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January, 2011

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    HTML5 Blizzard: Full Hardware Acceleration in Action

    With Internet Explorer 9 the entire web platform is fully hardware accelerated . Customers will benefit from hardware acceleration on all of the websites they visit and developers will benefit from hardware acceleration across all of the technologies they use (HTML4, HTML5, SVG, CSS, JavaScript, Audio, Video, and more). We’re excited that other browser vendors have decided to follow our lead and hardware accelerate their browsers. We’re moving the web forward together in a way that greatly benefits...
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    Update: Effectively Protecting Consumers from Online Tracking

    Since December’s technology announcement about IE9’s Tracking Protection feature, we’ve seen a lot of interest from press, academics, governments, and industry groups. This blog post is an update based on the conversations we’ve had on this topic – visiting with government and industry groups in Europe last week, faculty and students at a joint Harvard-Stanford Law School class earlier this month, and with the Wall Street Journal / All Things D at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month...
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    Working with Pinned Sites

    With Internet Explorer 9 Beta, you can pin a Web site to the Windows 7 taskbar the same way you pin Windows applications. Once pinned, you can launch Web sites directly—just like you launch other things in Windows 7. Pinning a site is as easy as dragging an IE9 tab to the Windows 7 taskbar. Previously, Web sites didn’t have a direct presence on the PC desktop and you had to effectively “boot twice”—once for the operating system and once for the browser—to get...
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    The CSS Corner: CSS3 Media Queries

    As we announced with our second Platform Preview last year, IE9 supports CSS3 Media Queries . CSS3 Media Queries enable you to style pages based on different display surface factors such as width, height, orientation, resolution, etc. Developers can use these factors to customize their sites for viewing on different devices such as a small-screen netbook or a widescreen monitor. In this post, I talk more about CSS3 Media Queries and the various scenarios they enable. Evolution of Media Queries Internet...
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    IEBlog 2010: Connecting With You

    When IEblog was inaugurated on July 21, 2004 , we set out to establish “a better connection with the IE Team.” 2010 took that connection to a new level by introducing 7 pre- and post-beta Platform Previews , a Test Drive site of 75 informative, entertaining, and discussion-provoking demos, and 137 IEBlog posts —more than any year other than 2006, the year of IE7’s release. For the first time, we included HTML5 H.264 video directly in posts. You responded with over 7,050...
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