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    Growing the team


    I've got a great team, and it currently looks like this

    (DE) Developer Evangelists  4  Andrew Coates Dave Glover  | David Lemphers   Charles Sterling  
    (AE) Architect Evangelists  3  Anna Liu Nigel Watson Nils van Boxsel    
    (ITE) IT Pro Evangelists  2  Jeff Alexander       Michael Kleef
    (ISV DE) ISV Developer Evangelists  2  Shuk Chan David Sajfar      
    (ITA) IT Pro Architects Advisors  1    Darryl Chantry      

    Yesterday the newest member of the team started  - Shane Morris - who has come on board as our User Experience Evangelist (UxE) and he is based in Melbourne. For the last 5 years Shane has been a freelance interaction designer, and prior to that Regional General Manager and Principal Consultant for The Hiser Group, a usability/user interface design consultancy. He brings a wealth of experience to the team.

    But that's not all.I've got two more new roles open

    I am looking to have both roles sitting in Sydney, but for a truly wonderful candidate, I'm flexible.

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    What would YOU ask Steve Ballmer ?


    I see that Steve Ballmer is in the Asia-Pacific region this week

    Vietnam is the first destination of the Microsoft CEO in a week-visit to Asia and the Pacific. After Vietnam, he will come to Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.         

    Ok, I admit, I already knew that he was coming to visit.

    We're having a session with Steve later in the week, where he will be addressing the staff.

    What I would like to do is get some questions from the readers of this blog which I could ask Steve Ballmer. Crazy huh?

    Leave the questions in the comments. I will do my best to ask them later in the week. Maybe I could be like The Chaser's Mr Ten Questions

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    TechTalk Blogs ... almost 3 weeks


    TechTalkBlogs has been alive for 17 days, give or take. Time to look at some other stats:

    System Summary
      Mar 13 Mar 6 Feb 27
    Active Feeds: 214 196 183
    Feed Items: 1,805 1,486 1,174
    Votes: 883 1,068 762

    Overall, nice growth rate. The votes total went down, as we took out dodgy and duplicate votes.

    Today, I am going to look at the top 10 posters, based on number of posts to date.

    What an interesting collection - a few devs, a few kiwis, a few ex-pat Aussies, a few IT Pros, a few entrepreneurs.

    BTW, Have you been finding TechTalkBlogs useful? Daniel Crowley-Wilson has. He shot an email to an internal mailing list recently:

    From:Daniel Crowley-Wilson
    Subject: tech talk blogs - thumbs up

    I'm finding it an incredibly useful way of keeping up to date with the best content in the australian blogosphere. I really like the moderation system, which does a good job at making the popular posts accessible.

    I've read many interesting blogs in the last few days that I would never have known about before.

    If you haven't seen it yet


    I couldn't have said it any better myself!

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    guess who is our new intern


    Our team has a new intern for the year.

    Let's play a game.

    Some clues.

    • was a former student ambassador
    • recently moved to sydney
    • regular blogger

    Any ideas? Leave your ideas in the comments.

    Prize to the 1st correct entry -  a tablet pc guy, so leave me a way to contact you.

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    Business Sunday investigates Corporate Blogging


    This morning I was interviewed by Ali Moore for a story she is doing to be shown on Business Sunday about corporate blogging.

    Pretty normal, huh? I've done a bunch of these kind of interviews in the past for The Bulletin and Computerworld.

    What made this different from the others, was that part of the interview took place at my home, with my kids (Emma, Billy) and even my mother in law!. Billy scooped ME about the interview. We then headed to my office for the main interview.

    Ali has been speaking to a number of other folks, such as Trevor and Simon, who should all feature in the story about corporate blogging and I think it will be a pretty good story.

    So, let me share some of the questions I was asked:

    • How did you start blogging and when did your family get involved?
    • What makes a blog different from a normal website?
    • How does the blog you run at work differ from the one you maintain at home?
    • Is it a sales tool?
    • Do you regulate your blog content and the comments which come back?
    • Microsoft has more than 2,000 bloggers – aren’t those multiple corporate voices confusing?
    • Do you view Microsoft through rose coloured glasses on your blog?  Is it all just “rah-rah Microsoft”?
    • Why doesn’t every other business do it?
    • Are businesses afraid of showing the company “warts n all”?
    • What does “Blog Smart” mean?
    • So you practice “self-censorship”?  Where do you draw the line?
    • Can you get credibility in the blogosphere with self-censorship?
    • What about saying negative things about the company and your superiors – do you have to be careful?
    • What makes a good blog?
    • Have you seen bad blogs? 
    • What advice would you give a company like Telstra and where they are going with blogging?
    • Do you need corporate approval to start a blog at Microsoft?
    • Could it be risky?
    • How much have search engines changed the game with blogging?

    How did I reply? What did I say? Did I cross the line? Best to wait until the show airs, sometime in February to find out.

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    NAB Not detecting IE7


    I bank with the National. I use their online banking service to pay bills.

    I keep getting presented with this page everytime I log on to get my jobs done.


    Hello NAB web site developers. I am using IE7.

    It's up to Beta 3 now - did you know that?

    Here's my User Agent String:

    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Maxthon; Tablet PC 1.7; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; InfoPath.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)

    Here's an article from the IE Blog - Internet Explorer 7 User Agent String. It was published a few months ago. Have a read of it.

    I've sent you an email a while back but I guess you've been busy with other things.

    Hope you get around and support my browser


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    Got My Latest Gadget : iRiver Clix


    I sent my dear wife down to the local DSE on a errand for me today.

    When she got to the store, the guys there were busy unpacking a bunch of boxes and weren't ready to sell this to her and told her to come back in a few hours! A customer with money ready to buy and the sales dudes saying go away. Doesn't seem right.

    Anyways, she went down to get me this

    iRiver Clix

    iRiver Clix 2GB

    My kids are now fighting me for it. 

    It's a wonderful little device. Kudos to all involved.

    Tip o'the hat to Sean Alexander for alerting me to it's local availability

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