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    Grow your ERP SMB customer adds!


    For many of you this is a key priority, and Microsoft Dynamics is here to accelerate that. We have sharpened our pencils and designed some game-changing ERP SMB promotions proven to aggressively increase Microsoft Dynamics’ market presence while boosting revenue for both Microsoft and Dynamics Partners. Additionally, we wanted to reward your successes and fuel your business for future growth with an appropriate partner Incentive.

    Microsoft is pleased to announce a portfolio of promotions and incentives designed to stimulate and accelerate Microsoft Dynamics ERP SMB Customer Adds!  Refer to PartnerSource for full details and the complete terms (aka the small print) and attend the upcoming Promotion/Incentive Overview call on Tuesday, October 1 (register by clicking here) to learn more!

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    Discounted Recruiting Services Available through


    Microsoft and are excited to announce that they have teamed up to provide Microsoft Dynamics United States-based partners a multi-year, industry leading recruitment solution for nearly 60% less than standard pricing. CareerBuilder's customized solution consists of three separate offerings that are designed to work together to meet your company's recruiting needs. Please contact CareerBuilder ( for a complimentary recruitment assessment to determine the best strategy for your budget and objective.

    CareerBuilder's service options include:

    • Full Outsourced Recruiting Solution
    • Staffing & Project-Based Services (new service!)
    • Online Recruiting Tools

    Disclaimer: Microsoft is not responsible and assumes no liability on behalf of Microsoft Dynamics partners for the recruitment requirements or terms of engagement of any personnel.


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    Final Countdown to Directions 2012 Registration


    The Directions organizing committee contributed content to this exciting reminder.

    Directions 2012 takes place October 27-30 at The Arizona Biltmore – Phoenix, AZ.

    As we enter the final weeks of taking Directions 2012 registrations we must say a huge thank you! With one of the highest attended Directions conferences this year, we are excited to Connect with so many familiar faces and welcome so many new members!

    Delay winter a little longer and Connect during a game of golf at the Directions Golf Tournament, connect at the Expo where we will watch partners as they turn the "Wheel of Directions" for cool prizes, or connect with partners at the Partner Celebration where we will enjoy numerous activities "Hollywood Style".

    What do you think of the Directions conference? What do you think of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013? Let the Microsoft Dynamics NAV community know by tweeting today! Be sure to include #Directions2012 in all your tweets so that we can create a tsunami of excitement around Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and the Directions conference.

    Top 5 Check-list for Attending Directions 2012

    1) Register for Directions 2012 – All attendees and sponsors should be signed up now!

    2) Review pre-conference learning opportunities and sign up today.

    3) Book your hotel.

    4) Sign Up for the golf tournament.

    5) Download the Directions 2012 Session Agenda (PDF).

    See you there!

    Thank you from your NAV Directions 2012 Organizing Committee

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    It’s Not Too Late – Register for PreGAME @ Convergence 2013


    If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics VAR or ISV for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics GP attending Convergence 2013 in New Orleans reserve your space for the PreGAME events on Sunday, March 17.

    PreGAME is an exclusive Microsoft Dynamics partner event providing an outstanding opportunity to collaborate, network, and learn. The afternoon is packed with engaging sessions and speakers to help partners maximize Microsoft Dynamics for your business.

    There is no cost for Microsoft Dynamics partners to attend these PreGAME events; however, space is limited so register today! For full agendas and to register, visit:

    · AXPC PreGAME website

    · CRMPC PreGAME website

    · GPPC PreGAME website

    Event details

    Sunday, March 17, 2013 | 1:00PM – 5:00PM CT
    Hilton New Orleans Riverside
    2 Poydras Street
    New Orleans, LA


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    The Devil is in the Missing Details: The Cloud Partnership Agreement


    Guest post by Greg Pierce, VP Concerto Cloud Services, Tribridge

    Kati Hvidtfeldt has moved on to lead application program management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With the discontinuation of Kati Unplugged, we will continue to give partner perspectives on the benefits and challenges of offering cloud-based solutions to their customers.

    This week Greg Pierce from Tribridge discusses the details partners should nail down before entering an agreement with a cloud services provider.


    Greg Pierce Over the last few years, Microsoft Dynamics partners have wisely begun to shift their business models to offer cloud solutions. Mixed with the success stories, I’ve been hearing from partners who’ve had painful experiences with cloud services providers who are impacting their ability to deliver at the level that best serves their customers.

    For some it’s confusion around support services. For others, it’s a disconnect between the cloud environment the partner described to the customer, and the environment the hosting provider is actually delivering. Many of the issues that are surfacing for these partners today could have been avoided if they had a better understanding of what they were getting into with the hosting provider.

    It’s not all about dollars and cents. It’s about establishing a transparent partnership with the cloud services provider that best serves the needs of the customer and protects your business interests. On average, cloud agreement contracts are for 1-3 year terms, so it’s important that it is a relationship will derive benefit for all three sides – the cloud partner, Microsoft Dynamics partner, and the customer —from now and into the future.

    To help ensure a strong and successful partnership, make sure your Cloud Partnership Agreement answers these questions.

    1. Who owns the customer relationship? It’s important to agree on where the responsibility lies when issues come up. If it’s an applications issue, it’s pretty cut and dried: the Microsoft Dynamics partner would typically be responsible. But what if the customer calls and reports that everything is running slowly. How do you assess the problem? Who troubleshoots it? Just as important – do you have the contract with the customer, or does the cloud provider? When your company owns the relationship you get greater top line revenue impact, but you also take on more risk—so know what you’re getting in to. Most partners will want to maintain the customer relationship and be reported as partner of record. This varies among different cloud providers, so it’s another area to watch.

    2. Who owns the data? Make sure the contract stipulates that the customer owns the data, no matter what. This may seem obvious, but think of a situation in which the cloud provider doesn’t acknowledge a problem but the customer is dissatisfied and stops payments. Without a contractual definition of data ownership, the services provide could shut off the customer’s access to the data. There are other avenues that can be explored to collect payments, but data access and ownership should never come into play.

    3. How long are the terms of the contract? Contract terms should match your own internal goals from a partner perspective—and short is not always better. The partnership needs to support long-term customer relationships. And it’s better for all of your customers when your cloud services partnership leverages economies of scale: longer contracts should enable lower prices, especially for larger implementations. Shorter term contracts mean pricing can be re-negotiated, and the customer almost always pay more.

    4. Will the cloud environment be shared with other customers or is it dedicated to the individual customer? The public/private cloud question should be probed beyond discussion at the bargaining table. It’s important to have someone with technical expertise take a look at the cloud architecture. Keep in mind that single-tenant vs multi-tenant isn’t a question of good or bad: it has to do with what you’re trying to accomplish and what the customer’s needs are. In more complex implementations the level of control can make a difference. For example, when a customer needs to reboot a SQL Server it can be a problem when 20, 50 or more other customers are affected.

    5. What happens if the agreement is terminated? You need to fully understand the Service Level Agreement and know up front what it will cost to get the data back if the agreement terminates. At a minimum, the partner agreement should include an hourly rate or flat fee that the cloud provider will charge for data migration at contract termination. The exit clause should include causes for exit, no cause terms, and windows for notification.

    6. Who will have hands-on involvement, and what are their processes? People and processes are just as important as the technology. Cloud providers can paint a pretty picture, but it’s important to get a tour of the data center and if possible their NOC (Network Operations Center). Find out what their processes are for escalation and change management, how often they test disaster recovery and what tools they’re using to track performance. Most important, make sure the way they approach customer satisfaction and support is in line with the way you do.

    By doing diligence during the Cloud Partner Agreement stage, partners lay the foundation for a trusted relationship that benefits customers and drives new business.


    Tribridge is a technology services firm specializing in business applications and cloud solutions. Tribridge was named 2012 Worldwide Microsoft Dynamics Outstanding Partner of the Year.

    To learn more about how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into your business plans visit the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud page on PartnerSource. Go to for resources that demonstrate to customers how Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions can benefit their businesses.

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    Partner Grows Year-Over-Year Customer Adds by 200 Percent, Shortens Sales Cycle by Half


    Facing downward pressure on IT spending among customers and prospects for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Leaf Software Solutions reasoned that the only way to increase profitability was to drive more volume—adding new customers quickly by focusing on smaller deployments and smaller deal sizes. The volume approach required the company to transform many aspects of its Microsoft Dynamics business, changing its approach to marketing and sales. The strategy has paid off, delivering short-term gains—Leaf has added twelve new ERP customers in the past twelve months—while laying a solid foundation for recurring revenue from managed services and cross-sell opportunities for years to come.

    “We’re willing to grow with our clients,” says Dave Reed, Director of Business Development. “We’ve never had an issue talking to high-growth companies about small deployments…. We’ve had some very small, local deals that grew into very large, long-term accounts.”

    Read the full story at


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    FY10 June Renewal Partner Contest


    Here's another great incentive program for you to leverage! This time it's focused on your existing customers, and their service plan renewals.

    Renew your Microsoft Dynamics ERP enhancement contracts due in June, 2010 to win an HD Zune.

    There are 2 easy ways for a guaranteed win:

    • Renew 90% of your FY10 Period 12 (P12) Microsoft Dynamics enhancement contracts (or)
    • Increase your FY10 P12 renewal rate by 5%.

    For additional questions regarding the contest, contact

    For complete contest rules as well as full terms and conditions, visit PartnerSource.


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    New Enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009


    Last month, at Directions EMEA 2011 (May 11 to 13, 2011), Microsoft made a number of important announcements regarding enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 proposition. If you were not able to make it to Directions, we now have supporting content available for you to access on PartnerSource. We will continue to build out these pages, so take some time to review and add them to your Favorites.

    At Directions EMEA we announced:

    These announcements demonstrate our commitment to further enhancing the value proposition around Microsoft Dynamics NAV – for both new and existing customers. We’re excited about the opportunity they represent to tell an even more compelling story to prospects – to help them secure a quicker return on their investment.


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    Microsoft Dynamics – Provide Inspiring Insights (VIDEO)


    See how this CFO gets instant insights and analysis on up-to-date financial and operational performance. You know your business- now learn how a business solution from Microsoft can help transform it.

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    Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Updated


    We released several updated Statement of Direction (SOD) document last month for the some of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP products as well as Microsoft Dynamics retail solutions. Now, it's time for the new SOD from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team.

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Statement of Direction has been updated. Please leverage this document in conversations that require guidance on the direction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    Updated in April 2010, this document outlines the future directions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM through to the next major release, Microsoft Dynamics CRM '5'. It includes updates about both On-Premise and On-Demand Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 accelerator roadmap.

    You can access the updated Microsoft Dynamics CRM SOD on PartnerSource.


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