July, 2006

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    DirectX8, DirectX9, DirectX10 -- What's the Diff??


    I got a query in email today from a local developer

    I am looking for information about changes/bug fixes/improvements between Direct X8 and Direct X9

    Now, I am by no means a DirectX expert. In fact these days, I'm not an expert in much at all, but that's another topic for another post.

    Anyways, what do I do when I am faced with this kind of question? I turn to search.

    Simple query, I searched on DirectX and followed the links

    None of these directly answered the question, but it's a start.

    So Glenn, David, Tom, Jon, Rick, or any other "DirectX ironmen" who stumble upon this - can you please let me know the answer.

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    Australia now has full Live Local Support


    Windows Live Local / Virtual Earth : Australia now has full Live Local Support

    This week we rolled out a new release of Live Local featuring
    Street Address Lookups (geocoding) - Try entering 27 Polglass Way, Ardross, WA , AU in the WHERE field. If your map view is centered somewhere in Australia, you of course don't need to specify the country and can just enter 27 Polglass Way, Ardross, WA
    Driving Directions - Get directions between addresses, landmarks, or just right click on the map to set a waypoint. Here is a - its a 48 hour drive. bring lots of water.
    Business Listing search and overlay. View up to three layers of Business listings at a time. move around the map and watch them refresh automatically. here is a query in Brisbane for Hotels, Pharmacies and Cassinos
    Detailed street network and Aerial Imagery - Until now WLL has had major city coverage in AU, but with this release we have rolled out a detailed national street network based on data from MapData Sciences. GeoEye is supplying lots of high res aerial imagery for major cities as well.
    Full API and Developer support - Get started with the Virtual Earth interactive SDK. Application developers have access to everything mentioned here making adding location services to your website a snap.
    COLLECTIONS! - People have been creating Collection in AU since we launched the feature a few months ago, but now you can view and create on a much improved base of imagery and streets. Here are a few to get you started. If you create a Collection you want to share with the world, be sure to post it to Pass The POI.

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    Do My Eyes Deceive Me?


    qu'est-ce que c'est?


    Dr Neil has more -- A nice collection for Tech.Ed Attendees

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    w00t - Egress v3.0.0 is out


    Egress is the application I use to read RSS feeds directly on my PocketPC.  

    Just spotted this - Egress version 3.0.0 is finally released!

    What's new:

    • Major UI redesign including dpad seek. Click dpad-right or left to move to the next or previous channel. Click and hold dpad-right or left to move to the next or previous channel with unread items.
    • Retrieve All Channels and Mark All Channels now operate on all channels within current folder
    • Entire RSS parsing recoded for greater reliability and speed
    • Item filtering greatly enhanced and now supports dates
    • Web caching redone to support caching with all browsers
    • Added ability to selectively or globally clear web cache
    • Web caching retention now selectable
    • Correct connection logic when GPRS connection times out
    • Fixed crash on feeds with malformed podcast elements
    • Supports transparency within GIF images
    • Added ability to selectively or globally clear podcasts
    • Added support for digg RSS extensions
    • Corrected placement of wizard buttons if input panel changed from within a wizard
    • Internal image viewer will now attempt to initialize at a more reasonable zoom level depending on the size of the image
    • Web browser now selectable during the trial period
    • Only channels which contain podcasts are listed in the Manage Podcasts dialog and only items which contain podcasts (either cached or uncached) will be listed in the item list of the dialog
    • Context menu for image now changes if image is missing
    • Added support for additional html elements
    • Corrected rendering of channel icons
    • Updated support for Bloglines synchronized channels
    • Egress will attempt to auto-discover the URL of a feed from a web site URL
    • Added the ability to import a Newsgator OPML
    • Removed auto-subscription

    Nice work Karl!

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    Got Gridenvy ?



    Mitch piqued my interest.

    I'm now on the grid!

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    [aus-dotnet] : Web site developoholic wanted


    The following email flew by on the aus-dotnet mailing list. It generated a bunch of discussion on an already noisy mailing list. 

    I couldn't resist reposting it (with email addresses and phones numbers removed).

    Sent: Tuesday, 4 July 2006 5:55 PM
    Subject: [aus-dotnet] Web site developoholic wanted

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a crash-hot Web site developer to work ridiculous hours building a Web 2.0-style site for a start-up.

    If your preference is a corporate environment and a 38 hour week, please do not apply. I' m looking for someone born to code, and a work ethic to match.

    Salary: negotiable. May include equity.

    Contact me if you want the job and think you can do it. Don' t put too much effort into the resume - just show me what you've built.

    David Bennett FACS
    [ Founding Director and Shareholder, Readify        ]
    [ MD Powerflex Corporation  President, Victoria.NET ]
    [ Email: d.b@@@pfxcorp.com     Web: www.pfxcorp.com ]

    Hope David can find his Web site developoholic.

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    Looking under the covers with Process Explorer


    I'm sure you would have all cauight the news last week that Microsoft acquired the good folks from Winternals & Sysinternals.

    I have been using their wonderful tools for years and my favourite has gotta be Process Explorer. It really lets me see what's running on my machine

    Just look at this snapshot from my little Toshiba Protégé M200 running Windows XP Tablet Edition.


    I have 1.5GB of physical memory and there is a single application (which shall remain nameless) that is using more that in Virtual Memory. Sheesh!  And look at those page faults. Sheesh++ !! 

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