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December, 2010

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    Happy Hardware Accelerated Holidays

    Here are two new HTML5 experiences you can run in your browser, designed in the spirit of the holiday season and with hardware accelerated HTML5 in mind. Check out Santa’s Workshop , where the speed of your browser on your PC determines how many elves help pack Santa’s bag for the big night, and how fast they work. We built this experience using HTML5 technologies like integrated SVG graphics and HTML5 audio. See how big of a storm your browser and your PC can kick up with HTML5...
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    HTML5, Site-Ready and Experimental

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    IE December Cumulative Security Update Now Available

    The IE Cumulative Security Update for December 2010 is now available via Windows Update . This security update resolves four privately reported vulnerabilities and three publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. The most severe vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user views a specially crafted Web page using Internet Explorer. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative...
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    Enhanced Protection with IE9’s SmartScreen Filter

    A new research report from independent information-security research and testing organization NSS Labs shows that Internet Explorer 9 Beta protects the user from 99% of socially-engineered malware downloads. According to NSS Labs, “ With a unique URL blocking score of 94% and over-time protection rating of 99%, Internet Explorer 9 was by far the best at protecting users against socially-engineered malware. ” The following graph compares the protection offered by various browsers against socially...
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    ECMAScript 5 Part 2: Array Extras

    Last time in our series on IE9 support for ES5 , we talked about new functions like Object.create and Object.defineProperty, which help you design more reusable components. In this post, we’ll look at another set of new functions focused on something even more basic and common: loops and arrays. Looping over arrays is one of the most common forms of program control flow, and JavaScript programs in the browser are no exception. Common tasks such as finding a node in the DOM, iterating over the records...
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    IE9 and Privacy: Introducing Tracking Protection

    The feedback and conversation on IE9’s Platform Previews and Beta to date from many different communities has made the IE9 development process, and product, substantially better than previous releases. The discussions around hardware-accelerated HTML5 and same markup with the developer community, for example, have informed many changes to the product. Thank you for using it and providing feedback. In general, we’ve focused this blog on engineering issues. In this post, still continuing...
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    Flash Player 10.2 Beta Supports IE9’s Hardware Acceleration

    Earlier this week, Adobe announced a beta release of Flash Player 10.2 that includes Internet Explorer 9 hardware-accelerated rendering support , previously previewed in Flash Player “Square.” Adobe writes , “we’ve seen significant improvements in Flash Player graphics performance—exceeding 35% in Internet Explorer 9 Beta compared to Flash Player running in previous versions of IE.” Other features of the new Flash Player 10.2 beta that mirror those...
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    Standardizing HTML6 through the W3C – My Trip to TPAC 2010

    The W3C working groups, across the board, are making progress completing the important next generation of web standards, getting key specifications to last call, and a focus on defining the test suites for measuring the completeness of implementations. At the same time, there is renewed focus on innovating for the future of the web at the W3C. Some members of the W3C CSS/SVG FX Task Force. From left to right: Jun Fujisawa - Canon, Chris Lilley - W3C, Doug Schepers - W3C, Håkon Wium Lie ...
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