December, 2005

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    Visual Studio 6.0 removed from MSDN download on 16/12/2005


    I got an urgent email overnight about some changes to MSDN. More details on Seth Adam's Blog

    Please note that Visual Studio 6.0, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and all other products containing MSJVM will be withdrawn from availability on MSDN Subscriber Downloads beginning December 16, 2005.  MSDN subscribers interested in this content and eligible to download these products are encouraged to make any needed downloads before this date.  Recipients of MSDN Subscriptions media are encouraged to retain their latest discs containing these products for future use.  Affected products will no longer be included in new MSDN Subscriptions media shipments or in future media updates, and once withdrawn, will not be available in any form from MSDN Subscriptions.

    Visual Basic 6.0 will continue to be available until June 30, 2006, after which point it will also be withdrawn from availability.  Microsoft will continue to support products throughout each product s support lifecycle, but will no longer offer these products

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    MIX 06


     Just spotted the site for an upcoming web conference, called Mix 06, to be held in March 20-22 2006 in Vegas.

    I think it's time to start saving some money if I want to get over there (since I didn't get along to the PDC). I might be able to get to an elvis show too.

    A blog has been started, and there are comments already. I expect this is going to generate a lot of buzz,

    The Facts

  • A 72-hour conversation between developers, designers and business professionals to explore high-fidelity commerce, content, media, services and security
  • How new technologies can help find, retain and up-sell customers
  • The latest on IE7, Windows Vista, Windows Media Center & Xbox 360, InfoCard, Windows Presentation Foundation, the Atlas AJAX framework and Windows Live!

    The Discussion

  • How can I extend my content and services into the living room?
  • How can I protect my users from phishers and pharmers?
  • How can I develop and debug AJAX applications quickly and efficiently?
  • How can I effectively monetize RSS?

    March 20-22, 2006
    At The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
    Las Vegas, NV

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    I almost made it to the Informal lunch on Social Media inside the Enterprise


    I corresponded with Matt Moore recently and we set a time to meet up for lunch, which was scheduled for today

    The meeting got bigger and bigger, and was to included Trevor Cook & Andrew Mitchell, as well as Ross Dawson, and Matt hinted that the recently elusive James Dellow may make an appearance.

    I was all set to head into town, when I got a call from my distressed wife (who was visiting Santa's Kingdom at the time, which may explain WHY she was distressed) about an incident at my son's high school and that I needed to go and collect him. So, off I went to Crows Nest to collect Antony and take him home.

    Now, what this also meant was that I couldn't get back into town in time for the Informal lunch on Social Media inside the Enterprise. Unfortunatly I was unable to contact Matt to let him know I couldn't make it. Luck was on my side however, as I had an email from Ross Dawson, following his recent post on the sorry state of Australian Corporate Blogging, which had his phone number!!  I called Ross and asked him to pass on my apologies about not turning up.

    Guys, I hope those wood-fired pizzas were yummy. I'll be there next time - I promise....

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    Bad Christmas Poetry


    Last year, I wrote a poem as my editorial for the Christmas Edition of the MSDN Flash.

    I didn't write a poem this year, but I thought I would put last year's poem up on the blog, just for fun.

    T’was the Flash before Christmas, and all through DPE
    No evangelist was resting, not even me

    For we had another edition to do
    I couldn't leave work 'til I was through

    No editor’s note written, no articles to pick
    No offers, no downloads, I was feeling quite sick

    If only I’d written something last week
    I could relax and enjoy being a geek

    I must include a note about February
    The Security Summit will be most extraordinary

    I’ve had to skip meetings with each of my team
    Coatsy, Jas, Deeps, Dave, Chuck, By now you’ll know exactly who I mean

    So, instead I sit here writing, alone at this stage
    When all of a sudden I've filled up a page

    Now the editor’s note is done, I feel full of cheer
    So have a Merry Christmas, speak to you next year

    Emma did a special drawing too, just for the edition

    A picture named santa frankarr .jpg

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    The Microsoft Unlimted Potential (UP) Community Conference and Me


    Unlimited Potential LogoI was invited to attend and speak at the Unlimited Potential Community Conference.

    This event allows Microsoft to connect the 180+ Unlimited Potential Community-based Technology Learning Centres (CTLCs) with each other, with a view to achieving synergy and a sense of community. The emphasis will be on the provision of practical and relevant information to centre managers and trainers from these community organisations.

    The Objectives for Community Partners:

    • Access to key information and tools from Microsoft, Community Partners, Government and each other
    • Create a sense of partnership and community between UP centres around the country
    • Share learnings, challenges best practices and practical training tips and tricks
    • Network and up-skill

    I was asked to speak about "Online Communities - What are they & How to get involved", which included a discussion on blogging. Lately it would seem I'm become the Microsoft Australia Blogging Officer (yes, I know Robert Scoble also uses this title, but I'm in Australia, so I will claim the local version of it). I gave the presentation twice, once before lunch and once after. **URL FIXED**

    The agenda looked like this:

    • What is an Online Community
    • What is a blog
    • Why is it important
    • How can you get started
    • Tips to help

    I told some stories, referenced wikipedia, cracked some jokes, praised my wife, plugged msn spaces, searched technorati and used the experience of Mike Seyfang's Learn Dog to demonstrate the value of online communities and the power of blogging. Mike was in attendance and wrote about it on his blog too.

    My presentation is now online (695kb ppt file), and it includes a number of cartoons from Hugh McLeod (who said it was ok to use them). I was in part inspired by a presentation that Robert Scoble had given at the Google Zeitgeist conference.

    So, if you are here because you attended the session, leave me a comment, Tell me what you thought. If it has inspired you to start a blog, let me know the URL and I can come visit and maybe even subscribe.

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    AFL Draft goes online using Microsoft Live Meeting


    This article warms the cockles of an AFL loving geek's heart.

    Draft goes online
    Thursday 8 December 2005
    Paul Gough
    Sportal for
    The six non-Victorian clubs will be saved the cost of having to fly to Melbourne to take part in next week's AFL pre-season and rookie drafts with all 16 clubs being able to make their selections from the comforts of their home base.

    AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson said the twin drafts - to be held next Tuesday - would be electronic drafts as happens with the professional sports leagues in the United States.

    "All 16 clubs will be linked using Microsoft Live Meeting technology, enabling them to lodge their selections without leaving their home state or club base," Anderson said.

    Anderson said the system was better suited to the much smaller pre-season draft - where usually only a handful of players are selected - than the much bigger national draft in November.

    "The AFL is not considering any change to the NAB AFL National Draft but an electronic draft for the pre-season and rookie draft enables our clubs to make significant time and cost savings," he said.

    Only around half the 16 clubs will take place in the pre-season draft and while most clubs are expected to select rookies, some will only take one or two due to financial constraints.

    All the clubs will be using Microsoft Live Meeting to participate in the AFL draft! Cool!!!!

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    Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions at Atomic Live


    We had a small kick off for the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions at Atomic Live 2005.

    Dan Fernandez came down to do a few sessions, together with Dave Glover  Our awesome Student AmbassadorsScott Savage & Geomayra Silva, gave us a hand on the booth.. Scott even took photos. Thx for your support guys.

    During the course of the day, I met lots of  "Atomicans" with an interest in coding, whether to put up a webpage, or moding half life, and they were surprised to see Microsoft at the event giving away developer tool. I even had a chat with a few 1337 h4x0r, and I had no ph33r.

    For the benefit of the folks who missed my pitch from the expo floor, here's the scoop on how to get your hands on Express.

    Download Visual Studio Express
    You can download Visual Studio Express from the links below:

    Express is free for one year

    Until November 7, 2006, we are promotionally discounting the downloadable versions of Express to free. This doesn' t mean that the product turns off after a year, but rather that as long as you download the product before November 7, 2006, you can get it for free and you can use it forever.


    Rewards for Registering

    The other big news announced at the Visual Studio launch is the availability of the Visual Studio Express DIY Kit, which is a set of benefits you get for registering Express and includes:

    • 250 royalty-free stock photography images from Corbis
    • Free Windows Icons from IconBuffet
    • Free eBooks including: Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition: Build a Web Site Now, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!, and Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
    • 3rd party components from VSIP partners
    • And we have more benefits coming soon

    Want More Information?

    Take a tour of the newly revamped Visual Studio Express Edition Web site, read the Frequently Asked Questions, and as always, please tell us what you think :)


    We hope you enjoy Visual Studio Express as much as we do!



    The Visual Studio Express Team

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