August, 2005

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    Tech.Ed : Day 1 : Keynote Over, Tech.Ed Begins!


    I'm sitting in a place called the TechNet Lounge, following the morning's keynote at Tech.Ed. My mate Big Iain McDonald was the special guest, and you know he rocked. Iain and I started at a similar time in Microsoft in Australia. He headed over to Seattle around the same time that I did and we were pretty close when we were living over there. After I came back to Australia, Iain's career really soared and now he is one of the big men on campus responsible for making things happen. I think he is a legend, and he always makes time to say G'day to me and very generous with the hugs.

    His presentation was entitled "Back On The Front Foot", which is a cricketing term. I loved it, as it really embodies the feeling we have here at Microsoft regarding the next 12 months - we have the PDC in September, the launch of Visual Studio 2005 & SQL Server 2005 and the preview of BizTalk Server 2006, in November, followed by the release of Windows Server 2003 R2 and the next Beta of Vista before the end of the year, and then in 2006 the wave of  Office 12 and Windows Vista. Exciting times indeed. I think back 10 years ago to when we launched Windows 95 and the buzz is very similar.  How can we not be excited.

    The keynote was put together by one of my boys, Jeff Alexander - he had been so stressed about this, he had gotten sick. Jeff pulled it all together and I think he did a  really good job. Time to take some Codral and rest before your session matey.

    The keynote featured a nice demo of Windows Vista, by another one of my boys - Michael Kleef. He really did a terrific job - Confident, Clear and Connected - good thing you rehearsed mate!.

    As I walked out of the keynote, I meet Rodney Gedda, who was the journalist who interviewed me a few weeks back. He gave me a hard time that I scooped him on his own article that he was writing!. Rodney - welcome to the new world. Bloggers can scoop journos, these times they are a changin'. Hey, I've scooped before, and I'm sure I'll scoop again. I'm not in the Scoble league yet, and I probably never will be - who wants to read the ravings of an aussie microsoft geek?

    Anyways, I am doing booth duty today and will be answering lots of questions from the delegates. I'm in the lounge for most of the day. Come and say Hi. And yes, I am wearing that shirt!

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    Counting down to Tech.Ed : Student Day


    Tuesday was Student Day at Tech.Ed. We had buses deliver students from QUT, UQ, KHS, Griffith's University, Bond University. and countless local TAFE's and high schools.

    It was a full day of presentations, covering a range of diverse topics such as game development with Visual Studio, Industry Employment opportunities, XNA, Indigo and I even got up on stage with Betsy Aoki to discuss Blogging. Betsy has a great write up about this.

    In the afternoon, the doors opened to the event and it was registration time. I was amazed at the queues of folks who arrived at 3pm on the dot! Talk about being keen. Once registered, folks ventured into the Exhibit Hall, which is where I was hanging out. It was busy there. I was standing next to David Lemphers who had a captive audience of hard core coders watching his wizardzy. It was really good to see. I'm glad I hired him

    I got to see many familiar faces, as well as regular readers of my little blog. There was even this guy who walked past me and 'secretly' took a photo of me and then he scooted off. Weird.

    At 6.30pm the welcome party kicked off in the hall, with food, a live band, HALO2 duels, a giant bouncy castle where people wore massive oversized bozing gloves and would bash each other (don't ask me why, but it did look like fun)

    I wandered around, catching up with the local MVPs & Readifyians, such as Mitch, DotNet Dan, Troy, Paul, Rocky. Lots of hugs were exchanged during the night.

    I also got to have a long chat which a bunch of students from QUT who had made it down for the day. We spoke aout lots of stuff, but one question from these guys really stuck in my mind. They wanted to know who why I was so enthusiastic about Microsoft and the technology. I thought about this for a bit and told them that it boils down to two things : (1) As a consumer of technology, the stuff we are working on and the stuff that is coming is really cool, and I want to use it - NOW! (2) In my role, I get to meet lots of smart people who have great ideas. I get a kick out of seeing them succeed and *if* what we do contributes to that success, then it's very satisfying to see that we do make a difference. It's very movitivating, very exciting and I cant NOT be enthusiastic about it all. I hope my answer resonated with these guys. 

    Around 9.30pm, we were kicked out of the Exhibit Hall, so we made our way out and I continued my discussions from the night before with Cameron. Mick was there too. The hilight of the night for me, I got to meet the lovely Lorraine,  who is "proficient in a range of Microsoft Office and Macromedia design programs and has built and supported a number of DNN projects".  (or so it says on her bio)

    Okay, gotta run - the keynote starts soon

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    Australia gets a peek at Windows Vista during Microsoft Tech.Ed 2005


    Tech.Ed kicks off today, so too does the press coverage. This from Computerworld

    Australia gets a peek at Windows Vista during Microsoft Tech.Ed 2005

    30/08/2005 10:14:43

    Gold Coast, Australia – 30 August 2005 – Microsoft’s annual technical education conference, Tech.Ed 2005, kicks off tonight at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, with over 2000 software developers and IT professionals registered to attend.

    Today is Student Day at Tech.Ed and over 400 students from Queensland and national universities will get a head start on their IT careers, by attending conference sessions about upcoming technologies and finding out about job opportunities with Microsoft and some of its partners.

    Microsoft will welcome delegates tonight with an Xbox® powered opening party. Amongst the entertainment on offer, ten lucky attendees will have the chance to take on Dean Loaney, Australia’s Halo® 2 game champion.

    The conference kicks off tomorrow morning with keynote speaker Iain MacDonald, Microsoft Corp. Windows Server Director, an Australian who started his Microsoft career in the company’s Australian subsidiary 13 years ago. Mr Macdonald will provide a preview of Windows® Vista™, Microsoft’s next generation Windows operating system, and what it means for developers and IT professionals.

    Other highlight speakers include:  Prashant Sridharan, Group Product Manager for the upcoming Visual Studio® Team System software development lifecycle tools;  Brian Keller, Microsoft Corp. Product Manager, Development Tools for Gaming presenting a special session about developing add-ons to Half-Life® 2 from Valve Software;  Ari Bixhorn, Product Manager for Microsoft’s next-generation web services technology codenamed ‘Indigo’; and  Popular security duo Steve Riley and Jesper Johansson.

    The intensive three days of learning, networking and practical experience runs until Friday 2 September. This year, for the first time, Microsoft will offer attendees the opportunity to sit for an exam and walk away from the event with a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) industry certification.

    “Tech.Ed is the single most valuable education experience of the year for IT professionals and software developers,” said Ben English, “We’re thrilled to see so many people taking advantage of the great content we have pulled together this year – it’s going to be big.”

    The content for this year’s event was developed in consultation with Microsoft’s broader technical community via several well-known Microsoft bloggers, including Charles Sterling (, Michael Kleef ( and Frank Arrigo (

    On top of over 150 technical sessions, Tech.Ed 2005 will also offer a comprehensive range of hands-on labs for self-paced learning and two-day ‘deep dive’ technology workshops that provide hands-on experience and instruction from top consultants and trainers. As well as providing training on Microsoft’s current generation of software, delegates will also have the opportunity to get up to speed on Microsoft’s next generation software in the lead up to the launch of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.

    The major sponsors of the event are HP, Intel, Quest Software, AMD, EMC (Australia and New Zealand) and INS (Pacific RIM), Net IQ, Compuware Asia-Pacific, Micro Focus and SourceCode Technology (K2 Workflow). The Australian Computer Society is jointly sponsoring the Thursday night Tech.Ed closing party at Warner Bros. Movie World.

    For more information, please visit:

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    Counting down to Tech.Ed : Day 0


    Monday was travel day. I headed up to the Gold Coast on Virgin Blue. While I was waiting to board the flight, a guy sat next to me, he turned around and asked me if I was presenting at Tech.Ed. Why Yes, I replied - feeling pretty chuffed that some random dude at an airport was nice to me. Turns out he is heading up to Tech.Ed to as a delegate. It's his first time to Tech.Ed, and he had been watching all the Tech.Ed Mediacasts over the weekend. W00t - a third viewers (1 & 2) !!  Speaking of a first time, it was my first time with Virgin Blue. I'm not sure if I liked it or not.

    Anyways, I waited at the airport for my travel buddies to share a ride to the hotel. I rang, I waited. I wandered around. Turns out I was snubbed and they boys had a better offer. So, feeling alone and unloved, I caught a cab from Gold Coast Airport to my hotel. The driver hsa been living on the Gold Coast for 45 years and had lots of stories. None of which would make it past the rude language filters.

    Arriving at the hotel, my travel buddies had checked in and were going to to their room to freshen up. I checked in and found out my room wasn't ready. No freshening up for Frank today. I dumped my bags at the fornt desk, grabbed some lunch and then headed over to the Convention Center.

    Let me tell you. It all looks awesome. The Exhibit Hall looks fantastic - the XBOX guys are sponsoring the Welcome Party and have brought lots of stuff - including a monster truck! We don't need no stinking Finalizer now!!!  I had a go at the bluetooth remote control cars. The app is really cute, runs on a pocket pc. It could be improved, so I'm thinking we should make the source code available to the community and get a project going to add some bells and whistles - even an emulator.The prize - one of the cars. Anyways, just an idea. I need to refine it further this week.

    We went through speaker rehearsals for the Student Day, which kicks off Tech.Ed. The buys need work on the keynote, but it will all come together.

    At the end of the day, I caught up with Cameron Reilly to discuss life, the universe and everything. It's always good to catch up with Cam and get the latest on his plans to change the world.

    Eventually we headed out to dinner - we rode the Monorail (yes, they have a monorail) down to the beach and ended up at the Kurruwa Surf Club. This was my first time too, and it too was an experience. A whole flock of Microsoftees joined us as we get into the Gold Coast vibe. And yes, I had the Chicken Parmigiana.

    Finally, at the end of the night, we ended back at where we started and I helped educate a number of the folks on Blogging, Podcasting and  Geek Codes,  (my personal geek code is here, but I realized it is in need of refreshing).

    And on that note, I left the party and went to sleep. Tuesday is student day and I need to get my presentation ready. Betsy is in New Zealand, but she arrives soon. Hopefully we will meet before our session and work out what we will say!

    The MSDN Flash is about to go out - I had a final review of it Monday evening. It will be hitting subscriber's inboxes soon.

    I'm at the Gold Coast - I've made my Tshirts with flair, I have my Mambo LOUD shirt. The Students are arriving. It's all systems go!!!.

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    Yeah Baby : Congratulations, the item is yours. Please pay now!


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    Congratulations, the item is yours. Please pay now!

    Dear frankarr,
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    Limited Edition Pack Tech.Ed Merchandise Available Onsite


    Hey, there's official merchandise for purchase - buy a gift for your colleagues who couldn't make it to Tech.Ed 2005 on the Gold Coast, or if you missed out on the Tech.Ed Flair T-Shirt competition, you can buy your own and pretend your flair was a winner

    This year at Tech.Ed 2005, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a Microsoft Tech.Ed Limited Edition Pack, valued at over $350 and available onsite for only $89. The pack will include:
    • US Microsoft Tech.Ed 2005 Conference DVD Set, including streaming media files of all breakout sessions, sample code, demonstration files, essential links and much more
    • Australia Microsoft Tech.Ed 2005 Backpack
    • Australia Microsoft Tech.Ed 2005 Shirt.

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    I'll be showing some flair at Tech.Ed


    I'm printing out all the winning enties of the Tech.Ed flair contest. Yes all the winners fromWeek 1, Week 2, Week 3 & Week 4.

    I'm printing them out onto special paper from HP

    Guess what I'm going to be doing?

    You will have to be at Tech.Ed to see the results!

    See you on the Gold Coast!!!!

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