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October, 2013

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    New Performance Scanning Tools on modern.IE Enable Faster Real-World Sites and Improved User Experiences

    Today we released improvements to the modern.IE code scanner that help developers identify common patterns that improve real-site performance and can make a real impact on what users do on sites they visit. We also published a new tutorial that shows how used a combination of modern.IE and F12 tools in Internet Explorer 11 to improve their home page performance by 40% across modern browsers, including Internet Explorer. We continue to update modern.IE with tools that help developers spend...
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    Enhanced Rich Editing Experiences in IE11

    With Internet Explorer 11, Web-based applications and sites can offer rich editing experiences enabling users to easily capture and share data. Online and cloud-based content creation scenarios, such as e-mail and Web-based document editing—including Office 365, rely on the contentEditable feature of HTML5. With IE11, users can now paste images from a variety of input sources, copy lists while preserving formatting, and undo their editing more easily. Pasting Images from All Sources and...
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    Enabling new interoperable panning experiences through the CSS Scrolling Snap Points Specification

    Today, we submitted a new proposal to the W3C, CSS Scrolling Snap Points, designed to enable fast and fluid panning experiences for touch and other input devices, based on APIs introduced in IE10 and improved in IE11. These APIs enable developers to more easily build panning experiences such as paginated content and scrolling photo galleries that are perfect for touch and work just as easily with mouse, keyboard, or trackpad. A great example of this experience is the MSN homepage optimized for Windows...
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    IE11 Automatic Update Blocker Toolkit Available for Windows 7

    Business and organizations that want to manage their own update schedule can use the IE11 Automatic Update Blocker Toolkit to disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 11. This Blocker Toolkit—like its predecessors for IE10, IE9, IE8, and IE7—is now available on the Microsoft Download Center. While we encourage all customers to upgrade their browser to the latest version as quickly as possible, this approach enables organizations to control when they are ready to deploy IE11 to their Windows...
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    Easier Browsing for the Blind and Visually Impaired in IE11

    Internet Explorer 11 makes browsing the Web easier for blind and visually impaired users who rely on screen readers, such as Windows Narrator . With the editing and input improvements in IE11, screen readers can better inform users about the current content of an editing region, and typing with East Asian languages using an Input Method Editor (IME) is now easier. With these changes, IE11 improves the experience of the next generation of cloud-based applications for a growing portion of the world...
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    October 2013 Internet Explorer Updates

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS13-080 - Critical This security update resolves eight privately reported and two publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. The most severe vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user views a specially crafted Web page using Internet Explorer. An attacker who successfully exploited the most severe of these vulnerabilities could gain the same user rights as the current user. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights...
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