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February, 2012

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    Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile


    Next Microsoft Dynamics CRM service update will include a new, cloud-based, cross-platform, native mobile application.

    REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 6, 2012 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM will release its next service update in Q2 2012. This service update will deliver the capability for customers to access the complete functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM on virtually any device with a new cloud-based, cross-platform, native mobile client service for Windows Phone 7, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices.

    Maintaining Microsoft’s commitment to delivering rapid innovation to customers, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q2 2012 service update also includes enhanced social functionality and new enterprise-class features, and adds multiple Web browser options for users, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, running on PC, Macintosh and iPad devices.

    To access the complete press release, please visit the Microsoft News Center.


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    Learning the Building Blocks of Life through Lego


    Periodically, I’ll post a non-work related blog leaning toward more personal observations. I hope you still enjoy the read. Smile

    First off, yes, I know the building blocks of life are more biological in nature (cells, genes, etc.). But, in this post I’m focusing on the building of knowledge and awareness through hands on learning.

    Second, I’m a huge Lego fan! One of my childhood passions has been totally revised by having two young daughters. If you doubt me, here’s an excerpt from a letter my parents received almost 30 years ago…

    Thank you for your nice letter and for sending the newspaper article and photographs relating to your son, Kevin’s, “Transformer” creations. We are glad to hear that Kevin enjoys building with LEGO® products. He certainly seems to have very creative and innovative talent with the models he has made….We will be happy to post the newspaper article and photographs our Company bulletin board for our employees and visitors to enjoy and admire.

    Now, as a youngster, I was completely amazed to receive this letter (plus they threw in a gift right before my birthday too!), but looking back, it’s great to see how this remarkable response has really stuck with me over the years. In the pre-internet information age, there was no such thing as an instant response. Someone carved out a little time in their busy day to personally mail a note back.

    Finally, circling back to building knowledge and awareness, I’m really excited to see this year Lego introduced a line of products specifically targeted at girls – LEGO® Friends. I’m all for Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. but right now I’m pretty sure my “dolls rule the world” daughters will be really excited to play with these. I can hardly wait to see their imaginations run wild. Easily hours of enjoyment for the whole family!


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    Microsoft Partner Builds Web Presence with the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace


    A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Christian Lindberg, Solution Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics Partner Team.

    After learning about the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, a website where partners can post their solutions for prospective customers, ZSL was quick to join. Says Manick Vel, Practice Head for Mid Market Solutions at ZSL, “The customer buying habit for add-ons was already to purchase over the web. In fact, 90 percent of our leads for add-on sales came through that channel. When Microsoft made the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace available, we saw that it could help us build the validity of our add-ons, provide a venue for showcasing them, and ultimately help us further grow our sales because it made it easier for customers to find the solutions they needed.”

    In adopting the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, ZSL has taken an incremental approach, starting with its add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. From this, the company has, with little effort, achieved 10 customer inquiries of which one led to a sale. Says Vel, “We’re still in the early stages of using the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, but we, Microsoft, and many other partners are working hard to promote it. In the future, customers won’t search the web for add-on solutions; instead, they will go straight to the marketplace—and that will be a huge value-add for us.”

    Read the full story:

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    Convergence 2012 Schedule Builder and Convergence Connect Now Available


    120x240_Convergence_2012Two valuable tools are now available to you!

    Schedule Builder enables attendees to make a customized Convergence session schedule, so that you can plan your time from (almost) dawn to dusk. An important note is that while this is a helpful tool to maximize time at Convergence, it is not a placeholder and session attendance is available on a first come, first serve basis only.

    Convergence Connect is a structured networking tool that makes it easy to connect and network with fellow attendees. This tool is open to all Convergence attendees and allows you to find people you'd like to meet with by searching profiles for keywords, geographies, Microsoft Dynamics product, industry, and more.

    Access both of these resources under the After You Register menu item on the Convergence website.


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    Beyond Brick and Mortar: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Retail Launches Today


    Microsoft today launches its newest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail, software that will help businesses handle just about anything the changing world of retail can throw at them, be it rapid expansion, complex pricing and inventory, or evolving means of customer interaction.

    Learn more on the Microsoft News Center.

    You can also access a variety of resources on the US Launch Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail on PartnerSource.


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    Microsoft Dynamics Business Leadership Web Seminar Series for Partners


    On the heels of the successful 3-city Business Leader Roadshow which concluded last week, we are excited to announce a new series of remotely-delivered sessions specifically for partner business owners and executive management teams. As our partner readiness & training team explains…

    These sessions leverage the concepts and ideas introduced at the 2012 Business Leader Roadshow – with a deep look specifically into the Sales and Service Delivery functions of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM practices. This session is a must for everyone – those who attended the Roadshow and those who were unable to make the event.

    Like the roadshow, the continuation series is aligned to two tracks based on the business model structure needed to successfully support and serve customers in your core competency area::

    • Sales & Service Strategy for Volume-oriented Businesses – February 14 for 4 hours
    • Sales & Service Strategy for Depth-oriented Businesses – February 17 for 4 hours

    We will also be holding a 90-minute Marketing & Sales Strategy Review for Marketers session on February 16.

    To learn more and to register for any of the upcoming activities, please visit PartnerSource.

    A big thank you to all partners who were able to attend the Irvine, Dallas, and Tampa events!


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