August, 2005

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    Yeah Baby : Congratulations, the item is yours. Please pay now!


    eBay eBay sent this message to Frank Arrigo  (frankarr).
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    Congratulations, the item is yours. Please pay now!

    Dear frankarr,
    Congratulations! You committed to buy the following items:

    MAMBO Loud Shirt Wild Roses X-LARGE Looks Stunning

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    OMG - Could this be my shirt ?????


    I've been religiously scanning Ebay, looking for a replacement shirt of the one I lost a Tech.Ed 2 years ago.

    Today I stumbled across the following auction : MAMBO Loud Shirt Wild Roses X-LARGE Looks Stunning

    Hmm, whats this ......  Item location: Queensland



    Maybe the guy who took the shirt off my back is feeling generous and is going to sell it back to me??? Maybe the gods are smiling on me?

    The auction ends in 9 days. Just in time for Tech.Ed on the Gold Coast 

    Wish me luck.

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    I'm still looking for my shirt


    You may be familiar with the story of my missing Mambo shirt from Tech.Ed 2003 which was held in Brisbane.

    Quick summary - For Tech.Ed, I tradionally have worn a lovely LOUD Mambo Hawaiian shirt, which was yellow with red roses. This shirt is no longer available and it is considered a collector's item -  as are all the LOUD mambo shirts. It is so rare, I can't even find a photo of it online. At  the TechEd 2003 party (held at Family nightclub), one of the attendees asked me if he could wear my shirt. Foolishly I let him wear it. Next thing I know this dude has run away and I am missing a shirt. I have no idea who he was, and I haven't seen him since.

    I'm still looking for the dude who took my shirt. Since Tech.Ed is back in Queensland, I am hopeful that my shirt *may* attend Tech.Ed and come back to me.

    If you see someone wearing a yellow shirt with big red roses, get the person's name and let me know!!!!

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    ASP.NET Site Of The Day : Ticketek


    My first reader submitted ASP.NET Site Of The Day (Thanks William), and I'm kicking myself for not noticing this in the past, as I have met with these guys in the past and know they are big users of MS Technologies.


    About Ticketek

    Established in 1979, Ticketek is the leading ticketing partner for the sports and entertainment industries in Australia and New Zealand, selling over 10 million tickets annually to approximately 13,000 events in more than 225 venues throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    Ticketek is wholly owned by Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (ASX: PBL). PBL owns, operates and manages a diverse range of media, gaming, entertainment and e-commerce businesses and investments. These include Australia's leading free-to-air television broadcaster (Channel 9), magazine publisher (ACP) and premier gaming and entertainment complex (Crown).

    Customers can buy tickets to their favourite events from an integrated, multi channel distribution platform including real-time transactional ticketing through the Internet at, from one of 130 call centre representatives or at any of our 140 agencies and box offices throughout Australia.
    In 1997, Ticketek was the first Australian company to offer real-time ticketing service online. As well as enabling customers to purchase via the Internet, provides all the latest information on shows and events, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The website is both managed and supported by Ticketek.

    Associated Companies
    Integrated into the success of Ticketek's operations is its wholly owned subsidiary Softix Pty Ltd, Australia's most innovative entertainment software company. Utilising UNIX server technology, Softix develops, installs and supports ticketing, reservation and access control software customised to the specifications of ticketing services clients. Through Softix, Ticketek is able to provide the highest level of ticketing system software and support to venue clients such as Telstra Stadium (formerly Stadium Australia, the Southern Hemisphere's largest sporting venue), Sydney Cricket Ground, Aussie Stadium, and Melbourne Olympic Parks.

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    Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient


    I've put the next MSDN flash to bed. It goes out early next week, just before Tech.Ed. I invented a new term - "Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient". Is it a percentage? Is it a ratio? Should it be high (like bowling) or low (like golf). I don't really know, but I'm sure the folks who get along to Tech.Ed will help develop a meaning for it!

    Here's my editorial for the next edition - a sneak peak for you'se all.

    This edition is all about Tech.Ed. We’re putting the finishing touches to make this a great event for you.

    My team (Chuck, Michael, Andrew, Dave Glover, Jeff, Dave Lemphers) and I will be down at Tech.Ed (obviously) and all will have an active part as speakers – I’ve asked them all to put together a summary of their session and why you can’t miss it. So, if you are heading down to the Gold Coast, make sure to logon to the CommNet and start building your personal agenda. We have 10 Tracks with 190 Sessions as well as Hands-on Labs, Deep Dive Workshops, Free Certification Opportunities, Technology Showcase, as well as the opportunity to meet other like minded folks, so any advanced preparation will surely maximise your Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient.

    In the lead up to Tech.Ed, we have had a bit of fun putting together our medicasts as teasers for the event, and lots of folks have had a chance to watch these. During Tech.Ed, we will be posting daily highlights, speaker interviews, daily recaps, and other assorted goodness. This will be terrific viewing for the folks who weren’t able to make it to Tech.Ed, but it will be good viewing for those attending too – because you can only see so much on your own. This too will help maximise your Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient, as you get a chance to see what you missed and therefore not miss it!!!

    One of the other features of Tech.Ed is the Exhibit Hall. This is where I will be spending most of my time, along with other Microsoftees. It is where you will get to meet our wonderful sponsors and exhibitors and such as Intel, Quest Software, EMC, AMD, MicroFocus, Compuware, NetIQ, K2, ACS, Data#3, Webcentral, Technology One, Microway, SE101, Metiri Mensus, Citrix, Avocent, InLearning, Polycom , Nintex, dotnet Solutions, Final Builder, Map Data Sciences, Scriptlogic, Excom, Websense, Palm, Argent, Anywhere Computer Accessories, Infotronics, RSA Security, Uniqueworld, Avaya and Workshare. It is also the place to get the best Schwag, because what’s a conference without that!, Of course this also contributes to the overall Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient.

    So, keep your eyes open for the guy in the LOUD yellow shirt , it will either be me or the guy who borrowed my shirt a few years ago! And let’s maximise that Tech.Ed Enjoyment Quotient!!!

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    Tech.Ed 2005 Mediacasting Now


    Finally I can unveil some of the behind the scenes stuff we have been working on.

    This year's Tech.Ed will feature media-casts produced by our friends at The Podcast Network, featuring Mick & Cam!

    Have a look at some of the preview posts we have made to date on the mediacast site

  • It's going to be BIG - Frank Arrigo (.wmv, 1MB, 15 sec)
  • Blogs & Media-casting - Charles Sterling (.wmv, 5.7MB, 1 min 33sec)
  • Frank's Top 5 - Frank Arrigo (.wmv - 7MB, 1 min 59 sec)
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile - Calum Russell (.wmv, 8.6MB, 2 min 25 sec)
  • XBOX 360 - Dean Loaney (.wmv, 2MB, 38 sec)

    This makes me very happy indeed. It's been a dream of mine to pull this little stunt off, and it's all come together (almost) - BUT where's the RSS feed??? Sheeesh!! People want to be able to subscribe to these little mediacasts!! Time to head up stairs and help them understand what needs to be done!

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    More Mediacasts online AND we now have feed


    Grab the next batch of our Tech.Ed Mediacasts

    • Keynote - Jeff Alexander (.wmv, 4MB, 1min 05sec) *NEW
    • My Sessions - Dean Gardiner (.wmv, 6.4MB, 1min 45sec) *NEW
    • My Session - Gayan Peiris (.wmv, 7.5MB, 2 min 01sec) *NEW
    • My Session - Troy McGinnis (.wmv, 2.6MB, 41 sec) *NEW
    • Learning Centre - Frederique Dennison (.wmv, 3.6MB, 1min 26sec) *NEW
    • Tell Customers - Frank Arrigo (.wmv, 1.4MB, 23 sec) *NEW

    Or simply subscribe to the shiny feed over at TPN's MSDEV Show with your favorite podcast catching software :     

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