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January, 2008

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    Compatibility and IE8

    In Dean’s recent Internet Explorer 8 and Acid2: A Milestone post, he highlighted our responsibility to deliver both interoperability (web pages working well across different browsers) and backwards compatibility (web pages working well across different versions of IE). We need to do both, so that IE8 continues to work with the billions of pages on the web today that already work in IE6 and IE7 but also makes the development of the next billion pages (in an interoperable way) much easier. Continuing...
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    Using Frames More Securely

    HTML frames (FRAMESETs and IFRAMEs) are a feature of all modern web browsers that enable content from multiple pages to be displayed within a single view. Historically, frames were primarily used to enable partial page updates, where page navigation was contained in one frame, and page content was contained in another. Over time, use of frames expanded to include advertising, mashup , and AJAX scenarios. Today, the majority of popular websites use IFRAMEs for myriad reasons. From a security point...
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    Updated: Internet Explorer 7 Deployment Guide

    Back in October we released an updated version of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 7 . The IEAK 7 is used by corporate administrators and Internet Content Providers (ICPs) to customize Internet Explorer 7 for their users. The latest version of the IEAK can be used to create an Active Directory compatible MSI installer in addition to the existing EXE installer. This means IT Administrators can now use Active Directory and Group Policy to deploy Internet Explorer along with existing...
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