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November, 2009

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    An Early Look At IE9 for Developers

    We’re just about a month after the Windows 7 launch, and wanted to show an early look at some of the work underway on Internet Explorer 9. At the PDC today, in addition to demonstrating some of the progress on performance and interoperable standards, we showed how IE and Windows will make the power of PC hardware available to web developers in the browser. Specifically, we demonstrated hardware-accelerated rendering of all graphics and text in web pages, something that other browsers don’t do...
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    IE8 SmartScreen in action

    Last week at PDC, as we were about to start talking to people about IE9, I saw the following notification from my Facebook account: From: Facebook [] Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 10:05 AM Dina posted something on your Wall and wrote: "funny vid of u, you see it?;hTTP://www.N70.InFO/2d" To see your Wall or to write on Dina's Wall, follow the link below: <..> Thanks, The Facebook Team The...
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    Participating at W3C’s TPAC 2009

    This week the W3C holds its annual Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee meeting (TPAC 2009). There will be about a dozen people from the IE team participating and this is a valuable opportunity to continue working together with other W3C members on the next generation of web standards. High quality specifications that improve interoperability between browsers are important. Our goal is to help ensure these new standards work well for web developers and will work well in future versions of IE...
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    My Favorite IE Add-on: Mouse Gestures by Ralph Hare

    I spend a lot of time dealing with problems users encounter when using Internet Explorer. As a result, when I write about add-ons, I’m usually talking about misbehaving code that is wrecking the browser. However, it’s not all doom-and-gloom out there, and I’m delighted to share my favorite browser add-on with you. I first came across Ralph Hare’s work when perusing the IE add-on sample code at CodeProject. Ralph and I both liked mouse gestures and wished that Internet Explorer offered them. For...
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