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December, 2008

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    TechDays Belgium - 10, 11 and 12 March



    Now here's an event I will definitely be at. TechDays Belgium (Antwerp 10-11-12 March).

    The event is built for developers, architects and IT Professionals. We have already signed up top speakers and are in the process of signing up more.

    Very cool also is that we will have a preconference day (10/3) for developers on Sharepoint development. An agenda will follow soon.

    Until the 16th of January you can register with a discount. In the meantime check out the site: http://www.techdays.be and join our facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=40165592825&ref=mf

    Hopefully I will see you there!



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    Learn about Sharepoint Development


    Sharepoint is extremely popular and it's clear that developers with Sharepoint skills are in high demand. I know this is absolutely the case in Belgium.

    I personally prefer classroom trainings but if you like to get started, prepare for a classroom training or other, then this online training option on MSDN Ramp Up is a great place to start:


    New SharePoint for Developers Track – Part 1

    As a developer, would you like to learn more about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)? MOSS is based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, which gives developers the opportunity to get more problems solved with less effort. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 takes full advantage of Microsoft ASP.NET and the Microsoft .NET runtime. The new features and added programmability support in MOSS provide a wealth of development opportunities. This course will immerse you in many of the developer-centric capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

    Level 1: Web Parts
    Did you know that in SharePoint you can build pages as easy as in ASP.NET – and allow end users to create dashboards? Web parts allow for creating components of Web user interface that can be reused on multiple Web pages. These are introduced in ASP.NET and built on in SharePoint where they can be added to pages by end users and managed by IT Professionals. In this topic you will learn about building simple Web parts for SharePoint and how to connect them back to SharePoint site data.Level 2: Data Lists
    Did you know that SharePoint developers can work with data from lists that users get access to too? Data lists provide data storage for end users in SharePoint. End users can create lists with schema all through the SharePoint user interface and they can create, edit, and view the data. All of this data can be programmatically accessed by developers and this topic is all about that.

    Level 3: Event Handlers
    Did you know that SharePoint developers can automatically process data that your users upload via a spreadsheet? Event handlers (or event receivers) are custom code that runs on the SharePoint server in response to something that happens on the server. Event handlers can be useful for running business logic in response to data being added to the site. This topic shows how to create simple event handlers and investigates ways that event handlers can be used in SharePoint.

    Level 4: Workflow
    Did you know that you can write WF workflows in SharePoint without having to worry about storage, persistence, or how to interact with the user? Workflow in SharePoint allows for implementation of processes that require interaction such as email approvals or form completion by people in your organization. This topic shows you how to create simple workflows in SharePoint using Visual Studio that involve approvals from people by email and for meeting room resource bookings with an administrator.

    Level 5: Silverlight Web Parts
    Did you know that you can build rich Internet applications with SharePoint? Silverlight is a new Web user interface technology from Microsoft that allows for each implementation of animations and videos. This topic shows how a SharePoint user interface can be enhanced by using Silverlight in Web parts as part of a SharePoint site.

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    Improved Sharepoint Interoperability with the new WSRP


    Interesting post from the Sharepoint team: http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/archive/2008/12/05/announcing-the-wsrp-toolkit-for-sharepoint.aspx

    The Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Toolkit has been released on the MSDN Code Gallery (here). This basically makes data from your Sharepoint lists available to other vendors' portals too.

    Here's a quote from a related article on PC World:

    Java-based portals such as BEA Aqualogic, IBM WebSphere and SAP NetWeaver include the ability to consume WSRP code. By using the new tool, developers can now produce SharePoint data and portlets natively on portals from these vendors, Microsoft said

    Yet another reason for ISV's to continue adopting Sharepoint as interoperability has just been taken one step further!


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    Cheap Tickets for MIX09


    Those are certainly cheap prices considering the type of conference MIX is. Only approx. 580 Euro at current exchange rates.

    Remembering how much I enjoyed both previous MIX event, maybe I should go too :-)


    Special Offer for Customers & Partners: Save Over 40% on MIX09 Conference Passes!

    It’s the holiday season – a time for family and friends, good cheer and PRESENTS! Plus, we understand that budgets are tight these days, so we’re offering discount MIX09 conference passes at $795 USD (that’s over 40% off the full price) to the first 200 people to register.  To take advantage of this offer, go to registration and select the "Register for the event using an RSVP Code" option.  Enter the RSVP code MIXspecial1 to receive your discounted conference pass.  This is a real, live, bona fide MIX09 conference pass that allows you access to keynotes, sessions, the party, the food, the lounges and much more! 

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    First day at Microsoft Belgium


    Yesterday, December 1st, was my first day in my new role in Microsoft Belgium. I will be the Partner DE in the Developer & Platform Evangelism team and I will manage a team of 3 developer evangelists.

    My first day was a very interesting one as I attended the Architect Forum which was dedicated to the topic of the Azure Services Platform (http://www.microsoft.com/azure/default.mspx).

    Form my conversations with the attendees, it is very clear that is not a matter of 'if' cloud computing will catch on, it's a matter of when, how, at which speed.

    Especially in this uncertain economic times, IT becomes more important than ever. Sure, budgets will be under pressure but aren't they always? In times of growth and expansion, IT departments are asked do more with usually the same budget. Now some IT departments will be asked to do the same with smaller budgets.

    At Microsoft we believe that IT is the investment with the highest ROI. You save costs by investing in IT. We have a nice new site to show you where and how you can make savings: http://www.microsoft.be/economie

    This also brings me back to the Cloud era which is just getting started. Cloud will bring the cost advantages of these massive and extremely efficient data centers to all IT Departments. Certainly there will be some hurdles to be taken (like data protection and privacy) but the cost advantages will make this happen.

    It won't happen overnight but incrementally. Like David Chappell put it, banks, for instance, won't start with their core apps, but there are so many applications within banks where it does make sense to start evaluating a move to the cloud today.

    Also the ISV's I have been talking too are each convinced that parts of thei applications will move to the cloud. The cloud is about choice and our ISV's too will need to let their customers choose.

    I believe their couldn't be a more exciting time than this one to start in my new role. If you're an ISV in Belgium, don't hesitate to reach out to me via my blog or linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/hansver

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