June, 2004

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    Sydney .NET User Group Meeting | 16th June, 2004 | 6:00 pm


    The Sydney .NET User Group is meeting this week.

    Adam Cogan (who is back from his barnstorming sessions at TechEd in San Diego) will look at a couple of cool things this month including:

    • ASP.NET Whidbey Overview (ASP.NET Whidbey is the current name for the next version of ASP.NET) Working with Data it is unreal + see the how the Caching Improvements can significantly boost the performance of your next ASP.NET applications.
    • Looking at a real world example of Windows Forms application and that allows you to work in the office with a SQL Direct Connection, or out of the office with Web Services. 

    Wednesday 16th June. 6:00 pm at Microsoft, 1 Epping Road North Ryde

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    What's on FDA's XDA II


    It's time I summarized the applications I've installed on my XDA II. I am not including the standard apps, or the ones that were preinstalled by O2.

    Today Screen & Tray Applications



    And I am still waiting for my dream app......

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    Tech.ED Australia - Session Sneak Preview


    I gave a sneak preview of the developer sessions for Australia's Tech.Ed a few weeks back. Now, I will share the current schedule for the data track. (Shsss, don't tell anyone, ok)

    • Developing Data Applications with New Yukon Funcitonality
    • Introducing your next client database: SQL Express
    • SQL2k: Building reporting services applications
    • SQL Reporting Services Management (Including Reporting on Exchange)
    • Indepth Look at the Yukon Storage Engine
    • Performance Optimization for SQL Server CE 2.0
    • What's New In ADO.NET v2 For Visual Studio 2005
    • Developing And Deploying Applications Using the Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)
    • Business Intelligence Using SQL Server Analysis Services and Office System 2003
    • *Indepth Look at DTS in SQL Server 2005 (code named "Yukon")
    • Best Practices for design and performance for creating OLAP Cubes
    • Datamining in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 (code named "Yukon")
    • SQL Server 2005 (code named "Yukon"): Security Enhancements
    • General Session: A 'Whistle Stop' Tour of SQL Server 2005 (code named "Yukon")

    We will have fantastic local speakers (such as Greg Low, Adam Cogan & Tony Bain), and outstanding visiting speakers, (such as Brian Randell & Kevin Collins)

    So, don't forget Australia's Tech.Ed is scheduled for August 3 to 6 in Canberra, and Tech.Ed NZ happening Aug 1 to 4 in Auckland.

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    One week down, one week to go.


    Last week we took the Security & Management Summit and the MSDN Twilight Developer Conference to Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. This week we are in Adelaide, Perth & Canberra.

    Good to see some of the attendees blogging about the event (Sydney & Melbourne) and some even posting photos. Thanks for your support folks.

    To those guys & gals in Canberra, all I can say is see you on Friday!

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    News about BillG visit


    Thanks to the wonders of Google - a bunch of stories from the local press about the BillG visit....

    Microsoft's Australian charity
    Australian IT, Australia 
    BILL Gates will make a flying visit to Australia later this month, which will include an announcement on Microsoft's charity work here. Read Your Say! ...

    Man of Steel meets Mr Moneybags
    Australian IT, Australia
    FRESH from rubbing shoulders with California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger and the leader of the Free World George W Bush, Prime Minister John Howard will ...

    Gates swinging through Australia
    National Business Review, New Zealand 
    Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates, will make a one-day visit to Australia later this month to promote the company's "Unlimited ...

    Gates to visit PM
    Australian IT, Australia
    MICROSOFT chairman Bill Gates will visit Australia this month to launch a community initiative with the Prime Minister John Howard. ...

    Prime Minister to welcome Bill Gates to Australia
    PC World Magazine, Australia 
    Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is making a visit to Australia later this month and will participate in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister John ...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Bill's back in Aust


    The news about Bill Gate's visit to Sydney continues to flow. Here's a good one on ZDNet, in which the author is calling for questions from his readers to ask bill. So, why not -- what would you ask Bill??

    Bill's Back in Aust
    By Iain Ferguson, ZDNet Australia

    According to an e-mail from Microsoft's Sydney office, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates will be making the long flight down under in a couple of weeks' time.

    Local hacks will get the chance to hear Bill elaborate for an hour or so on Microsoft's technology strategy and the company's "ongoing commitment to customers through research, development and the role of innovation in the evolution of Microsoft technology".

    Gates later plans to turn up -- as does Prime Minister John Howard -- at the launch of Microsoft 's "Unlimited Potential" programme designed to give people in any condition anywhere access to computing technology, education and training.

    Your correspondent has to date only been to one press conference with Gates, that being many years ago at a Computer Associates event in New Orleans. From my somewhat hazy memory (the lowlight of that particular trip entailed consuming a couple of Hurricanes -- a lethal combination of White, Jamaican and Bacardi rum, as well as sundry mixers -- on top of five beers, but I digress), the highlight of a bland session came from a journalist from one Middle Eastern country hissing a question to Gates Gollum-style about when certain of Microsoft's "precioussss" products would be available in his native language.

    Your writer will be interested to see whether the 28 June briefing here will yield genuine insight into the raft of issues confronting Microsoft or a token rehash of the corporate line. While I -- and I'm obviously hardly alone -- continue to be cynical about Microsoft's propensity to wield its corporate might to the edge of the law to bury its competitors, the company has shown in recent times a far greater willingness to descend from the clouds to engage with its customer base in crucial areas such as product security.

    ZDNet Australia  will be heading along to the session with a list of questions for Bill. While we'll obviously be compiling a few of our own, we'd like to ask you to send in questions you'd like answered by Bill as well. We'll forward those that we didn't get a chance to ask after the conference to Microsoft and publish the responses in a future editorial. Send in your questions and comments to edit@zdnet.com.au

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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Billg heading Downunder in June


    The press has been abuze about an upcoming visit by BillG to Sydney. This is my favorite one.

    Prime Minister to welcome Bill Gates to Australia
    Sandra Rossi, Computerworld 

    Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is making a visit to Australia later this month and will participate in a joint press conference with the Prime Minister John Howard.

    The visit just happens to coincide with an election year in Australia and an "invitation-only" tech briefing will be held prior to the staged media announcement.

    According to the invitation, Gates will speak about Microsoft' s technology strategy and the company' s ongoing commitment to customers through research, development, and the role of innovation in the evolution of Microsoft technology and will also launch Microsoft's community assistance program dubbed "Unlimited Potential".

    The program aims to provide people with access to computer technology, education and training irrespective of age or circumstances. It has been developed in partnership with the Smith Family, Australian Seniors Computing Clubs, WorkVentures and the Inspire Foundation.

    Selected media get to participate in the tech briefing before the press conference but these invites are strictly limited, non-transferable and each participant is allowed only one question, making it a carefully managed and staged event for all concerned.

    While it could safely be assumed Gates will take the opportunity to discuss Microsoft's future as a supplier to government when he has the Prime Minister's ear, a company spokesperson said "I cannot talk about his agenda, meetings or appointments".

    The spokesperson was also unwilling to confirm whether the subject of Linux is likely to be on the agenda or if Gates will address the issue of open source emerging as a viable alternative to Microsoft in government and the enterprise. She did not know if Gates would be meeting local customers.

    Predictably, the spokesperson, was also unwilling to 'speculate' as to whether the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement will be discussed during the visit.

    More news on this later......

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