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    New Significant Offer for Prospects to support Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Launch


    Microsoft Dynamics GP partners, we have built some great momentum going into the upcoming product launch in May, and I wanted pass along an important message and offer from one of my co-workers, Brent Combest...

    Over the course of the last 18 to 24 months, we’ve all seen customers pushing off buying decisions based on the effects of the economy. This time has been challenging for many of you and Microsoft as well. That said, the clouds appear to be breaking. Economists are beginning to become mildly bullish on the recovery and as a barometer, the DOW has shown improvement.

    We saw tremendous growth in December and continue to see strong activity in the early portions of calendar 2010. Based on the feedback from many of you, we recognize that there are a large number of opportunities that have stalled over the past 18 months. With these signs of economic improvement, coupled with the number of companies that have been waiting on the sidelines to make a purchasing decision, now is the time for us to do something significant.

    Let’s be aggressive and grow this business together!

    We now face a unique opportunity to accelerate out of what has been an extremely painful recession. It appears the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 launch couldn’t have come at a better time. With all of the great new enhancements to the product and the activity we’re generating around this significant launch, Microsoft and our partners are in a prime position to make tremendous gains on our competitors.

    We are also very well aware that in order to grow our business, you must first grow yours. And to do so requires profitability. We recognize that increasing billable hours is a key component to the profitability equation. One fast way to increase this metric is to drive a strong pipe of new customers into your services business, and we’ve crafted an offer with this in mind.

    We’re expecting over 750 companies to attend our launch events around the country – and even more through the engagement of you, our partners in your own events. We want to help you capitalize on this momentum and to do so, we’ve put together a compelling offer for prospects.

    A compelling offer for customers

    Microsoft is excited to announce "Three Users for a Buck" - a Microsoft Dynamics (U.S.) promotion targeting growing and medium-sized businesses that wish to take advantage of the rich functionality, low cost of ownership, and rapid deployability offered by Microsoft Dynamics GP. The promotion allows customers to purchase up to 3 Advanced Management (AM) or Business Essential (BE) user licenses for $1 (US).

    This offer applies to new customers making their first purchase of Microsoft Dynamics GP and is effective Monday, March 15, 2010 through the end of business Friday, July 1, 2010 June 25, 2010. Please refer to PartnerSource for full details (Click Here). We’ll be integrating the offer into all aspects of our launch activity and I’d advise you to leverage it in the same way.

    NOTE: When placing orders, be sure to use the three year MESA agreement and include Promo Code NA-H2-10-27 to the Notes field for tracking.

    Taking full advantage of the offer to drive New Customers and Services Revenue into your business

    Given this offer is only around through July 1, 2010 June 25, 2010, I recommend being as proactive as possible in order to maximize its potential impact on your business. This is a very lucrative offer and is for a limited time only. That said, we recommend doing the following:

    Conduct your own launch event or drive prospects to one of ours. We have a full host of resources to assist you in conducting your own event, including overview decks, demo scripts, and more. You can find these on the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Sales and Marketing homepage.

    In addition to finding the content you need, you will see instructions on the PartnerSource page above for getting your event posted on the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Launch Portal.

    Connect with stalled prospects. Proactively reach out to your list of prospects who have put off buying decisions. An offer this significant may be the compelling event that gets them over the edge.

    Tip: If the prospect is still reluctant, you can use this as a proof of concept offer where they implement financials only with a fixed scope implementation that limits their risk and gets them into determining if this is a good fit. For a $1 investment plus the cost of your basic services, this might be a good way to approach some of the more challenging or reluctant prospects.

    Tip: Also, for those of you who have existing QuickBooks and Peachtree users reluctant to move, this can be pitched as an insurance policy of sorts. There is no limit on the users they have to take. For a $1 and then as little as $1.10 per day with a 3 year enhancement plan commitment, they’ll have the solution they need when the time comes.

    Include the offer in your marketing activities. Be sure to integrate the offer into all of your communication mediums to help stir up excitement. Additionally, as you can imagine we (Microsoft) are putting a ton of weight behind this offer. You’ll see it in much of what we’re going to market with. It’s on our launch pages, it’s in our social media push, it’s in every point of connection for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The bottom line is we want to drive as many customer adds into your hands as possible. Our goal is to flood you with activity and services revenue!

    We’re extremely excited about the upcoming launch of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and want to help you take full advantage of this opportunity to increase the profitability of your business while delivering value to your customers. This offer can be a tremendous lever in helping you do so.

    Best regards and here’s to blowing out Q4!


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    Microsoft Dynamics SPLA Partner Recognition Resources


    Some fantastic news coming for Microsoft Services Provider Licence (SPLA) partners and their Microsoft Dynamics resellers...

    SPLA partners and their Microsoft Dynamics resellers can now receive credit for revenue and new customers towards Partner Recognition (President’s Club, Inner Circle and Partner Awards) and 12 month revenue roll (used to determine SPA discounts) by participating in the Microsoft SPLA partner recognition monthly reporting process.

    Both SPLA partners and their Microsoft Dynamics resellers will receive credit for revenue and new customers for qualifying SPLA subscriptions. In addition, both SPLA partners and their Microsoft Dynamics resellers will receive a revenue accelerator on qualifying new subscriptions reported for new or existing customers. This accelerator is equal to 24 times the estimated monthly revenue of the new subscriptions. With this accelerator, the revenue credit for SPLA sales closely aligns with revenue credit a partner might receive if they had sold a perpetual license under the SPA.

    Visit PartnerSource to learn how to participate, and for more information.


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    Microsoft Offers NetSuite Customers Incentive to Switch to Dynamics ERP


    Continuing on the NetSuite compete themes from last week, I'm happy to pass along news of a brand new incentive for NetSuite customers to move to Microsoft Dynamics ERP...

    REDMOND, Wash. — March 11, 2010 — Microsoft Corp. is offering midsize businesses looking to benefit from advanced functionality, easy interoperability with other line-of-business applications, and strong business intelligence reporting options a new incentive to switch from NetSuite to Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Companies in the U.S. can receive a credit of up to $850 for every NetSuite user that switches to either Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics SL. The new promotion is available until June 25, 2010. Businesses interested in learning more about the benefits and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions can attend a free educational Web seminar on March 30 by registering here. They can also visit the campaign website.

    Visit the Microsoft News Center for the complete announcement!


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    Upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementer/Consultant Training Opportunities


    We have a great variety of upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM trainings for partners in Implementer or Consultant roles. The ones I've highlighted below are delivered through an Instructor Led Training format, and online. Therefore, you have the ability to take a course with a live instructor, and in comfort of your own office (or couch if you prefer!).

    Implementer/Consultant Instructor Led Training (click on the links below to register for each event)

    Visit PartnerSource for a complete list of upcoming Microsoft Dynamics CRM training opportunities for all partner roles.


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    Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010 Partner Academy


    If you don't mind starting your trip to Atlanta, GA early prior to Convergence, then you should definitely consider attending some partner training! The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2010 Partner Academy will be taking place on April 22-23.

    This two day partner academy will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to use Sure Step to successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions. This course will focus on the implementation methodology model that provides the foundation of the Sure Step Methodology, and will demonstrate how to effectively use the Sure Step Methodology in small, medium, and enterprise-level implementation projects. Labs covered in class will be ERP centric; however, the core concepts also apply to CRM implementations.

    Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology provides you with end-to-end business process flows that guide you and your staff through a consistent set of Microsoft-delivered field-tested best practices, proven project management principles, and user-friendly tools to help you deploy, configure, and upgrade Microsoft Dynamics solutions. The Sure Step Methodology is designed to help you complete projects on time and on budget, reduce business risks for you and your customers, satisfy expectations, and win additional business.

    Visit the Partner Learning Center for complete details, and to secure your registration today!


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    Introducing the Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit


    After talking to our partners, we learned that many found it tough to build and sustain strong channel partnerships within the US and internationally. To help solve this, we created the Microsoft Channel Development Toolkit.

    The toolkit gives you guidance and resources to help you create a strong partner network. On the site, you’ll find support on every aspect of channel development, broken down into three key areas:


    Use our guidelines and templates to organize your legal documents, establish a global pricing strategy and select the right markets to enter.

    Recruit Partners

    Access a customizable recruitment kit and get guidance on creating a profile of your ideal partner, and prospecting and qualifying suitable candidates.

    Support your Partners

    Find best practices on how to keep partners up-to-date with your solutions, support partner marketing and sales strategies, avoid partner conflicts, and negotiate cross-border sales and margin splits.

    As you move through the process, you can mark each individual step as complete using the checklist, making it easy to track your progress. You can also view best practices webinars focused on each step of the channel development process.

    Visit the Channel Development Toolkit.


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    Lifecycle Marketing Communication Strategy


    With the Convergence conference right around the corner next month (April 24-27 in Atlanta), I wanted to reflect on some of the work that's done by Microsoft to connect with existing Dynamics customers. As you know, the largest number of attendees at Convergence are our existing customers.

    The marketing objective for Microsoft Dynamics is to develop and nurture a long-term relationship with existing customers and increase customer value by building incremental commitment to Microsoft solutions and services. By using a customer lifecycle relationship approach, leveraging predictive modeling and strategic segmentation, our goal is to deliver relevant communications and increased customer value in the benefits of software maintenance, resulting in a 1:1 customer experience with Microsoft and its business partners.

    Visit PartnerSource to learn more about Lifecycle Marketing including welcome communications, service plan benefit awareness, service plan renewal reminders, and lapsed enrollment notices.


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    Use The Edge to Keep Up with Microsoft Dynamics ERP


    Blogs, blogs, blogs and more blogs! How do I as a partner keep track of them all? If you a partner focused on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, then don't worry. We have you covered with The Edge. This blog is maintained by a team of Microsoft marketers to keep you up to speed!

    Tap into the power of The Edge, a blog that covers the latest and greatest Microsoft Dynamics ERP customer wins, news and views from major events, new marketing materials, and more. You can also follow The Edge on Twitter.


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    New and Enhanced NetSuite Competitive Sales Guide Now Available


    Partners are very appreciative when we deliver new sales tools to help you win in competitive situations. Many times, our competitive sales tools consist of competitive sales guides, talking points, third party evidence, and case studies from some of our most respected customers. I'm happy to share with our new materials for competiting against NetSuite.

    This new compete guide has been re-written to provide you with more details and prescriptive sales guidance for use when competing with Microsoft Dynamics GP against NetSuite. It includes scenario guidance for when NetSuite is the incumbent product and when both products are competing for new business, as well as targeted value propositions and questions to suggest that prospects ask NetSuite to challenge their weaknesses.

    Find additional NetSuite competitive information on PartnerSource.


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    Invigoration Station Radio Show – Wednesday March 3rd


    These monthly Invigoration Station broadcasts will address timely topics and share proven tips for marketing and selling Microsoft Dynamics effectively. There's no PowerPoint to watch or URLs to copy down. Attend the show, complete an evaluation and you will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 2 NEW HD 16GB Zunes!*

    Click here to register!

    Take a listen to yours truly as I explain the variety of topics we’ll be covering on this month’s show.

    Subjects include:

    • The News Desk
    • CRM Accelerators
    • NetSuite Compete
    • Microsoft Partner Network Changes
    • Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Project
    • And much more!

    NOTE: You must register in advance. You cannot join the show after it begins if you have not already registered.

    *Visit PartnerSource for complete rules.


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