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November, 2005

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    More ClickOnce trouble - solved

    Some time ago, during the Beta ages of Whidbey, I posted about trouble with the new ClickOnce technology. Now ClickOnce hit me again... Having installed the RTM version of VS 2005, I was preparing a ClickOnce demo, and when I tried to install the simple...
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    EMEA Partners for Embedded Solutions

    Looking for an embedded solution but don't know where to start? Then you need an experienced partner. This website lists Microsoft partners from the EMEA region who can help you implement general, server, or mobile embedded solutions for your business...
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    Sie sind da!

    Jetzt anmelden für das deutsche Launch Event zu Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 und BizTalk Server 2006 am 8./9. Februar 2006 in Karlsruhe! Und Vollversionen der Produkte gleich mit nach Hause nehmen - ist das ein Deal? :-) Meet you there.....
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