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November, 2011

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    HTML5 for Applications: The Fourth IE10 Platform Preview

    An updated platform preview of IE10 for the Windows Developer Preview is now available for download . This IE10 preview adds even more support for HTML5 technologies, enabling richer Web applications with significantly improved performance. IE10’s hardware acceleration of technologies like SVG, CSS3 transforms and animations delivers faster rendering than other browsers, as highlighted in this short video. See some of the new HTML5 capabilities, performance improvements in IE10. With...
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    Typing with Speed and Accuracy in IE10

    Typing quickly and accurately is a critical part of the user experience for any piece of software. When using a device without a physical keyboard, providing a great text input experience is even more important. Windows 8 provides several capabilities to make text input great on any device, and spellchecking is one of them. Spellchecking in Windows 8 allows customers to identify misspelled words while they are entering text, have commonly misspelled words fixed automatically, and take...
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    Evolving ECMAScript

    For the Web and Web applications to keep making progress, the programming language of the Web must continue to improve. Today’s JavaScript standard lacks a few basic objects and library helpers that are vital for building rich, world-wide Web applications. Last week at the Ecma TC39 meeting at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, Microsoft shared reference implementations of proposals to address gaps in Math, String, and Number functionality as well as Globalization . To ensure that others in the community...
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    Adding Personality with CSS3 Transitions and Animations

    Advancements like high-performance compiled JavaScript and hardware-accelerated rendering of HTML5 and CSS3 in Internet Explorer 9 and 10 allow Web developers to create richer and richer experiences. Two related features, CSS3 Transitions and CSS3 Animations , give Web developers a declarative way to add personality to Web page interactions easily. This blog post describes these two features as implemented in IE10 in the Windows Developer Preview and Windows 8 Metro style apps written...
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