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June, 2012

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    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Product Overview Guide


    The Microsoft Dynamics AX product marketing and management team has published a new resource to assist you with your marketing and sales efforts. According to the guide description…

    This product overview is intended to convey a high-level understanding of the structure, key modules, features, and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to readers that are not familiar with the product. It highlights the value delivered to our key industry sectors including manufacturing, distribution, services, and Public Sector. It then details the horizontal application solutions including financials, human resources, supply chain management, and others. Finally, the solution describes the application foundation, system framework, and interoperability with the Microsoft productivity suite and application platform.

    The 25+ page guide is accessible on PartnerSource.


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    Final Preparations for WPC 2012


    As you prepare for your departure to Toronto, we’ve put together some last-minute reminders and helpful resources that will allow you to make the most of your experience at WPC.

    The Microsoft Dynamics event guide provides you with the details of the Microsoft Dynamics events and activities at WPC 2012. Download your copy of the guide today and use it to help you select which sessions to attend and when to visit our booth & lounge in the expo.

    Check out the WPC agenda to start planning your time from the Welcome Reception on Sunday, to the breakout sessions and expo throughout the week, to the Partner Celebration Thursday night with a performance by the Grammy Award-winning band, Train.

    Maximize your experience and sign-on to WPC Connect prior to the event and begin building your session schedule, interacting with partners & Microsoft team members and keep track of in-person meetings – all in one central calendar.

    Visit the WPC logistics page. The page is your one-stop location to find information about Toronto, entry requirements into Canada, WPC-provided attendee transportation information, and more!

    Questions on the Microsoft Dynamics presence at WPC? Email us at

    We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

    The Microsoft Dynamics WPC Planning Team

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    Connect with Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance, Services, Support, and Communities at WPC 2012


    There are several Microsoft Dynamics teams to ensure you are connecting with at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 in Toronto next month. These groups offer great services to the partner community and meeting with them in person allows you the opportunity to share your business strategies to determine how these teams can help you grow your organization.

    Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance at WPC 2012

    Learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA) at WPC 2012. Stop by for a free gift and to find out how you can partner with DynAA member schools to tap into a rich source of new talent for your organization. Representatives from the DynAA program will be at the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) booth in the expo. If you are unable to attend WPC 2012, you can find out more by linking to the Gear Up Sales Toolkit or by contacting us at today.

    Services, Support, and Communities

    Learn more about the Partner and Customer Services, Support, and Communities at our booth at WPC, July 8 - 12, 2012 in Toronto. Stop by to learn more about working with Microsoft on Support and Services, directing your customers to Communities, and more. If you are unable to attend WPC 2012, you can find out more on the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Services page, Microsoft Dynamics Customer Services page, or more on Microsoft Dynamics Communities.

    Make connections and enjoy your WPC 2012 experience!


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    New Productivity Pack for Microsoft Dynamics Connector


    Recently, the Microsoft Dynamics Connector team announced the availability of the no-charge Productivity Pack for Microsoft Dynamics. Per the Connector blog, the pack has been posted in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace under Dynamics Labs.

    Connector for Microsoft Dynamics helps customers who are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM (either online or on-premise) integrate it with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. Out of the box, we provide you with baseline integrations that will help you move customer information, inventory and pricing information and sales order between the two systems.

    With the Productivity Pack for Microsoft Dynamics, your customers will be able to add additional value to their investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

    For specific examples and to learn more, please visit the Connector blog.


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    Announcing the 2012 Microsoft Dynamics WPC Partner Awards


    Very big congratulations today to all of our exceptional Microsoft Dynamics WPC 2012 award winners and finalists! Your commitment and dedication to Microsoft and the Microsoft Dynamics technologies is unmatched, and we appreciate your strong efforts throughout FY12.

    For a complete list of all Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards 2012 winners and more information on our winning partners go to Digital WPC and the Microsoft News Center.

    New Theme WPC_banner_728x90

    Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Business Excellence Partner of the Year

    Winner: Zero2Ten

    Finalist: Pareto Platform Inc.

    Finalist: Rose Business Solutions Inc.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year

    Winner: PowerObjects

    Finalist: Accenture/Avanade

    Finalist: Navantis Inc.

    Finalist: Sonoma Partners

    Microsoft Dynamics Distribution Industry Partner of the Year

    Winner: Blue Horseshoe

    Finalist: Junction Solutions

    Finalist: KORUS Consulting

    Finalist: Sunrise Technologies

    Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner of the Year

    Winner: INFOMA Software Consulting GmbH

    Finalist: InterDyn AKA

    Finalist: Holding AG

    Finalist: mcaConnect

    Microsoft Dynamics Financial Services Industry Partner of the Year

    Winner: Traviata

    Finalist: AND Project

    Finalist: Customer Effective

    Finalist: Veripark

    Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing Industry Partner of the Year

    Winner: Edgewater Fullscope Inc.

    Finalist: Armanino Consulting

    Finalist: Columbus

    Finalist: Junction Solutions

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace Solution Excellence Partner of the Year

    Winner: ClickDimensions

    Finalist: Armanino Consulting

    Finalist: InsideView

    Finalist: proMX GmbH

    Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Industry Partner of the Year

    Winner: Systems Advisors Group

    Finalist: Computer Generated Solutions Inc.

    Finalist: proMX GmbH

    Finalist: Sable Systems

    Microsoft Dynamics Public Sector Partner of the Year

    Winner: Rock Solid Technologies

    Finalist: Accenture/Avanade

    Finalist: Altus Dynamics

    Finalist: Ti-M

    Microsoft Dynamics Retail Industry Partner of the Year

    Winner: Ignify Inc.

    Finalist: Cole Systems Associates Inc.

    Finalist: Manzana Group


    Once again congrats to all and enjoy your WPC 2012 experience in Toronto, Canada next month!


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    Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics Website & ISV Playbook – May 2012 Refresh


    For partners new to Microsoft Dynamics, or if you are new employee at a Microsoft Dynamics partner organization, we have some great new resources for you. Within the last couple of weeks, the Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics page on PartnerSource was updated as well as the very well received Microsoft Dynamics ISV Playbook.

    For positioning information regarding these partner tools, please access these previous blog posts:

    Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics - Accelerate Your Productivity!

    Microsoft Dynamics ISV Playbook – September 2011 Edition

    The Getting Started page provides excellent guidance to kick start your Microsoft Dynamics practice with quick access to a variety of resources, all laid out in an easy to follow timeline.


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    MPN Live – Coming to You from Toronto During WPC 2012!


    This is exciting news coming from the Worldwide Microsoft Partner Network team, and another great option for you to stay connected to the latest news, announcements, and interviews as they roll out at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012.

    Remember, it’s not to late to register for WPC 2012!


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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Partner Presales Roadshow


    Earlier this week on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, Pam Misialek reminded partners of the upcoming training opportunities headed your way this fall. Recently, on this blog, I’ve covered the Technical Airlift and the Jump Start Training, so today I’ll share some information provided to me regarding the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Partner Presales Roadshow.

    The Partner Presales Roadshow – specifically geared towards sales and presales resources – is designed to introduce the new technologies, features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 2013 to our partners, with the specific intent of arming your teams with information and resources to drive the sales cycle. The roadshow tour kicks off at the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift on September 11, 2012 in Fargo, ND and will continue on to several major US cities this fall.

    Don’t miss your opportunity to hear first-hand from our technology experts on several topics including:

    • Important market trends that deserve your attention
    • How to sell differently to close more deals and grow your business
    • How to position and demo the new technologies inherent to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
    • Key new Microsoft Dynamics 2013 features and how to effectively position with prospects
    • Plus, get hands on and put these components together to tell the story and demo effectively

    Current Dates and Cities:

    • Fargo, ND – September 11, 2012
    • Seattle, WA – October 16, 2012
    • Tampa, FL - October 23, 2012
    • New York, NY - October 25, 2012
    • Irvine, CA - October 30, 2012
    • Dallas, TX - November 1, 2012
    • Denver, CO - November 1, 2012
    • Phoenix, AX - November 6, 2012
    • Salt Lake City, UT - November 8, 2012
    • Coming Soon! Boston, MA

    Register today on the Partner Learning Center.

    EDITOR'S NOTE 7/2/2012 - Additional Dates Added


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    2win Workshops Now Available for Microsoft FY13


    Register now for these upcoming courses designed to build your sales skillsets.

    Demo2win Workshop

    • Tuesday, August 21 – Chicago, IL
    • Wednesday, September 5 – Irvine, CA
    • Tuesday, October 16 – Tampa, FL
    • Tuesday, November 6 – Irving, TX

    Come to Demo2Win to learn the tactics and receive the tools you need to give you the edge and improve your close rate. Learn how the 80/20 rule applies to your presentations and move from Good to Great in the eyes of your prospects.

    Discovery2win Workshop

    • Wednesday, August 22 – Chicago, IL
    • Thursday, September 6 – Irvine, CA
    • Wednesday, October 17 – Tampa, FL
    • Wednesday, November 7 – Irving, TX

    Come to Discovery2Win and get the tools you need to improve your sales process. Start getting buying signals in Discovery. Walk into the presentation knowing you will present the value the prospect is looking for you to deliver.

    Value2win Workshop

    • Thursday, September 13 – Chicago, IL
    • Thursday, September 20 – Irvine, CA
    • Tuesday, October 30 – Tampa, FL
    • Tuesday, November 27 – Irving, TX

    Attend this one day workshop for sales and pre-sales professionals and learn how to focus the communication of the value of your solution through the sales cycle, drive unparalleled teamwork and consistency between sales team members, establish the sales person as the leader of value messaging for the prospect or customer, shorter sales cycles and an improved win ratio, and increase short term and long term revenue from new and existing customers.


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    FY12 Year End Guidance from Microsoft Dynamics Operations


    The Microsoft Dynamics Operations Team has recently posted some great information to PartnerSource to aid you in your efforts to successfully close out Microsoft Fiscal Year 2012. Because the message on PartnerSource includes several keys links to supporting documentation and additional resources, I’ll simply call out the major questions the article addresses.

    Ensure a Smooth June Fiscal Year-End Close with these Top Tips and Resources from Operations

    • What’s the most important thing to remember about year-end?
    • Where is the easiest place to find operational resources and quick reference information?
    • What’s the fastest way to get help from Operations?
    • What are the 6 most common mistakes to avoid which can lead to delays processing your order?

    If you are involved in any of the sales, licensing and/or operations processes at your organization please take the time to review the complete guidance on PartnerSource.


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