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    Pictures of Bing Stickers in Use

    I’ve started to receive some photos of how people are using the Bing stickers I sent out. I sent out about 30 to various people around the world and I still have some more pending requests – I’m running very low now despite getting a few more in. And...
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    All Binged Up

    Not sure if this is a sign I’m committed, or should be committed…but I am now sporting a Bing sticker on my car. I think it’s looks pretty good. If anyone else wants to be committed drop me an email and I’ll send you a sticker as long as you promise to...
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    Bing set to ramp up in the UK

    When bing.com was announced recently you may recall that while a full service was made available immediately in the US, a more limited beta service was provided in the UK while the team built out some UK-specific features so that the UK experience could...
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