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    Mayorships up for grabs


    I love playing foursquare, and I have just started using a wonderful foursquare app on my Windows Phone called 4th and Mayor.

    So, I am the “mayor” of a bunch of places. At one point, I got to 30 venues.

    Anyways, since I’m leaving town, the mayorship of the spots will be up for grabs.

    I would love to see how long it takes for all these go – a week? a month? a year?

    Happy Foursquaring.

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    Wait, What?


    So, I’m sitting in a hotel room in downtown Kirkland, wrapping up my affairs, and getting ready to move back to Australia.

    Wait, What?

    Yup – I’m heading back down under. Now, I say *I* because the rest of my family already went back nearly 2 months ago.

    Wait, What?

    Here they are at Sea-Tax airport when they were heading out on their journey back to Australia.

    WP_000071 (2)

    So I stayed behind to get the house packed – it was karma really, since I left Moira alone to pack when we moved from Sydney to Seattle. Hopefully we’re even now Winking smile

    We had a lot of stuff to pack. The final tally was 256 boxes and 251 wrapped items for a grand total of 507 items, which took up a 40’ & 20’ container and which weighed something like 20,000 lbs. Yes - That’s a lot of stuff!


    Now the boxes are loaded, the containers are full, the house is empty and clean and I’m waiting for the confirmation that the sale is complete.

    Soon my second Seattle adventure comes to an end, just as the local weather starts to improve and Spring begins.

    What’s next?

    Well – I’m heading back to Melbourne this time around. It’s my hometown. I left Melbourne in 1990 with my then girlfriend, Moira Brice. Now, I’m heading back to join Moira and my 4 kids. They are all loving it, so I cant wait to join them.

    I’m also changing jobs, but I’ll save the details about that in another post.

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    The word of the year is ”App”! ?


    I saw  a news article recently that the word of the year for 2010 was “App”, as voted by the American Dialect Society

    So true.

    I picked up a Windows Phone 7 when it launched back in November. I’m a loyal (some say foolish) T-Mobile customer, so I went with the T-Mobile HTC HD7

    I must admit I have been pretty happy with the phone (anyone surprised to hear that) apart from one thing.

    It was reset by one of my kids when they tried to unlock the phone. He put in the wrong pin a few times, which got an policy enforced to do a remote wipe. I must admit, I did loose my cool for a while. I almost ruined christmas for my family a second time, but cooler heads prevailed.

    The experience taught me a few things, which brings me back to apps. The one most relevant to this is that I need a way to remember what apps I have installed on the phone. Since I had installed most of my apps “Over The Air”, there is no way to “automagically” restore the installed apps. If I had installed them via the desktop client (aka Zune Client) they would have be reinstalled. Now, the good thing when I do ‘re-install’ the apps, is that the the marketplace tells me that I have already purchased them so I don’t have to buy them again.Phew!

    So, how do I remember what apps I have installed? It seems there is no easy way. However, I found a great little site, developed by an italian MVP, called WP7Applist. It a pretty cool site that is full of reviews, updates, news of new apps etc, but the one thing i  L-O-V-E about it is the ability to tag an app you have installed and it creates the My WP7A library.

    I took a look at the page, did some scrapping and voila – the apps I have installed on my phone!

    1337 Translator 9 personalities Amazon Kindle AP Mobile AppFinder ArkWords Backgrounds 10,000 Wallpapers BandWidth BBC News Mobile Beezz Bing Pictures Downloader Bookly Break.com Videos and Pics Breaking News Brightkite Cardmobili CardStar Constitution Cricinfo Top Stories Cricket World Cup 2011 Curbside Cuisine Locator Daily Deals eBay Facebook Fandango Movies - Times & Tickets Flickr Manager Flixster foursquare GameCardr Graphic.ly GuidePost Huffington Post I'm a WinPho ICanHasCheezburger: The Official App iheartradio IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities Last.fm Link Me In Loopt Lyrics Marketplace Search mClock Microsoft Store Microsoft� Tag Reader MoonPhaser MSN Money MSN� Movies My Comic MyRugby Netflix News360 NFL Playoffs oncampus OneBusAway Pageonce Personal Finance Project Emporia REALTOR.com� Real Estate Search Roman Numerals Scores Send to WP7 Share2Flickr Shazam Slacker Radio Slick Deals Slide Show Soundtrckr Stock Mosaic Stocks Talking Parrot TaxCaster Mobile TED That's Not Funny The Weather Channel Twitter Wallpapers HD Weather WeatherBug WeatherFrame Weave What's Around Here WHERE Wiki Bee Free WikiPanda World Clock Yelp YouTube ZuneCardr

    Yeah, it’s a bunch of apps isn’t it and I haven’t gotten to games yet!!! I’ll save that for another post.

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    Three runs off the half century, and only got one maiden over.


    Geez, it's been a while since I posted here.....

    Like the rest of the world, my attention has been over on twitter and  facebook but I do want to keep the tradition alive of doing a blog post on my birthday.

    So here I am, again!! 

    Last year, as I celebrated my birthday, I was in LA at the PDC. This year, I'm in Seattle, with the threat of snow, and the anticipation of the new Microsoft Store opening in Bellevue, and a Miley Cyrus concert!

    As happened last year and the year befire, I’ve received best wishes from my friends via email, tweets, and on facebook and these started the day before, due to my down under crew. I even got my own hash tag, thanks to Brian Madsen

    Thank you to all who left me a note – I will get back to each and everyone of you! I promise!!!

    Now, some trivia about my age. It is the atomic number of silver! It is the fifteenth prime number, a safe prime, the thirteenth supersingular prime, and the sixth Lucas prime. Forty-seven is a highly cototient number. It is a strictly non-palindromic number. It is also a Keith number, because it recurs in a Fibonacci-like sequence started from its base 10 digits: 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47…. Its representation in binary being 00101111. It is the Telephone dialing country code for Norway

    But, by far and away, the best thing I heard was a comment left on facebook which I used as the title of the post. If you need explaination - leave me a note....

    Oh, by the way. To celebrate the day, I am introducing a new avatar. I don't know how long it will stick - but it's a new me.....



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    Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk


    One of the things that appealed to me when I made the move to Redmond almost 3 years ago was being in a position to drive cultural change.

    The Blue Monster was the social object we grasped representing this change and I made it part of my everyday. I hung it proudly on my door

    Fast forward to 2010, and I’m still working on driving cultural change within DPE.

    Right now I’m looking to get folks fired up about Community Driven Marketing and I’m in need of a speaker for an upcoming meeting we will be running.

    So, what do I do?  I turn to my social network.

    I make a connection with Jeremy Epstein who has been part of my network for a number of years.

    He walks the walk and talks the talk, and has the stories to back it up.

    We talk. We get excited. We’re set.


    Community Marketing at it’s best.

    Jeremy -- Looking forward to meeting you in person soon.

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    I really tweeted that ?


    I’m playing around again with a new Windows Live Writer Plugin which Inserts Tweets Into Your Blog Post by Tod Birdsall, aka @tod1d

    So, thanks to this new plugin, here’s my last 155 tweets (going back to April 28th 2010) – and I can’t believe I tweeted some of the things I that did.

    Follow me on Twitter

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    SLP Services – Where are they now?


    I had written about Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services a few years back when it was still a Microsoft product.

    About a year ago, the product was picked up by startup company based in Dublin, called InishTech, which would take the Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services to the world.

    I kept in touch with these guys, since I always felt it was a cool piece of technology. Plus, I have a soft spot for startups.

    I got an email just this morning from my friends at InishTech which made me smile.

    Provance Looks to InishTech to Provide a Licensing Solution for their System Center Management Packs

    Provance selects InishTech’s Software Licensing and Protection Services as best of breed for licensing and code protection for the Provance IT Asset Management Pack Solution.

    Dublin, Ireland and Gatineau, Quebec, Canada June 11, 2010 –– Provance, the leading provider of IT Asset Management solutions for Microsoft System Center, launched their new IT Asset Management Pack for System Center Service Manager 2010 in April. As part of the solution, Provance require the ability to protect their code and intellectual property, license software with flexible configurations and business models, and track the performance and profitability of products. To fill that need, they selected InishTech’s SLP Services, saving development time and focusing precious resources on their core product offering.

    “Wherever possible, Provance collaborates with best of breed technology partners to allow us to develop better products and get to market more quickly,” said Gord Watts, Provance Vice President Product Development. “The complete, turnkey technology and service that InishTech provides lets us focus our development effort and confidently delegate our software licensing and protection to the experts.”

    The SLP Service provides Provance with a fully managed Product Licensing and Management solution that provides greater flexibility in licensing and protects their core IP. Using SLPS allows Provance to concentrate on delivering the best products and solutions to the market without the distraction, development and maintenance and infrastructure overhead of maintaining a complex licensing system. This means a faster time to market, too.

    Provance customized the System Center Service Manger Console to include SLP Services API’s to manage and upgrade licenses at the customer’s site. This way, to change the scope of the license, the customer uses a familiar tool to perform that. SLP Services API’s are also used to query licenses installed by the customer. Installation includes both server and console installation. This custom integration of SLP Services into the Provance Console was accomplished by 2 people in 2 months. This integration of licensing into the relative complex client/server nature of Provance’s solution demonstrates the power of the Provance architecture and ease of integration of SLP Services.

    Licenses are time-based or based on the number of assets managed. Customers of Provance now have seamless integration of the licensing with the console. Provance now has the ability now to evolve their licensing dynamically over time.

    According to Aidan Gallagher, CEO of InishTech, “Provance is a recognized leader in the provision of System Center solutions”. “Provance has a history of understanding their customers’ needs and providing solutions that have tangible business benefits to their clients. We are delighted to be part of that solution and look forward to helping Provance grow their business models in a proactive way with flexible licensing.”

    “System Center is a strategic and growing business area for Microsoft. SLPS is ideally suited for use in the System Centre solution environment and we expect to see considerable growth in our business in this area”.

    About Provance

    For over 12 years Provance™ IT Asset Management software has been used by mid- to large sized enterprises and government organizations to drive down IT costs, increase service management efficiency, and reduce security and compliance risks. The new Provance IT Asset Management Pack is a Process Management Pack that runs within Microsoft® System Center Service Manager 2010. It complements the Incident, Problem and Change Management capabilities of Service Manager with powerful IT Asset Life Cycle Management and Software Asset Management. Supporting ITIL® and the Microsoft Operations Framework, Provance strengthens the IT effectiveness of companies at every level of the Microsoft Core Infrastructure Optimization model. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Provance holds the Microsoft Systems Management Competency and is a member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance. For further information, please visit http://www.Provance.com

    About InishTech

    Founded in 2009, InishTech provides Software Developers and Product Managers globally with code protection and license management solutions that protect their most valuable asset and enable their customers to deploy and use their products in the most flexible manner possible. InishTech’s Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services provides ISVs with a choice of either a managed service or in-house server that is both easy to deploy and simple to integrate with back office systems. For further information, please visit http://www.inishtech.com.

    Great to see companies adopting this solution to provide licensing and code protection.

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