August, 2005

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    Yikes - Tell Me This Isn't So!


    This week I had to suffer a hard disk crash & rebuild, which was a big distraction for me considering Tech.Ed Australia is so close.

    Well, last night my XDA II started behaving erratically. I had seen some worrying error messages during a synch - specifically error 0x80004005. The explanation - "Synchronization cannot be completed successfully because of a mobile device software error. Contact your network administrator." - translates to "reset your device dude, you are screwed."

    I turned to a post I did last year - What's on FDA's XDA II - so that I could track down my essentials apps. Normally I have all these already installed on my computer and just use ActiveSync to update the device, but with the recent hard disk snafu, I had to get back to the original sources.

    As if I don't have enough to do - FFS

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    I Have Been Outbid


    My worse nightmare is coming true - I gotta get this shirt

    You Have Been Outbid

    Dear frankarr,
    You are no longer the high bidder on the following eBay item:

    MAMBO Loud Shirt Wild Roses X-LARGE Looks Stunning - Item #8327594424
    : AU $102.50
    : AU $100.00
    : 28-Aug-05 22:26:51 AEST

    Don't let this get away!

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    Big Batch of Tech.ED Mediacasts


    I told you we've been busy - check out these new Tech.Ed medicasts - they feature a number of different methods of interviews - face to face, on the phone, via webcam. We had fun doing it. Hope you enjoy them.

    See you on the Gold Coast!!!!

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    Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient


    I've put the next MSDN flash to bed. It goes out early next week, just before Tech.Ed. I invented a new term - "Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient". Is it a percentage? Is it a ratio? Should it be high (like bowling) or low (like golf). I don't really know, but I'm sure the folks who get along to Tech.Ed will help develop a meaning for it!

    Here's my editorial for the next edition - a sneak peak for you'se all.

    This edition is all about Tech.Ed. We’re putting the finishing touches to make this a great event for you.

    My team (Chuck, Michael, Andrew, Dave Glover, Jeff, Dave Lemphers) and I will be down at Tech.Ed (obviously) and all will have an active part as speakers – I’ve asked them all to put together a summary of their session and why you can’t miss it. So, if you are heading down to the Gold Coast, make sure to logon to the CommNet and start building your personal agenda. We have 10 Tracks with 190 Sessions as well as Hands-on Labs, Deep Dive Workshops, Free Certification Opportunities, Technology Showcase, as well as the opportunity to meet other like minded folks, so any advanced preparation will surely maximise your Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient.

    In the lead up to Tech.Ed, we have had a bit of fun putting together our medicasts as teasers for the event, and lots of folks have had a chance to watch these. During Tech.Ed, we will be posting daily highlights, speaker interviews, daily recaps, and other assorted goodness. This will be terrific viewing for the folks who weren’t able to make it to Tech.Ed, but it will be good viewing for those attending too – because you can only see so much on your own. This too will help maximise your Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient, as you get a chance to see what you missed and therefore not miss it!!!

    One of the other features of Tech.Ed is the Exhibit Hall. This is where I will be spending most of my time, along with other Microsoftees. It is where you will get to meet our wonderful sponsors and exhibitors and such as Intel, Quest Software, EMC, AMD, MicroFocus, Compuware, NetIQ, K2, ACS, Data#3, Webcentral, Technology One, Microway, SE101, Metiri Mensus, Citrix, Avocent, InLearning, Polycom , Nintex, dotnet Solutions, Final Builder, Map Data Sciences, Scriptlogic, Excom, Websense, Palm, Argent, Anywhere Computer Accessories, Infotronics, RSA Security, Uniqueworld, Avaya and Workshare. It is also the place to get the best Schwag, because what’s a conference without that!, Of course this also contributes to the overall Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient.

    So, keep your eyes open for the guy in the LOUD yellow shirt , it will either be me or the guy who borrowed my shirt a few years ago! And let’s maximise that Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient!!!

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    ASP.NET Site Of The Day : Stuff


    Return to Homepage

    Here's a good local ASP.NET site. Stuff has been around for a long time and great to see it's still doing strong. 

    About Us

    The - Factory Outlet is the place to buy the best brands at a great price from selected category experts. Firstly, any of the products you buy on the - Factory Outlet are new and come with a warranty. Our network of retail partners scour the country looking for quality product to bring to you at a great price. Finally, the - Factory Outlet is a safe place to buy, as we have adopted the latest security measures for buying online.

    The business was launched as an auction site in May 1999. It was in fact Australia’s first auction site and won numerous awards including the “Netguide Internet awards best e-tail site -1999” and the “PC Magazine Australia Editors choice award - 2000”

    Stuff Auctions Pty Ltd is a sister company of HotHouse Interactive, one of the country’s leading online marketing and technology companies. HotHouse’s blue chip client base includes companies such as Toyota, HCF, Olympus and Sanofi-Aventis. For more information visit

    Enjoy buying from the – Factory Outlet!

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    Is it bad When The Hard Disk Is Louder than the Music I'm Playing?


    I got into work today, like any normal day, plugged in my bits and was ready to face the day, when all of a sudden I heard some weird sounds coming from my soon to have a 1st birthday Tablet PC

    So, I rang up our internal helpdesk and logged a service request to get this seen to asap.

    It's now late in the afternoon, a new hard disk has been installed and files are being migrated. I'm without my Tablet at the moment, rather relying on the kindness of others to get online and do my stuff.

    I'm trying to remember what exactly I had installed on my device. The treemap I made is nice, but it's out of date now and it doesn't tell me exactly what needs to be restored.  Part of me says it's time to try some new things. I just hope my 10GB of PST files are able to be transferred.

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    ASP.NET Site of the Day :


    The new promo site for Mars & Snickers bars is running ASP.NET.

    It's a bit of fun promoting the return of everyone's favourite chocolate bar. I'm sure they turned to IIS6 to deliver a highly reliable, manageable, and scalable Web application infrastructure to deal with the traffic they will get from their national TV campaign.

    Initiating server query ...

    The server returned the following response headers:

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-Length: 8199
    Content-Type: text/html
    Last-Modified: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 00:11:01 GMT
    Accept-Ranges: bytes
    ETag: "a6c4e5189a3c51:a82"
    Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
    X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
    Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 11:19:45 GMT
    Connection: close

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