 2010 R2. During this session we will provide you with a library of demo “scenarios” – such as Finance, SOP, POP, etc. which you can import via a spreadsheet and be instantly prepared for your next prospect demo.

    Best Practices When Using Hyper V

    March 8, 2012 at 11:00AM PT

    Please attend this informative session covering the Hyper V technology. You will learn best practices regarding hardware requirements, configuring your Dynamics environment and maintaining your system for demonstration reliability and performance.

    Visit PartnerSource for complete registration details.


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    Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Networking Event for Partners at Convergence 2012


    Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead, invites Microsoft Dynamics partners attending Convergence to participate in a Cloud-focused networking event on the evening of Sunday, March 18. Her team shares this event description.

    Make the connections you need to capitalize on the cloud! Hear the latest update on the Microsoft Dynamics cloud business and programs for partners from Microsoft Dynamics executives. Then join in a structured networking session and meet with up to ten Microsoft SPLA professional hosting providers who can help your business develop a cloud services strategy, transition your solutions to the cloud, and bring a hosted solution to market—and make sure your business gets credit for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud business.

    You’ll have ample time for follow-up conversations after the structured networking segment. The event will include a hosted bar, food, and a special prize drawing.

    Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity for Microsoft Dynamics SPLA Hosting Partners and Microsoft Dynamics VAR, ISV, and SI partners to network in a structured setting to facilitate partnerships that will help transition your Microsoft Dynamics ERP business to the cloud.

    Click here to access registration details and additional information.


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    Learning the Building Blocks of Life through Lego


    Periodically, I’ll post a non-work related blog leaning toward more personal observations. I hope you still enjoy the read. Smile

    First off, yes, I know the building blocks of life are more biological in nature (cells, genes, etc.). But, in this post I’m focusing on the building of knowledge and awareness through hands on learning.

    Second, I’m a huge Lego fan! One of my childhood passions has been totally revised by having two young daughters. If you doubt me, here’s an excerpt from a letter my parents received almost 30 years ago…

    Thank you for your nice letter and for sending the newspaper article and photographs relating to your son, Kevin’s, “Transformer” creations. We are glad to hear that Kevin enjoys building with LEGO® products. He certainly seems to have very creative and innovative talent with the models he has made….We will be happy to post the newspaper article and photographs our Company bulletin board for our employees and visitors to enjoy and admire.

    Now, as a youngster, I was completely amazed to receive this letter (plus they threw in a gift right before my birthday too!), but looking back, it’s great to see how this remarkable response has really stuck with me over the years. In the pre-internet information age, there was no such thing as an instant response. Someone carved out a little time in their busy day to personally mail a note back.

    Finally, circling back to building knowledge and awareness, I’m really excited to see this year Lego introduced a line of products specifically targeted at girls – LEGO® Friends. I’m all for Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. but right now I’m pretty sure my “dolls rule the world” daughters will be really excited to play with these. I can hardly wait to see their imaginations run wild. Easily hours of enjoyment for the whole family!


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    Kati Unplugged: WatServ Finds Opportunity in Cloud-Based “Seasonal ERP”


    Countdown to the Cloud banner

    A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead.

    Kati color 2004Scalability is one of the key benefits prospective customers respond to when considering the cloud delivery model. But for many industries, scalability is not just about planning for future growth: It’s about adjusting for busy and slow seasons, year after year. In this week’s blog, Tom Doerner, president of Microsoft Dynamics partner WatServ, outlines how partners can uncover new opportunities by addressing the challenges of seasonal fluctuations through a cloud-based ERP solution.


    WatServ has always helped Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers understand how the cloud can economically address concerns most businesses have around infrastructure, software, data center and IT skills. But 18 months ago we acted on a pattern we were seeing in specific industry niches that have unique challenges around the need to ramp their systems up or down seasonally. It started with a tax preparation company that had more than a thousand users on ERP for 3 or 4 months, followed by 9 months when only 60 employees used ERP. Agricultural and educational businesses had similar issues.

    Until recently, companies in these kinds of industries have had to purchase infrastructure and software to support the high user counts and transaction volumes of their busy season, even though they have an excess of computing resources during the majority of the year. These companies also needed to provide an appropriate computer room and adequate IT staffing. This high cost of doing business is very inefficient.

    By implementing cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, seasonal companies can address these challenges economically.

    • Customers get a choice of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics SL sold as a service (per user, per month) and configured to their needs by a Microsoft Value Added Reseller.
    • Software needs can be scaled up for the busy season and then scaled back for the slow season.
    • ERP infrastructure can be sized for reliability and performance in the busy season and then adjusted back for the slower season to reduce cost.
    • The system can be professionally maintained by third party, experienced ERP engineers that extend the customer’s IT team.
    • By targeting the specific niche of seasonal industries through a Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud delivery model, partners can uncover new market opportunities through providing practical, cost effective solutions to companies challenged by workforce fluctuations.

    WatServ is one of the largest, most experienced providers of hosted Microsoft Dynamics ERP in North America. Click here to learn about how you can partner with WatServ to provide cloud services to your customers.

    To learn more about how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into your business plans visit the Microsoft Dynamics Countdown to the Cloud page on PartnerSource. Go to for resources that demonstrate to customers how Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions can benefit their businesses.

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    Microsoft Dynamics AX – Industry Demos for US Partners


    These demos are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of how Microsoft Dynamics AX fills the needs for companies in the following industries. Use these demos in your presentations or for additional training. The industries covered include: Chemical Manufacturing, Construction, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, IT Consulting, Retail, and Public Sector. Look for Consumer Packaged Goods and Industrial Distribution to be posted soon.

    Download the demos from PartnerSource.

    Additionally, on PartnerSource, you’ll find the most up-to-date Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 demo tools and materials. The Microsoft Dynamics AX product management team keeps updating the content so you can have more demo capabilities to help you succeed in the selling process.


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    Convergence 2012 Attendee Sales Offers


    Our Microsoft Dynamics Convergence team shares this information regarding new offers available to existing customer attendees. Convergence 2012 attendees are eligible for exclusive offers on Microsoft Dynamics products and services.

    Product Offer #1

    For a limited time Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAV), and Microsoft Dynamics SL (SL) existing customers who attend Convergence 2012 to be held in Houston, TX March 18-21, 2012, are eligible to receive a 20% discount on additional GP, NAV and SL users and/or modules. The discount may be applied across certain product line, edition or Licensing Model (LMT) transition fees.

    Product Offer #2

    For a limited time eligible Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (AX 2012) and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (AX 2009) existing customers who attend Convergence 2012 to be held in Houston, TX, March 18-21, 2012, are eligible to receive a 20% discount; customers on AX2012 will receive the greater of a flat 20% discount or the applicable volume discount built into the Business Value Licensing (BVL) price list, and customers on AX2009 will receive a flat 20% discount on both users licenses and module licenses.

    Local availability is subject to confirmation by the Microsoft Business Solution subsidiary. Please check with your subsidiary for availability of the offers.

    Visit the Convergence website for complete details including full terms and conditions.


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    Nurture Marketing Offers Custom Campaign Ready to Go!


    The US Microsoft Dynamics marketing team is excited to announce a great offer for partners from one of the Marketing Services Bureau vendors.

    Are your campaigns driving the leads you need? Do you want an affordable, easy solution to get your messages in market? Nurture Marketing experts will create a custom email “Ready-to-Go” campaign just for your target marketplace, complete with everything you need to deliver the right messages to your prospects and generate quality leads. Nurture Marketing’s Custom Campaigns Ready to Go include:

    • Personal consultation with Nurture Marketing experts
    • Detailed campaign calendar and action plan
    • Six professionally written custom emails – focused on industry, line of business or other criteria you specify.
    • Research and identify relevant content to share with your prospects as learning opportunities (including whitepapers, articles, etc.)
    • How To Guide.

    Just add your list and mail! Use it once or many times with different lists. Need additional help? Nurture offers add-on services to complement your “campaign in a box” including landing page design, list purchase and telesales.

    SPECIAL PRICING: $3,250. Regular price $3,750 – save $500!

    To review offer details and additional information, visit PartnerSource. Offer expires May 30, 2012.


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    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: 300 Level Workshops Now Available


    The Microsoft Dynamics partner training and readiness team provides today’s update.

    We are excited to announce workshops that will extend your skill sets with the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 product! These workshops are Level 300 an advanced level training that will continue to drive knowledge within the product. There are a number of prerequisites associated to these workshops and individuals are required to complete a survey to determine if you meet the qualifications to attend.

    The classes are scheduled for May 2012 and will be held in Seattle, WA. Please visit PartnerSource for complete details. For partners based outside of North America, navigate here on PartnerSource.


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    Microsoft Dynamics February 2012 News & Highlights


    Wondering what the hot topics are for the month of February? Worried you have to sift through volumes of articles on various websites? Don't worry. We have answers. Take a time out and watch our Microsoft Dynamics February 2012 PartnerSource North America Highlights video. You'll receive a quick update in 4 minutes!


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