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November, 2003

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Dieser Blog ist stillgelegt und wird nicht mehr aktualisiert.
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    Lutz Roeder's Digger for Smartphone 2003

    Lutz Roeder ported Digger to the .NET Compact Framework for Smartphone 2003 - see here for CAB and source code. Very cool stuff - who said the CF was too slow for games programming? :)
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    Sometimes it helps to read READMEs and manuals. Got my Tanager flashed with Smartphone 2003 bits recently. This reduced my average battery life to about 30% (since it uses beta drivers and apps which are not optimized - or so I am told...), but it...
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    Longhorny ;-)

    Got back safely from L.A. (despite the fires), cured the cold that plagued me during the PDC, and now I (as most oft the PDC attendees, I assume) am playing with the bits which were distributed at the event. Longhorn is fascinating, esp. the XAML stuff...
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