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May, 2012

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    Windows Release Preview: The Sixth IE10 Platform Preview

    With IE10 in Windows 8, we reimagined the browser. We designed and built IE10 to be the best way to experience the full Web on Windows. Consumers can now enjoy more touch-friendly, fast and fluid Web applications with the updated IE10 engine included in the Windows Release Preview . This sixth Platform Preview of IE10 delivers improved performance and support for touch-first HTML5, as well as a new power-optimized, touch-friendly Adobe Flash Player that enables content on compatible Web sites to...
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    Sharing Links from IE10 on Windows 8

    Sharing a link to a Web page is a common activity on the PC, and it gets better with IE10 on Windows 8. One of the new features on Windows 8 is the Share charm, which allows you to seamlessly send content between apps on your PC. Previously, if you wanted to share an interesting article with your friend, or post a funny picture on your blog, you’d copy the link from the address bar, switch to a different site or app, and then paste it. Now, with the Windows 8 Share charm, you can share directly...
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    Diagnosing JavaScript Errors Faster with Error.stack

    IE10 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes support for Error.stack , which enables Web developers to diagnose and correct bugs faster, especially those that are difficult to reproduce. Developers can build amazing apps with the capabilities of Web platforms that power today’s modern browsers. In Windows 8, we expose that power through both Internet Explorer 10 and Metro style apps in JavaScript . The increasing power and complexity of these apps means developers need better tools like Error.stack...
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