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February, 2013

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    Microsoft Dynamics Road to Repeatability Call: Using RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP


    Join the February 2013 Microsoft Dynamics Road to Repeatability call focused on using RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP to drive your volume SMB business.

    In a volume SMB ERP business, there is little room for mistakes, extended implementations or large consulting efforts. Microsoft Dynamics GP needs to be deployed in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Come to this session to learn about tools you can use to configure new customers companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as migrating data from competitive products and/or Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    This 60-minute session takes place February 20 at 11:00AM PT. Visit the Partner Learning Center to register.


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    Accelerated Sales Webcasts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners


    We’ve recently released training and sales tools to help Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners improve their sales results.

    Changing prospect buying behaviors, competitive sales tactics and increasing SaaS adoption are all driving a need to accelerate sales cycles and lower sales costs. The newly released Accelerated Sales Webcast Series for Microsoft Dynamics CRM webcast series explores strategies, tactics and the underlying sales assets that support a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner’s ability to predictably close a higher volume of profitable Microsoft Dynamics CRM opportunities.

    After reviewing all modules in this training series you will have a better understanding of the tactics to accelerate the sale:

    · Define qualification criteria that clearly identifies accelerated sales process opportunities

    · Develop and implement sales cycle control documentation

    · Establish selection process and criteria alignment with the buyer

    · Standardize and automate repeatable sales cycle activities

    To assist in your adoption of these sales strategies, you will find a number of sales tools aligned to the process on PartnerSource.


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    What’s in it for Partners: Convergence 2013



    Convergence 2013 is coming up soon—and it’s full of great opportunities for Microsoft partners to learn, share, and grow their business. We searched through piles of blogs and articles from prominent partners, all so we could bring you their best insights on what Convergence offers. Here are five of our favorites (click the links for the full posts):

    1. Increase revenues. Countless partners start (and close) deals, strengthen customer relationships, and build stronger credibility at Convergence.

    2. Connect with customers. Use face-to-face time at the conference to build personal relationships between your customers and your team. That’s a great chance to boost your customer loyalty—and your long-term business success.

    3. Network. None of us work in a vacuum. At Convergence, you’ll meet other partners who live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics and find Cloud-solution partners who can help you discover how to attract customers looking for cloud-based solutions.

    4. Hear thought leaders. At Convergence, you’ll learn from—and share with—the key Microsoft specialists that affect your business the most.

    5. See the future. Get the scoop on 2013 releases for the Microsoft Dynamics line, Windows 8, and brand-new offerings like Microsoft Surface. That’s key information that will help you guide your customers to the right solutions for their needs.


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    Kati Unplugged: How to Ensure A Quick, Smooth Cloud Transition for Your Customers


    Countdown to the Cloud banner

    A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead.

    Kati color 2004There’s nothing worse than a rocky implementation. In a recent post we cited a study that found that 60-70% of ERP implementations fail. Every partner wants to do everything reasonable to make sure those failed implementations don’t happen for their customers.

    This week we’ll take a look at the advantages of the cloud from a solution implementation perspective. John A Robb, Director of Strategic Alliances from WatServ talks about the advantages of the cloud platform in the pre-production process—advantages that translate into benefits for your business and your customers.


    Changing or upgrading your ERP system is a little like changing a tire on your car when it’s in motion. Your new ERP system needs to be ready to go while your existing system is still operational.

    In an on-premise deployment the typical customer needs to buy and install hardware and software for the new system as well as keep the existing system operational. This could mean an additional investment in assets that may go underutilized once the primary system is operational. Cloud deployment allows the client to turn off services that are no longer required. This can lead to cost savings.

    The cost savings led client Ammano McGann to opt for the cloud in its recent Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade. By deploying the solution in the cloud, we were able to create a robust pre-production environment, ensuring a smooth transition.

    The cloud platform enabled us to scale the number of accounts for testing, all the way through the production process. And the team at Ammano McGann was able to go live with their upgrade just three weeks from signing the contract.

    Part of what made the Ammano McGann upgrade go so smoothly was the data migration process we employed. Instead of waiting until the last minute to do the data migration we implemented several transitional data migrations, helping eliminate data issues at go live. The extra time we spent during the pre-production phase was made possible by having a complete, cloud-based system available for the transition. The client only had to pay for the additional resources during the upgrade phase and was able to scale back to what was needed for regular operations.

    The ability to ensure a quick, smooth transition and scale up on a per user basis are reasons a cloud deployment of Microsoft Dynamics ERP could be right for your clients.


    WatServ is one of the largest, most experienced providers of hosted Microsoft Dynamics ERP in North America. Click here to learn about how you can partner with WatServ to provide cloud services to your customers.

    To learn more about how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into your business plans visit the Microsoft Dynamics Countdown to the Cloud page on PartnerSource. Go to for resources that demonstrate to customers how Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud, hybrid, and on-premises solutions can benefit their businesses.

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    Microsoft Dynamics Operations Dynamics Hour – February 2013 Topics


    You are invited to join Microsoft Dynamics Operations on February 13 at 11:00AM PT for an important Live Meeting event. Session topics include:

    • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
    • Autobilling – Recap
    • PIN Process – Reminder of process
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – Resources
    • Important Reminders & Updates

    The Dynamics Hour offers partners a monthly training opportunity where subject matter experts deep dive on one or two Operational topics. Register for this or other operational training events or see past recordings on PartnerSource.


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    Convergence 2013 Will Have Industry Themes, International Lounges, a Skype Bar and More!



    Convergence 2013 is coming to New Orleans, LA, March 18–21, so now is the time to register and encourage your customers to do the same. There is no better time or place to build your network while keeping your skills and knowledge current. Convergence just keeps getting better every year, and this year will be no exception:

    · Industry themes—Check out the industry theater and demo stations in the Expo Experience as well as the industry-focused sessions to ensure you get the focused Convergence experience you want.

    · International Lounge—Located just outside of the Convergence Experience Center, the international lounge is the place for international attendees to meet-up, take a break from all the activity or catch-up on activities outside of Convergence.

    · Skype bar—Keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and family back home through Skype Internet video chats.

    · Kofi A. Annan—Be inspired by this year’s closing keynote speaker, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations and joint recipient of the 2001 Nobel Prize for Peace.

    · Matchbox Twenty—Make sure you and your customers plan to stay for the closing celebration featuring a performance by this uber-platinum-selling, Grammy Award–winning band!

    Don’t miss the Partner Only Reception—Sunday, March 17.

    It’s your chance to mingle privately with partners like yourself. And be sure to send in your questions for the Q&A session by February 15. No registration necessary for this event—more details can be found on PartnerSource.

    Visit PartnerSource to also download marketing materials, the Convergence 2013 Partner Guide, customizable email templates, and more.


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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Easy Start Offer


    We are pleased to announce the Easy Start Offer, a new offer designed to help partners sell more Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 deals.

    A great way to drive more awareness around the recent releases!

    From February 1 until June 15, 2013, Microsoft Dynamics is discounting the Starter Pack by 40% to help you offer your prospects an even lower price point on their first three users. The limited-time offer element is an effective way to gain the attention of potential customers. Please review full terms and conditions on PartnerSource for more information on eligibility, promo code, countries where the offer is valid, etc.

    To help you with your lead generation activities, we are making new campaign materials available for download on PartnerSource. The marketing bill of materials is currently being built out. You will soon find banner ads, micro-web site templates, direct mails, white papers and more. In all materials you can add your own company logo.

    An extra incentive for you to grow your customer adds

    As a reminder, partners have great opportunity to earn a substantial rebate from Microsoft. Because we believe that ERP customer add growth in the SMB space is beneficial to our mutual success, Microsoft Dynamics launched through PartnerSource in October 2012 the “Grow ERP SMB Adds – FY13 Partner Incentive”. This program is designed to reward partners for driving significant customer add growth in the ERP SMB space (Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics SL).


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    Great Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau Special Offers for 2013


    The Marketing Services Bureau (MSB) has a wide variety of marketing services for Microsoft Dynamics partners. Whether you need a customer list, consulting services, an outsourced marketing director, or a social media solution, MSB can help fill marketing gaps and accelerate your path to new leads. Special offers right now include marketing office hours, discounted SCO training package, telesales services, and custom infographics.

    Visit the MSB and review the current offers on PartnerSource.


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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Hyper-V Demonstration Image Sets


    If you are seeking demonstration materials for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, look no further as Jay Manley from the Microsoft Dynamics GP product management team was happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM V1 Hyper-V image set.

    Per Jay, a little about the image:

    · Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM Code with Web Client deployed

    · Management Reporter 2012 with Web Viewer deployed

    · Office 2013 with demo dashboards installed

    · And Dynemo – our fantastic Dynamics Demo Engine to help drive your successful demonstrations!

    Download the image sets from PartnerSource.


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